Saturday’s lineup: Tigers vs. Twins

The Tigers will try to get better at-bats off Ricky Nolasco tonight than they did a week and a half ago in Minneapolis. To that end, Brad Ausmus switched up a couple of spots in the lineup. Nick Castellanos, who did not start against Nolasco last time, starts in the rematch. Alex Avila, who was out for that series last week, is behind the plate. Andrew Romine, who had some rough at-bats against Nolasco last week, starts again for defense behind Kyle Lobstein.

TIGERS (career numbers off Nolasco)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (5-for-9, 3 doubles, K)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (1-for-6, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (1-for-6, 3 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (4-for-5, double, walk)
  5. J.D. Martinez, LF (3-for-8, walk, K)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (1-for-2, double)
  7. Alex Avila, C (0-for-2, walk)
  8. Andrew Romine, SS (0-for-3, 3 K’s)
  9. Rajai Davis, CF (1-for-6, double)

P: Kyle Lobstein


  1. Danny Santana, SS
  2. Brian Dozier, 2B
  3. Joe Mauer, 1B
  4. Kennys Vargas, DH
  5. Josmil Pinto, C
  6. Oswaldo Arcia, RF
  7. Eduardo Escobar, 3B
  8. Chris Herrmann, LF
  9. Aaron Hicks, CF

P: Ricky Nolasco


Stands to reason as my ideas are usually 180 degrees from Ausmus.
If Nick and Alex strike out less than 4 times it will be triumph.

Figured it out this morning..we have gone to 31 games this year. The tigers have only managed to win 12 of them??? I keep getting emails and phone calls regarding buying season tickets,….and they wonder why I’m not spending 1 more penny thus year???..

I mean buying post season tickets!

I really know what you mean . We only went to 7 games this year . Tigers only won 2 of the 7 games . Guess we did what we could as we live 600 miles away r/t .
I also received several emails buy more tickets and sign up for season tickets next year . Same thing here no more $$$ to spend .

So he switched up the lineup in order to use the same lineup. Am I understanding this correctly?

seeing a pitcher 2x in 10 days….has to be advantage hitters, right!?!?!?!?

Santiago hit a walk-off GS to spoil the Pirates run at first place

Don’t you wish there were some White Sox hitters who would wake up? Against Duffy I just don’t know.

Imagine Mr. Ilitch watching this game.

Awesome start…quick easy outs by the Tigers hitters. Apparently most teams find him rather hitable. ..not these guys

Casty yeah….
Rajai nooooooooo

Kinsler,Torii Miggy, Victor and Jd all look pretty crappy at the plate so far. Unacceptable…and I really don’t want to hear about freaking Nolasco twirling a gem. Bull do your jobs…

Swing, swing, swing against a guy who hasn’t even had a handful, of quality starts the entire season……unless it’s against the Tigers. Third worst team in MLB making us look like fools. My stomach is so upset.

Kyle is doing his job but you can’t expect a shutout. He gives up 2 runs and no support from the big hitters? The only hits so far are from Casty and Romine? Come on, give me a break.

This time Casty takes strike 3 right down the middle of the plate? I guess they are lucky to get one hit from him per game.

And here we go. Bottom of their order. 2 on. 0 out.

The nice guy at 3rd base can’t make a play at 3rd base to save his life, Endlessly pulling Miggy off 1st base. .He just can’t move his body fast enough. Will he get better? Who knows. Why he was rated as such a hightly touted prospect is beyond me except he runs into one once in a while and does have power. Needed another year in Toledo. jmo.

I think you are right. EVERYONE knew he was going to triple up on the curve ball—except Casty.
I figured this would be a bad inning and it is proving to be.. Nothing hit hard but trouble written over everything.
Dozier up now and he just clutches up against us.
We need a big-time DP here and stay away from Mauer or we are going to be 3 runs down before it’s over

Dumb …..move by Miggy unforgivable in such a big game especially since your not contributing at the plate …

Now 2 SOFT ground balls that can’t get an out? Casty and Miggy?

According to Gameday, they are getting hits off pitches out of the strike zone.

Walk Vargas and you leave him in?

Don’t like this Brad

Ausmus is a idiot. Miggy should of kknwn better. These guys are pissing me off. 7 hits 2 walks Minnesota tigers 2 hits 2 walks. I guess their really interested. So pissed.

Lobstein was late, there was no play at 1B

Nio way. Hit left up when Miggy starting his spin move. He would have beat him to the bag. Watch it again. Miggy was also slow reacting to the actual hit too.
— Bob

I meant he let up not hit left up.
— Bob

Those 3 runs are on Miggy for his little spin dance move. Great players make up for those mental errors and two poor strike outs. Let’s see if he answers the call. The last hit was the only ball hit hard all inning. Tough luck for Lobber.
Chisox are helping them.
— Bob

Of course. Brad does not know how to handle the staff, he certainly has trouble knowing when rookie LHP have run their course.
This game is on Brad.
Lobstein did well but you have to know when to be satisfied with what you have got from a guy like this.
You could smell this one happening and I know I have been tough on Casty but if he gets a quicker read on that ball he gets it chest high on one hop and all this does not happen

Brad needed to act quicker than he did not just stare at Gene Lamont . The better manager won this game . Tomorrow is another day but the days are running out .

A .208 hitter? Ridiculous. I’m going to have to stop watching. I just can’t let this upset me so much. Another Nolasco gem developing. Goodnight.

Castellanos hit the HR, I wont blame him for the “single”

A homer ddoesn’t make uo for that but this is mostly on the guy at 1st

I don’t get it either. You know what Nolasco is doing and he still gets away with it.

What were we saying about squirrels and nuts a while ago?

Coke is not a MLB pitcher

I’m done watching. When your veterans look this pathetic, I guess the manager isn’t that good. Sick. I’m so sick of this sorriness.

Done…dont give a crap anymore

No point in saying anything here on this forum. You’ll be wrong regardless.
Ausmus was the biggest mistake in this innin for not recognizing that Lobstein was shaken and was finished. He made the right move in walking Vargas and the dumb move in thinking he would get away with leaving Lobstein in in the middle of a Minnesota Twin rally.

It is now a Saturday evening of trying not to be humiliated and hoping the Royals can play as badly at critical times as we do.

At least get Anibal a little work

Well that 5th inning didn’t go well. Here’s hoping Chi Sox have a big game tonight. They just can’t make it easy.

I would have had DK starting at 3B tonight. I was going to eat my words after Nick homered.Glad I didn’t. He’s just too slow for third base. You can’t teach quickness. Miguel blew his play as well. It all added up to the quietest 6 runs I think I ever saw. Needed defense tonight and didn’t get any.

Minnesota’s plan might have been to keep the ball away from the middle infielders. Working to perfection if that was the case.

Bases loaded, nobody out and they get one run, a gift at that.

Dozier…good defense. …tigers bad defense. Thats all their is to it. Oh ya tigers can’t hit or pitch either. Always finding ways to lose

Dozier kills us both ways.

Remember in 2012 world series when a smart manager like Bochey used Lincecum in long relief and shut as down. ..whereas the idiot in our dugout uses the bottom of the barrel. Best weapons in our pen continue to gather rust.

Alert!!!! The Tigers will be holding open tryouts for bullpen spots on the postseason roster. At this point, any homeless vagrant has a shot.
So disappointing in some of the efforts this past week.
— Bob

Awful about Rajai. I hope he can get back soon. And, awful game. I am tuning in to the KC game. At least they are losing, too. Oakland’s collapse is another interesting story. In the end, I think the Tigers come out and win tomorrow, to clinch. If KC can win all their games, then they deserve to be division leader.

Robbie freaking Ray…..excellent Ausmus your on fire your a wrong decision making machine.

I notice Gibson and Trammel are available….Trammel finishing out the season
as mgr….I believe Trammel managed the Tigers briefly and wasn’t too successful.
I liked Tom Brookens…but was overlooked by our illustrious DD.
Dozier just homered to add insult to injury. This is brutal.

Brookens was on Leylands staff….new managers get to pick their staff ..unless you mean he shoulda been manager?

If Ausmus manages next year please let’s have an absolute RHP staff.
He does not understand southpaws. Then again DD seems to misunderstand them too

I rather see Miguel chatting at 1b than frustrated like he is looking today

Miggy will be fine meanwhile I may not.

Not Rays fault he hadn’t pitched in a month. Another dumb ass decision by Ausmus.

This pitching staff is really ….sad…Nothing really promising, to say the least.
A 3 run shot by Escobar…..12-2 and counting…31 hits in the last two nights
by the Twins……Hey Avila do you know any of the Twins weaknesses? Let
the pitcher know….my god.

Ausmus is completely unimaginitive. No Moya? We get McCann hitting for the DH, Doc hitting for Avila. Kelly for Miggy.
II have no problem with McCann but why not for Avila so he can get game action?
Think the fans might like to see 6’6″ Moya instead of Kelly?
KC will not let us get away with this effort. They are not done yet

I expected McCann when there were two on not with the game wide open

Why not let Kelly or Romine pitch? No point doing much else

With you Todd. There’s a real game being played in Chicago.

“You can put it on the board…..yes….yes.” Doesn’t sound so obnoxious in this situation. Phegley makes it 5-2.

Dropped in here and see that some of you are still watching the game. Why? Like to torture yourself? This one was over an hour or so ago. My mood immediately improved when I left the room.
Too many things going wrong to even remember, much less talk about. I saw a montage of poor pitching, poor hitting, poor fielding, and poor managing. That about covers everything.

Rich, shhhhh, we’re watching the Chicago KC game.

One of the best DP’s you’ll see.

Rich, I even saw some fans dropping balls, too slow to the food vendors, bad moves to the bathrooms. It was awful.

glad i watched that game with my friend from Minnesota. he even felt bad.

Embarrassing! Disgraceful! My questions last night were answered very succinctly tonight; we came, we saw, we flopped! You should have never asked a Rookie to pitch in such an important game, unless he was Tom Seaver. Even with that, it doesn’t make up for the fact that Mr. 5.5 ERA(NELASCO) flummoxed these guys again. Ian should hide under a rock. Julio is down yoyo;after Nick, we have nothing left, though Andy continues with good wood. Hate the injury for Rags; that speed element had been more effective lately. So assuming CHITOWN holds on, can the Price is right be right tomorrow? Coulda, Shoulda Woulda!

KC lost. So now I am rooting for Seattle to make things interesting…

Final 5-4 Chicago. Their first baseman picked it. KC played to win and almost did. I guess we backed into a guaranteed tie for the division. What a weird night. …again.

I’m back. It helped not to watch every agonizing pitch. So is Price up to the pressure? They gave away Fister to make room for Smyly then gave away Smyly and AJ to get Price, the big name. And what about this hitting funk, AGAIN?
So Monday it would have to be a play-off vs KC to see who takes the division. Tuesday it would be a wild card game vs Oakland. Then they would get to play the Angels. All m a y b e.

Maybe not Oakland.

Austin can’t hit in the clutch for Seattle. Rooting for him, but watching him fail makes trading him away feel better. Hope our CF can come back soon, though!

By my count, they are 8-10 vs the Twins this season. In some of those 10 losses the Twins have score at will. 12, 11, 8, 12 and 20 runs. That’s disgraceful against a last place team.

That would be the worst case scenario Ifan. And thanks for the reminder of why this has arguably been the worst GM year in a decade. I do like Price but…….never let team chemistry get in the way of a good trade.
Tigers can still win 90 games. Guess that would do it.

I think every last person here will be much more optimistic in March than we are now.
I’d take Lobstein over Hardy into the [post-season.
Coke is a lock because he is probably the most over-rated ball player in recent Tiger history–at least by management.
This is a sorry bunch right now.

Austin’s second chance to hit in the clutch–this time to win the game. And he flies out…

Tigers have a potential three games in Detroit and have to win one of them to move into the ALDS. Think we can do that? Or do you think we’ll close out the year with a five game losing streak at home when it counts most?

Austin wins the game by hitting into a double-play that wasn’t!

After the win against Sale on Wednesday I thought he we go here’s the moxy, the first time I’m really starting to believe. Well then Friday shook me and Saturday really threw me over the edge. I look at not winning the division a monumental failure. I can’t believe I’m am thinking let alone saying it, But I really almost don’t care anymore and frankly you might as well be the wildcard and get it over. I don’t trust them and instead of torturing us for another week just get be done so I can move on for the year.

Glad I could not watch the game last night as that would have been brutal. This team can play really good and really bad. Need the really good to show up today. Still believing. Let’s go boys.

I am hoping for the best today but truly every tiger fan should be ashamed the way Ausmus manages the pitching staff. Also we should be looking for batting coach.

Sorry Gk, but they’d have to lose three straight home games (only one against Minnesota) with all three Cy Youngs starting to get you off the hook. And KC would have to win today. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

This team was quietly rebuilt this year and clinched a 163 game. 20 rookies ,one player in the IF and one in the OF is what remain from last year. But for AlAl and Coke , every BP pitcher in new . They went thru Injuries to key players: they traded for an injured SS ( that is on DD, a failure covered up with a low rumor) , JV and MC were recovering from injury( both are back, Miguel is hitting 390 with 1110 OPS this month and JV has been the big games pitcher again). Sanchez, Avila( they have been negligent with him, MCCann or Holaday playing a little more could have prevented that, of course Omir Santo in 2011 or Laird in 2012 or Peña in 2013 could have too), Victor lost time to injuries They had no backup option for Jackson( no big deal in the end , his wRC is 51 with Seattle) but it has worked well once they allowed Rajai to play everyday( almost until last night)

Ausmus? Well, Matt Williams is a rookie too and he is doing pretty well , he should be manager of the year. The bullpen management? Why Jeff Jones does not help him?
Players win games, managers lose them. Without JL , they are ,barely, (like last year BTW, one game, just one game above the Tribe)in the postseason again. And with a better record than in 2012.
The Nationals with new manager destroyed the NL.
“A manager’s job is simple. For one hundred sixty-two games you try not to s,,, up all that smart stuff your organization did last December.”
The sorest loser ever lived
NB: not that smart.

I expect Trammell to reject any offer from the Tigers , I would like to see him showing more dignity than Billy Martin when came back with the Yankees after being insulted by Steimbrener.
CWS will retire Konerko´s number. The Tigers refuse to do that with Lou and Trammell. Outclassed by CWS…

The Tigers lead MLB in hard hit % , And are 1 or 2 in avg, OBP, OPS , R/G and most offensive categories.
Swinging at the first pitch is smart, the pitcher is looking to be ahead and will throw strikes. For Miguel and Victor, that strike could be the sole hittable pitch in the AB.
JD was fined by Houston for swinging at the first pitch , he saw Miguel doing the same and persevered and you are watching the outcome.
Jackson is among the top 10 in pitches per AB , he is hitting 226 with a 289 OBP.

Kinsler 2B
Hunter RF
Cabrera 1B
V. Martinez DH
J. Martinez LF
Avila C
Castellanos 3B
Romine SS
Carrera CF
Price P

That is the crazy scenario Rich. I can see you’ve been thinking on these things. Seems almost impossible to lose 5 games in a row but I do not even want to dwell on the possibility. Lets win today to make everything good, if a least for the moment. We can then feel good about 1. the Price trade, 2. holding off KC one more year for the division title, and 3. getting to play Baltimore which would be a much better match up than LAA. This would simplify everything. After 6+ innings last night I couldn’t take it any longer and had to switch over to Chicago/KC game. My mood improved instantaneously.

Good one Rich. GK there you have it.

Rich ..Three Cy Youngs…??? who have been mediocre at best to down right brutal at times with a few excellent starts. Price has been good one start to bad the next. Last start he was ok so I’m expecting bad today. Truth be told I don’t trust any of them and if they continue to get pounded by one of the four worst teams in the league what would make you or anyone think they have any shot of doing anything but torture me. I don’t trust the manger and his decision making process especially when it comes to the pen. If Rajai is done I don’t think Carrera is a very good outfielder and he can’t hit a lick.
Sorry but the last two days shows me this team has zero….I’d be thrilled to be wrong but I gotta tell ya I just don’t think this a very enjoyable team to watch.

By the way they’ve lost 3 in a row at home several times this year and 4 at least once so to think they couldn’t do it now when there is even more pressure is odd to me! I’m glad you have faith I just don’t.

It’s not faith, it’s just baseball odds. Appears they’ll make the ALDS despite themselves. I’ve said before, I’m a realist, not an optimist. Anything can happen, but odds are they win one of those games.

Good post above by ElTigre. The fact is, the Tigers have made a good stretch run when not playing the Twins. I’m sure the coaching staff provides the info but the players aren’t putting it to use. They’re getting beat by the same Minnesota players every game. In fact, each game is a re-run of a previous one. They used to take KC lightly. Now it’s the Twins.

ElTigre. you’re schooling us again with the stats. I get attached to players based on their personalities and attitudes. I liked Austin but he disappointed at the plate, never reaching perceived potential. It bothered me that he never dove either. But he was not afraid to leap against the wall. He covered ground effortlessly. Smily was a quiet kid who didn’t seem to have a lot of fire. Price, on the other hand, has the fire and will to win. There is an intensity about him that you can’t mistake. I’ve come around to believing that it was a good trade. Rajai covered for the loss of Austin,making the transition to center and everyday player admirably. I appreciate his speed and willingness to dive to make a catch. I admit that I’ve been critical of him throughout much of the season. I hated the Fister trade and still do. That one I won’t change my mind on. Stupid. Kinsler for Prince had to happen. Was very happy about that one. It opened up so much breathing room. Nathan…..who could have known? So over all, maybe not the worst GM year as I stated last night.

There is no excuse for bad baseball at this level. Certainly not for theses stakes at this time of the season.
The hitters seemed unwilling to adapt to Nolasco.
The staff did not recognize the situation developing against Lobstein (who threw, again, very well).They had to consider that a rally was imminent whether it was based on the hitters hitting the ball hard or not and who the opposition was. Lobstein had to be taken out after the intentional walk for the simple fact that the Twins momentum had to be thwarted.
The litany of poor choices out of the pen after didn’t matter much. Ausmus’ only good decisions were not using Soria, Joba and Joe.

BTW, I would take Lobstein post-season. There is not a southpaw on the team, other than Price, you can trust more. Coke and Hardy are a toss-up. One can argue about Coke’s experience and 95 MPH but the reality is he is a powder keg. Hardy walks too many though he has had surprising success. Whether that can play at this stage is debatable though.

David vs. Goliath today. At least it feels that way on the way to the battlefield.

GK, you have every right to be disgusted, considering all the support you give this team. Certainly more that the rest of us. And truthfully, after games like last night, I actually enjoy your comments. Needs to be said. It’s therapy. But have faith that today will come out well. I have to work this afternoon and so will miss the last game of the regular season with so much on the line. Is that stinkola or what? Go Tigers!

I shut it off around 9:00 and went to bed (haven’t been feeling well the past couple days). A migraine and an upset stomach will do that to you. I blame it all on the Detroit Tigers and myself. The nerve of me to believe. Why you wouldn’t put a battle tested DKB in the lineup is beyond me. Go Tigers!!!!!!

“Ausmus said he considers Ezequiel Carrera to be best defensive center fielder with Rajai Davis out. Better than Don Kelly or Tyler Collins.” Schmehl

Heroes are born at times like these.
We need a big game from a proven hero, Miguel Cabrera, today. No multiple strikeout game for him today please.
Price has become virtually unhittable and negate the need for the bullpen.

Marty ….I don’t believe I give the most support….maybe by the number of games I am fortunate enough to go to (or this year unfortunate12-19 record games I attended) in fact if they called me for season tickets right now and had to make a decision I’d probably say no. I just don’t understand these guys this year…it’s more confounding to me than 2008.

But he upset the veteran balance of this team in the middle of the season. Dumbo got lucky. And Oakland screwed themselves too. Tigers got lucky so far. I’m still a fan but not enchanted with them anymore. They aren’t fun to watch because they sold that aura of invincibility they had. But at least we get another week or so to be tortured by our love for the Tigers.

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