Friday’s lineups: Tigers at Twins

There are many instances of pitchers having personal catchers. Rick Porcello has a personal shortstop. If he’s on the mound inducing ground balls, Andrew Romine is going to be at shortstop trying to convert them into outs. The offensive matchup is secondary — though with spot starter Anthony Swarzak, I’m not sure how much matching up there is to do.

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TIGERS (career numbers off Swarzak)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (7-for-19, double, HR, K)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (3-for-18, double, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (8-for-22, 3 doubles, 2 HR, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (4-for-17, 2 doubles, walk, 2 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, LF (4-for-4, double, walk)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (1-for-7, 4 K’s)
  7. Alex Avila, C (3-for-14, 2 doubles, HR, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  8. Andrew Romine, SS (2-for-6, K)
  9. Rajai Davis, CF (5-for-11)

P: Rick Porcello

TWINS (career numbers vs. Porcello)

  1. Danny Santana, SS (2-for-8, double, K)
  2. Brian Dozier, 2B (5-for-21, 2 HR, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  3. Joe Mauer, 1B (11-for-43, 4 doubles, 4 walks, 4 K’s)
  4. Kennys Vargas, DH (3-for-3, triple, HR)
  5. Oswaldo Arcia, RF (1-for-4, double, walk, K)
  6. Kurt Suzuki, C (5-for-21, 2 doubles, 4 walks)
  7. Chris Herrmann, LF (1-for-2)
  8. Aaron Hicks, CF (1-for-7, walk, 3 K’s)
  9. Eduardo Escobar, 3B (3-for-8, double)

P: Anthony Swarzak


man, i’d love to see gibson as the tigers manager.

The players are not that crazy about him.

and their crazy about Brad? Doesn’t show!

They like him and respect him. We would have heard something by now if there were issues in the clubhouse. Brad just can’t come in and start giving orders. As a rookie manager, the veteran players have to show leadership. That’s just imo.

I’d rather see Trammel.
Swarzak has been giving up a run an inning lately. I see neither a “C” nor a “Y” in his name, so let’s go offense.

They both have legit motives to not join the Tigers while DD is in charge. The organization was unfair to Trammell

It’s moot. They’re not going to replace Ausmus after one season even if he didn’t make the postseason.

Geez, too much early anticipation about champagne tonight.

3 pitches, 2 outs.

Of course not. I just like Trammel and felt he is major managerial material and wonder how he would do with this kind of talent. I liked the Brad Ausmus signing and still do.
He is pretty stubborn sometimes but we are well used to that.
Guess we will see Anibal today. That is the problem with Ricky-when he gets hit he gets hit hard and often. What a contradictory inning.

Porcello has been terrible the last 4-5 starts. I wouldn’t trust him in the playoffs as a starter. He exceeded his seasonal pitch count and lost focus and command.

They better take Lobstein to the postseason, they will need two long relievers

Awful. He doesn’t have it. Get him out.

He’s got good stuff, in general, throws sgtrikes, positive attitude but is still one step away from becoming an upper tier type starter. Confidence……….that’s what has to happen.

Avila is expected to help him giving a lower target

no no – we want him as rusty as possible so he can’t help our awful bullpen

There was play at 3b

and they are giving the run unless there is a DP

I can hear two feeds from the radio. Dan & Jim, plus some other guys in the background. Weird.

It’s the Minneosota announcers. Somebody needs to fix something. They are drowning out Dan & Jim. Ridiculous!

good job tonight Ausbot 3000! Left your starter in there far too long.

LF or DH. That is why kelly plays late in the games

gosh who wouldn’t want a .261BA DH:/

There are no doubts about his bat. He will be around 6th or 7th for RoY

That error should be on Miggy…

It was an extremely bad throw

I think you consider trading Porcello at the trade deadline next season as his worth will max out by July / August in 2015 unless he finds endurance next season through October.

Porcello will make 10 to 12 MM next year.

Weird is right. So is this game. Playing back 4 runs down.
They say you win with pitching and defense. Other than Kinsler that has been proven tonight.
Castellanos just finished this game off.
Looks like the magic number could be the same tomorrow.
Ugly indeed and what we have come to expect when we play the Twins.
Can’t beat these guys up and you don’t deserve post-season.
Still some time left in this one but it sure doesn’t feel at all possible. The weekend will be huge.

The Royals keep on winning and we could see the unthinkable which I can’t live through again,

Why do we make these thumbers look so damn good?

Anibal WILL pitch today.

Kathy, I feel the fear too.
At least they came back with a little something though. Casty up and he owes his team-mates as he has been brutal lately

MMM came to play, again

That’s when you walk back to the dugout and know there are no corners to hide in.
Ouch. Nick is feeling the pressure and you can bet Brad will be playing DK. What’s the point of playing him if he can’t reach the seats, can’t reach the 1st baseman, and can’t pull the trigger with 2 strikes. They have had to PR for him, sub defensively for him 0-2 pitch and watch him kill rallies.
He is going to be a very good hitter but it is not going to happen in October.
I must be picking the wrong players as my favs, Boesch, Avila and now Nick.

He’s the nicest young man. His defensive numbers aren’t exactly glowing and now problems at the plate. He’s feeling the pressure. That’s for sure.

I wonder why in heck Reed has hardly pitched. He looked pretty good when he was called back up the once or twice I saw him.

no doubt – he’s better than Ryan and Hardy

Rajai let up. That’s unusual for him. He must have felt there was no way that was not going thru.
Romine is playing ball. That’s a treat to see

This is nice to see!

Time to start Kelly at 3b .Or Romine

Hey remember all that nonsense about trying to sign Stephen Drew????? ESPN just named him the 2014 Least-Valuable-Player

brad’s managing of the pitching staff is really something to behold. did brad get many concussions as a player?

Hardy has been, by far, the best LH out of the bullpen.

there was about 3 wks where he wasn’t very good, but now that i’ve looked at the stats he has done well lately.

Down 0-4 was the right time to call the bullpen

Sure was.

i don’t understand why sanchez wasn’t put in initially .. and now hardy & johnson are warming up. wouldn’t it be wise to give anibal a couple innings ?

True .A starter coming from injury, he needs sometime to warm up now.

aaaaaand there goes the game.

the hole is getting deeper and the sides are caving in

are ya’ll SURE a wildcard game exit couldn’t get us a brand new coach? pleeeeaase

Very poorly managed.
A rookie with barely 9 IP in a key game. He got a few outs and Brad should have been satisfied with that, but the truth is, as stated above, before that was THE time for the veteran Anibal to be in the game. Ryan should not have been pitching to anybody other than one LHB.
Tough to watch Miggy play this hard and his mates poop the bed.
I do not like the Suzuki/Hardy match-up at all.

Told ya’! Geez why are things like this so apparent to fans and not Ausmus?

And no-that was not hindsight. A person could smell it happening.

Seems like Suzuki has killed them several times. I would have at least brought in a RH to pitch to him.

A total mystery to what Brad is trying to do this past week/ last series with the pen.

I take Ausmus over JL., he clinched with a rebuilt team with injuries to key players

That team was ready to win., and lost the division the last weekend

who was injured in 2006? besides Polanco and Zumaya?

we all know the talent level was very low in 2006

Well the game plan for Ausmus was to put Anibal ( a crafty, wily, skilled veteran) in a blow-out game. He managed his game plan to perfection.

I got a sneaky feeling, that Oakland is going to bend us over a barrel in the wildcard game. That’s how this club goes out.

Who clinched? Ausmus has a wild card clinch at this point with two games to go.
He seems to be lost in late game management at the most critical time of the year.
He will resort to Joba and Joe the next two games no matter what happens.
I must admit I am happy that Jim has gone but strangely and genuinely happy for him in his retirement.
Brad has to show some common sense this weekend.

Fingers crossed for Anibal.

When players like Avila and Romine get on base, they have to take advantage better than that. 2 pitches to Davis and only one to Kinsler. Dead in the water.

Who are the lefties in the possible post-season pen now?

I still think Hardy will be one ,and knowing the Tigers, Coke

Left game early…my last game of the year. Screw em thats all I got to say. Cant pitch. ..cant win. Supposed strength of the team my you knew what. Sorry I’m really really really tired of this.

2 games left. 1 game up. That means Lobstein and Price have to, have to win. A lot of pressure on Kyle.

Not even in low leverage situations, Coke failing

lol challenging a play down by 7 in the 8th. too little too late, ausbot.

Who didn’t fail tonight?….Sanchez? They all failed.

miggy didn’t!

One homerun when it doesn’t matter? How about when someone’s on base? How about earlier in year when those games coulda been won?

Tigers gotta kick it into high gear now . Like I wrote before they have had so much trouble with the Twins . Hard to beleive that we are down to the last weekend and they are in this mess . Do not count on the White Sox for any help .

If i were a betting man I’d put quick a lot on the WhiteSox laying down and giving KC the sweep. They deserve the al central title anyways – hard working, gritty team.

the only things i had to look forward to this weekend were tiger victories. what a joke!

I shut it off. Clinch the damn division title first and then decide who will be in the BP. Win the division or go home.

Realistically we can’t expect Lobstein to continue doing what he has done. He has certainly impressed while over-achieving but if he throws well and wins tomorrow he has my vote for biggest surprise of the year.
Miggy leads by example, I think he needs to grab a few guys by the scruff of their necks and lead by something else.
The Sox are not motivated enough to beat KC, the rivalry is not steeped in tradition (and loathing) like it is with us.
It’s up to the hitters tomorrow and the two Davids (Dombrowski & Price) on Sunday.
Watching the bottom of the 9th in Chicago. A surprise here would be wonderful.
The hitters have to come alive vs two mid WHIP starters. Nolasco made us look sick his last game.

1. A healthy Miggy would have no peer.
2. Kinsler’s defense is masterful.
3. Andy Romine continues to earn playing time.
That’s about it. Kudos to Tori for the DP throw from RF, as if it made any difference.
Anabal looked rusty, but at that is still better than anyone else out there. Rookie 1 is starting to look like Rookie 1; he’s wearing down with the grind. Re # 2 comment, Ian wins the championship for dagger in the heart rally killer. He leads the team in hits, has 90 ribs, and scores a hundred runs. When he’s in the down cycle, forget the big hit. We are putting a lot on the line, sending the Lobster out tomorrow. I would have yanked Porcello after the second homer. The sinker was way too high. Please get rid of Jim Johnson; he’s a major annoyance. One thing that Alex guarantees fans every game is a minimum of 2 K’s. We would have won had VMart’s ball been fair, but Romney would have won if he had gotten more votes than Barry. Would not be surprised if KC gets the title. This team has allowed more wannabe pitchers stop them in their tracks all year long. Add the 7 blown saves from Nuthin’, and you end up with a season of what coulda,shoulda, woulda happened. We have the highest payroll, the most super stars, the last three CY Young winners, last years ERA champ, and a 10 million dollar closer. Can we? Will we? Should we? We don’t have to wait long for the answers.

One last thing before I turn in for the night. I can’t believe I am going to say this but if the playoffs last beyond 1 game Rick Porcello can’t be allowed to pitch in the playoffs. He was so good but he was appearently a mirage. Sorry he’s not a rookie anymore.

My question is who’s calling the game in the first place? Avila hasn’t been able to
get a handle on how to pitch to players who continue to bang out hits against us..
At this stage of the season, we shouldn’t lose a game by this margin…Avila is
not playing up to par….Holiday at least brings some fire to the lineup…Avila strikes out too much in key situations….Ausmus, don’t you see this? I believe it’s a little late
for change….or is it?
Are we going to see KC again? I wouldn’t be surprised. They play a tight game, which
is not the Tiger style of play….Good night!

If I’ve got this correct, if it’s tied after Sunday: Verlander vs KC on Monday. Lose and it’s Scherzer vs Oakland on Tuesday. Both games in Detroit.

With RH Nolasco pitching, how about DK at 3B and Romine at SS to tighten up left side. I’d without question play Holiday, regardless of the L/R matchup. The team needs some energy and fast. So important tonight to play tight D and hopefully get the lead early. We’re still in first. No need to get fatalistic.

Regression: Porcello´s K rate is near his career numbers and while his BB rate is better ,his success was fueled by the low BAA from LH thanks to Miguel and Kinsler but defense cant do nothing when FB are going over the fences or he is giving hard contact . His FIP is still good but worse than 2013. He is a career 4.30 ERA pitcher and doesn’t have the stamina to go above 200 IP especially with a 15 % increase in IP from 2013 to 2014 ( chalk another one to the bullpen). Nothing unexpected.
Puzzling, a sinker pitcher who became worse the more tired he is

body getting out in front of arm – can’t get it down

Toronto, Porcello pitching with two days of rest because they were one player short…

Hmmm…….interesting. I’ve always thought that if you get involved in a game that’s going to wreck your team for the next two weeks, it’s better to just lose the game and be done with it.

Porcello also made some pretty slick pitches to Mauer in his 1st AB and Santana in his 2nd. Avila did not call them often though.
Avila is not helping much, nor does it seem probable that he will, behind Casty. That area of the lineup is helpless right now. Another concern about Avila (with the concussion factor) is if it is affecting his defense and game calling.
Holiday and Kelly right now would not be any worse than we are getting.

Was going to suggest the exact same thing.

KC – when the Tigers clinched post season in 2006 for the first time in forever, they turned around and lost their final five games. Pressure had lessened.
Detroit – you’d think they could beat Minnesota twice and it won’t matter what KC does. However, if they’re going to stare mesmerized at Nolasco’s looping curveball like last week, it won’t go so well.

We also had a Game 161 five short (or are they long?) years ago. Another rookie toed the mound: Alfredo Figaro.
Let’s hope that the name of Kyle Lobstein becomes more a household word than a trivia question.
Let’s shut these buggers down on 0-2 pitches. 0-2 pitches are killing us. It seems all our opposition hit like Victor in that count against us.
How can a team being up a full game with only two to go feel like we are DOWN a game?

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