Game 162 lineups: Tigers vs. Twins

No surprise, but Rajai Davis is not in the lineup today. Ezequiel Carrera’s start may or may not be surprising. It’s just his second start since Sept. 1, and Don Kelly started three times in center field since then. However, Kelly hasn’t started since Sept. 16, and his hit last night ended an 0-for-11 slump.

Also, for what it’s worth, Ausmus said he considers Carrera to be the best defensive center fielder of the group with Davis out. That said, it could be worth watching how well Carrera reads fly balls with the sun out for the day game, a setting which gave Davis trouble on a ball earlier this week and gave Austin Jackson and Curtis Granderson problems for years.

Meanwhile, Victor Martinez has a division race and a batting race going down to the final day. AL batting leader Jose Altuve (.340) isn’t playing today, which leaves Martinez (.337) with a chance to catch a standing target and earn the Tigers their fourth straight batting title. That said, it’s going to take a stellar day.

Altuve is at .33993902. If Martinez goes 3-for-3, he’ll pass Altuve at .34046346. If Martinez goes 3-for-4, however, he’ll finish just shy at .33985765. A 4-for-5 day would put Martinez at .341.

TIGERS (career numbers against Gibson)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (3-for-10, walk, K)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (2-for-7, walk)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (5-for-8, double, HR, K)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (3-for-9, double, 2 walks)
  5. J.D. Martinez, LF (3-for-8, double, walk, 2 K’s)
  6. Alex Avila, C (3-for-7, double, K)
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B (1-for-9, walk, 3 K’s)
  8. Andrew Romine, SS (2-for-5, walk, K)
  9. Ezequiel Carrera, CF

P: David Price

TWINS (career numbers off Price)

  1. Danny Santana, SS (2-for-8, double, triple, 5 K’s)
  2. Brian Dozier, 2B (4-for-15, double, 2 HR, walk, 2 K’s)
  3. Joe Mauer, 1B (3-for-20, double, 4 walks, 6 K’s)
  4. Kennys Vargas, DH (1-for-3, K)
  5. Josmil Pinto, C (1-for-5, 2 walks)
  6. Oswaldo Arcia, RF
  7. Eduardo Escobar, 3B (3-for-5, double)
  8. Chris Herrmann, LF
  9. Aaron Hicks, CF (2-for-5, double, walk, K)

P: Kyle Gibson


Just the start you’d hoped for tigers down 1-2-3’on 13 pitches from a pitcher with a mid 4 era. Way to go.

Would’ve been nice for a myriad of reasons to put early runs up so you could put that much more pressure on KC before they even started. Getting no hit through 2 is apparently better.

Why do our starters continually throw hittable 0-2 pitches? They are disasters in the making.

That damn Santana. The guy loves playing against us. Avila should have had him though

Ya it was a bad throw. …too high.
Homer Ian

Whoa-what the heck is the strike zone?

gotta get Arcia on this 0-2. Price is throwing way too many balls after he goes 0-2

Price throwing too many stinking pitches.

Hitters really need to help the rotation when they do pitch well.
Price just got a way with one on Escobar.

As long as he gets 27 outs I don’t really care if he throws 140

So far 2-3-4 -5 hitters for the Tigers have been brutal. Way for the big guys to step up.

It’s easy to be optimistic one skinny run ahead but the reality is if we don’t start hitting we will lose this game. As I speak I should add “thinking” too.

That kind of taking a pitch and umping is uncalled for in a game of this magnitude.
We got lucky but it is not fun watching Price getting frustrated with this strike zone.
Dozier should have been punched out with penache.

This umpire needs to call more strikes for Price.

I’m running in and out (mostly outside) of the house so as not to get too upset. The 1st inning ticked me off. The Tigers bats have gone cold at the worst time. I still have my fingers crossed and believe the Tigers are capable of winning if they start either hitting or manufacturing some runs. Go Tigers.

Amazing how these crappy pitchers throw their best games against the Tigers. And from a team that is supposed have the best hitters. Kc up by 2 and not done against Bassitt who we couldn’t get a single run off just a few days ago.

Mario just made a funny he said “the vaunted Tiger’s pitching staff” almost fell off the chair laughing. Vaunted? Look at the numbers Mario

Just noticed Ventura not playing Abreau today. Hurt or trying to screw us over?

Probably the latter, he’s “weak”.
Meanwhile we keep swinging at the 1st pitch. I guess the Tiger hitters don’t want Price to tighten up in the dugout.
And looking ahead-Arcia gets to hit in the 9th. Now that is a very frightening though considering the score and how Ausmus manages.

Rod and Mario cant stop gushing over Gibson. ..annoying. they made it seem like he made the best play in the world to get Carrera out on the bunt??

That ball was crying

Critical inning in terms of mono unreal catch game changing

MoMo!! Not mono

Coming soon: Joba and Nathan . Both well rested

No way will Price be coming out in the 8th and hopefully not at all.
MoMo shift back to us and we need to respond.
You can’t seriously think Joba can handle the top of this linep

Gardy has the Twin playing their WS to end the season on a high note. I’m hoping we can score some add-on runs here. Go Tigers!

Well, here we go. More talk about how great the Minny pictcher and catchers are. The next thing is talking about Jeter (whom I am sick to death of hearing about). Hope Joba & Nathan can hang on. Go Tigers!

Please Ausmus dont put Soria your best relief pitcher in by all means go with the 3rd best.

I can’t believe this. Well looks like we play tomorrow.
This one is very likely done.
It did seem like Price told him he was done- I will give Ausmus that, but reality TV says Joba and Joe won’t live up to the task.
Frustrating offensive display and I fear a very frustrating oucome.
Mauer on deck?
Geez. Nathan against Arcia?
Hold your breath fans and good luck and Bueno Suerte to all

Job done. Now, Nathan

Now, I dont think he can. I would use Soria but

3 more little outs

Just found out a friend a 32 year old girl died this morning of ovarian cancer. Kinda puts in perspective.

That’s just awful GK. Sorry for you loss.
— Bob

So sorry, GK.

Wow-1st half of the miracle is accomplished on weak ground balls and good pitching.
I think Ausmus has been waiting for this particular 9th inning to redeem his thought process on Nathan all year long.
I won’t even say what we are all thinking ourselves.
Most of us anyway.
This 1st pitch swinging by us is driving me nuts.
It’s absurd really.

Yes Ian and company and cws up by 1

Keep adding runs, keep adding runs.

Get ’em out, Joe~!


All’s Well That Ends Well

Nice…..really nice! Way to go tigers. I live ya but ya kill me!

Glad to see some of the players went out to interact with the fans.

Yes–that was very cool.
Romine is part of the equation now.
Those two runs were huge.
Enjoy the days off

AA, MC, IK, NC, AR, RD, JD, TH , VM, ES( no one else can backup AR), BH, DK, EC ( with RD in doubt) BM ( with Avila coming from injury), 14 position players
JV, MS, DP, RP, AS,JN, JC, JS, KL, Al2, BH ( still better than PC, I know, i know, they will take PC) 11 relievers

I was at the game and from the first pitch the fans around me never doubted the Tigers. You could smell a win. Congrats Tigers!

How fun for you….I’m so glad you got that experience!

Nathan is scary. I really wish they could use Soria in the playoffs.

1. Kinsler redeems himself. Defense was great as usual.
2. The Price is definitely right. He showed leadership today.
3. JobaJo does it twice in a row. Old Joe really wanted to redeem himself.

Kudos to the middle defense. Romine is much more focused than Suarez at this time. 3-4-5 took the day off; fortunately, we didn’t need them. Congrats to my beloved
Tigers. All remaining hair is now history. Time to step to the big show.

It was about the strangest season I can remember. Glad I missed on my opening day prediction of KC-Det 1-2. Didn’t anticipate Tigers taking 13 of 19 from them, thought they’d likely split. Turned out to be the difference. Anyway, nice to see the Royals get some postseason fun. They have good fans.
It would have been a beautiful day to attend a Nats game and see Jordan Zimmerman toss a no-hitter. Ticket prices for both Baltimore and Washington series sky high right now.

Well, they did it. Finally. So many times we doubted. I didn’t watch. Saved my blood pressure. Gone to mother-in-laws 96th birthday. She tells me my father-in-law knew Gene Lamont’s father in Kirkland IL where they grew up. A small world indeed.

They got it done and should be proud of the final standing.
Now the real work begins.

offense no look so good lately. can we beat BAL – of course. Can KC beat OAK and then LAA? Yeah sure, why not? we could beat KC in the ALCS.

That would be a great way to decide a champ!

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