V-Mart nominated for Hank Aaron Award

Victor Martinez spent the season supporting Miguel Cabrera in the Tigers lineup, but he’s going to have a chance to follow Cabrera finally getting a chance at some hitting awards of his own. Detroit’s designated hitter, who led the American League in OPS while finishing second in the batting race, has been nominated for Major League Baseball’s Hank Aaron Award, presented to the best offensive performer in each league.

Martinez was the Tigers’ nominee over Miguel Cabrera, who won the last two Hank Aaron Awards for the American League. On many other teams, Cabrera would’ve had a chance to defend his title. The way Martinez hit, however, simply overshadowed him.

Not only did Martinez set career highs at age 35, he put up the kind of numbers seen from a rare group of hitters his age, batting .335 with 32 home runs and 103 RBIs. He came the third-oldest player ever to post his first career 30-homer, 100-RBI season, trailing only Carlton Fisk and Edgar Martinez.

Add in 70 walks and 33 doubles, and Martinez’s .974 OPS beat out White Sox rookie slugger Jose Abreu for the Major League lead. Martinez nearly capped his season with a batting title, taking the race into the final weekend before losing out to Astros second baseman Jose Altuve.

The discipline from Martinez was eye-opening. He had more than twice as many two-strike hits (93) as strikeouts (42), batting .337 in those situations with 14 home runs. He had almost as many hits (eight) as strikeouts (nine) in 0-2 counts.

The stats suggest a winning case. To earn the award, however, Martinez will have to win the vote of fans and a panel of Hall of Fame hitters. Fans can vote for an AL and NL winner at MLB.com from now until Oct. 5. In addition, Roberto Alomar, Johnny Bench, Paul Molitor, Eddie Murray, Frank Thomas and Robin Yount will take part in the process.

The two winners will be announced during the World Series. The award, established in 1999, will also recognize Aaron’s accomplishments in breaking Babe Ruth’s all-time home run record 40 years ago.


Anyone have a Rajai update? Playoff rosters are due when?

“monroe edges off second, the one-o. a swing and a fly ball left field (wow, says jim, WOW!) deep – it’s waaay back. The tigers are goin’ to the world series!” – dan dickerson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WV5oFj6zfI

That call still gives me the chills. 2006 was a fun year. All the things the team did.. gum time. rally caps in the pen and it always worked. To me that was a magical year. Of course until it got to STUPID ST. LOUIS and their stupid crappy rainy town.

Hope you get it VMart – one heck of a season

Now that it’s being directly talked about, sure is interesting that Vmart is slugging harder than he ever has….his 12th season in – at 35. Take a look at his Avg. True Distance and SLG
2014 387.9-.565
2013 392.9-.430
2012 DNP
2011 393.8-.470
2010 392.7-.493
2009 393.8-..480
2008 374-.365
2007 391.2-.505
2006 394.6-.465
2005 N/A-.475
2004 N/A-.492
2003 N/A-.333
2002 N/A-.406
i’m not seeing him hit the ball harder than normal…it’s just getting out more than often.

that Avg. True Distance is the average distance on his homeruns….look here http://www.hittrackeronline.com/detail.php?id=2014_4104&type=hitter

In the end, he was co-leader in the AL for wRC+. He gave the Tigers a MVP worthy season. He was the team MVP by far. Not only put the numbers but was the vocal leader( speaker) fans wanted.
Dont worry, no need to diminish his numbers, the Tigers have not approached him yet as long as we know here. If the Tigers win the WS , your wish will fulfilled and they wont sigh him. If not, they could offer him a contact but the Qualifying Offer will force him to sign with CWS( their draft pick is protected) and they will face Abreu, Victor, Garcia 19 times a year.
I so, they better offer something good to Colorado, Morneau is the only player that fit in the clean up spot after Miguel .

CLE, KC will also have to face those 3 beasts 19 times a year. I’d love a 1-2 yr deal with Vmart, but not 3-5 years.

I’d sign Victor for three years. There is no reason that he won’t continue to be productive. Maybe not 32 HR worth, but valuable behind Miggy in the order.

gimme some numbers on a 3 yr contract….45-60MM?

Whatever it takes to get him signed. He’s that important. His ABs are amazing.

Back from the future, does anyone care who wins tonight? I’d like to see KC take it. They and their fans deserve it and I’m a little Oaklanded out. Most of all, KC has a much better shot at eliminating LAA.

with out a doubt – go KC tonight! For that matter, GO PIRATES as I think they have the best chance to knock out the NATS.

I see the A´s as the the team that has much better shot at eliminating LAA.

why’s that? they haven’t hit in like a month or two — doesn’t LAA have the weakest starters of the AL division leaders?

I’d go with KC – they were bottom dwellers for quite a while so good on them

Game 1: Max Scherzer
Game 2: Justin Verlander
Game 3: David Price
Game 4: Rick Porcello
So that means Max (a fly ball pitcher) pitches 2x in BAL (small stadium). I think the Ausbot 3000 is broken:/

Looks like I’ll get to see Price pitch in person – looking forward to it.

Price gives up a ton of homers …can’t have him pitch there. Porcello can’t pitch anymore it can’t be him. I don’t know JV and Max are probably the best bets.

i was hoping porcello’s sinker was going to sink after he got a few extra days rest, but that’s fair.

I looked it up …Porcello Verlander and Scherzer all gave up 18 homers Price 25. They all gave up a lot. But I heard on radio (not something I looked up myself but a Price has a mid 5 era at Camden Yards)

3.24 at Camdem Yard , just 8 career games.In the same division. I checked last week while making my predictions…

18 homers isn’t all that much. The good thing about playing in Camden Yards is that the TIGERS become a HR hitting bunch, just like in Cleveland. Watch out!

That was my projected rotation. Price gave less HR since joining the Tigers but still gives a lot
A´s. 9-10 vs LAA
They can be that bad as 22-33

One thing, Porcello´s ERA at home is beyond bad

“The decision to go with Verlander over Price could be a game-changer as the six-time All-Star might be asked to start a potential Game 5 matchup in Baltimore on Oct. 8 based on the number of days of rest between Game 2 and Game 5.”

now that makes sense

Am watching the Royals vs Oakland. Sometimes, playing at home doesn’t make a wit of difference.

i know i don’t like playing in oakland tho

watching KC/As game too. feel as if i almost know these guys as well as the Tigres, but ya! don’t have to sweat the results.

Baserunning blunder!

listening to the game on the KC radio broadcast.

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“Yosted” by Ned. The announcers are already talking about him. Still, it’s only the 6th inning.

Ventura was pitching with one day of rest

A season unravels in less that 30 mins. These postseason games make managers make weird decisions. Nobody is immune. One day rest for Ventura and Shields didn’t even get to 100 pitches.
I think they psyched themselves out about getting through the 6th with a lead and it all fell apart. A lot of hype about Herrera, Davis and Holand.

These one and done WC games are rough. Whoever has the best starter that day, or maybe whoever manages the game the best. No room for error.

Lester – Norris from the beginning and the season was over for KC by the second inning.

This game shows who should be the number 1 FA, LH and big game pitcher with a solid career.

I’m only able to watch because the Tigers are not playing. I’d be in agony as a Royals fan.

Check this out. Removing Shields is already on Yost’s Wikipedia page.

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