Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. White Sox

Eugenio Suarez (third start in four days) and Rajai Davis return to their respective spots. Other than that, it’s the same Tigers lineup.

The White Sox get quickly emerging Tigers nemesis Adam Eaton back after he missed last night’s game to deal with a family matter.

Gameday | TV: FSD | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

TIGERS (numbers against Scott Carroll)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (1-for-3, double)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (1-for-2, double)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (0-for-3)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-3)
  5. J.D. Martinez, LF (3-for-3, double)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (0-for-3)
  7. Alex Avila, C (1-for-3, double, K)
  8. Eugenio Suarez, SS (1-for-3, K)
  9. Rajai Davis, CF

P: David Price

WHITE SOX (numbers off Price)

  1. Adam Eaton, CF (3-for-4)
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS (5-for-26, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  3. Jose Abreu, DH (1-for-3, HR)
  4. Avisail Garcia, RF
  5. Dayan Viciedo, LF (2-for-9, double, 3 K’s)
  6. Paul Konerko, 1B (10-for-23, double, 2 HR, walk, 4 K’s)
  7. Marcus Semien, 3B (2-for-4, double, K)
  8. Josh Phegley, C (1-for-4, HR)
  9. Carlos Sanchez, 2B

P: Scott Carroll


oh boy – a real lineup! whoopee in the teepee, dang my dangies – we might be able to count our runs on 2 hands tonight, fellas! hold on!

I see Paulie can hit homers off Price. Great.

Some games you just have a hard time getting over….last nights game really pissed me off, I’m still mad nearly 24 hours later! If you can’t get up and show something in the last week of the season fighting for your lives then shame on them. A game you shoulda been able to do something!

Can’t disagree wit that. Time to see stern looks and less visiting with 1st basemen.
time to have a team talk.
Time for champions to be made.
Time for a 6 game winning streak

It is also time for Brad Ausmus to show us some creative managerial skills. i.e. Soria ahead of Nathan when it counts.

Tigers to honor retiring Paul Konerko tonight. Now in return, Paulie, I expect a nice quiet oh-fer. Deal?

I don’t like our chances if Anibal is forced to pitch today.
David has to come thru with his best game as a Tiger yet. This is why he was traded for.

I hope David finds his comfort zone. Some of the team have remarked about trying to make him comfortable. The trade was a huge change for him. Probably a lot more relaxed atmosphere in Tampa. He always had his dog (Astro) with him and his tweets are a lot different than his Tampa days. Hoping for the best to show up tonight because he Price is right.

So they have the best BA in baseball? It seems they bunch hits in one game and then can’t score well in the next three games. This inconsistency will kill them. I seem to remember a 4-game funk during a WS against SF.

First inning looks a lot like last night already!

Yep feeling a whole lot like Sunday and. Monday.

Simply have to take advantage of Miggy getting doubles and singles. He is doing his part

16 innings, 0 runs

OK, I’m getting fed up.

KC is winning against a good pitcher these guys can only manage a few hits off a guy with a 5+ era?? Where’s that supposed veteran leadership ..choking!!!

Somebody on this team needs to start hitting.

Yep 19 innings. ….that’s inspired baseball

Kc just scored again. ….and with 2 outs go figure.

Tigers are playing playoff baseball—offensively anyway.
Sox have a valid excuse, our hitters have absolutely no excuse.
This has been a frequent problem this year/ Everyone just stops hitting and no one can seem to get it going.
For the life of me I can’t figure out why they can’t hit this guy.

see what speed does keep Davis in all the time

Huge break with Abreau 1st pitch swinging. Casty is ensuring playing time for Kelly tonight and the majority of the next few games. Has not looked good at 3rd lately.

i for one do not want any defensive substitutions tonight. we need offense and this bullpen could easily send this game to extra innings.

Absolutely not Joba or Nuthan tonight please

No runner for Avila?

big point in the game right here: Ian up, one out and men on the corners. Its on you Ian!

Ian answered!

How does a guy let a same side hitter get an 0-2 hit——-twice?

Oh David

Really first two on in the 8th

435 .458 .739 1.197 Konerko vs Price

Screw em……….maybe you should listen to Avila maybe you should field your position if you did Eaton would never have gotten on. Price was not worth the price.

Oh good bring Nathan in that almost always works out….not

Blame Joe for this. Seriously if he was at all dependable Price would have been taken out after the second hit but even BA knew he couldn’t get away with that at Comerica. Soria was the obvious choice but BA doesn’t have the nerve to overlook Nathan
What a shame

This is on Ausmus. After Garcia singled , it was time to call the bullpen

I can’t believe this, so hard for us fans to stomach.

Overpaid overpriced bums from top to bottom I’m so sick of these guys. Sorry this team hasn’t been fun to watch most of the year.
Throw a freaking strike Nathan!

settle down there gk, lol.

it was the 9th inning.No other Tigers would be pitching that far. 3 runs in 8 innings? That was pretty good

Not the point it was still poorly managed

Now is the test……can the Tigers win this?

I don’t think it was a bad decision for leaving Price in…I blame the pitcher for not fielding his position on the a Eaton hit….I blame Price for wasting an excellent start …I blame the hitters for not doing their jobs against a well below average starting Carroll.

Ausmus probably should have got Price after the first guy reached. But, I can see how you leave him in. But, Price should not have pitched to Konerko in the 9th. Thank god, the big boys picked Price up tonight, makes it easier.

Thank you boys, I can sleep tonight. Take that KC.

That is the way you do it: just put the ball in play

I would have preferred price (and porcello and max, for that matter) been limited to 100 pitches. I wanted him out after the 7th, and get some work for anibal or coke/reed. glad miggy ended the game. hopefully tonight can spark some more effort. big game tomorrow.

let me clairify, if i were manager i’d give my starters who’ve pitched the full season a break (10-20 pitches less, per game, than usual) in september. if championships are won with pitching, and pitching in the post season is stressful…..then i’d like my starters to be “fresh” going in. Furthermore, with this many guys in the pen….i want to keep my bullpen free of rust. just my philosophy.

The stars came out and shone.

Gk I think you have overtook Dan on the most negative commenter. Try to smile man. It could be worse, you could be an Indians or White Sox fan.

Or a Mariners fan.😉

Personally, I think they’re trying to kill us.

This nutty team will probably light up Sales tomorrow. Meanwhile, Seattle is fading out of the race and then there will be two.

Lol Rich, It has been a long season. I’ve tried to give up on them a few times. But here I still am.

Not only did Brad Ausmus let David Price give up 5 hits and a 3-run lead. He forced Price to empty his tanks. Might need him to win Sunday!

I add, then which was the point of the xtra day of rest?

On four days rest. No issue.

I was only able to watch the last 2 innings tonight. Guess that’s all I needed to see. A lot of negativity here (like I’m above that:-) but in the top of the 9th there were at least 2 bleeders. Price did not exactly implode. Sometimes weird things happen. I would have played it like Brad did. Except, again with the useless benefit of hind sight, bringing in Nathan or Soria to pitch to Konerko may have been the better call. As it turns out, the walk off win might light more of a fire than holding on by the skin of their teeth.

“Hard for Brad Ausmus to manage with Joe Nathan phobia # tigers”

Did you see that fan in the 7th trying to keep everyone back away from that fair ball as Kinsler scored? Then the ball takes a hop and hits HIM in the chest and HE becomes the one that interfered. Welcome to the world of Tigers baseball, big fella.

yeah that was cool! bounced back into play – off him. I thought it hit the bellboy’s bucket-seat until i saw the replay.

Perhaps, Brad could have removed David a bit sooner, but after he put those guys on base and they showed Joe Nathan warming up, I was screaming “NO” same as the fans.

With the next W, the Tigers will have as many wins as in 2012

I hear you ET. Brad did go out there. It was obvious David wanted to continue. He still looked OK to me and still a better option than going to the pen. But he would be the only starter you’d allow to continue. Now hopefully, when his turn comes up again, maybe Tigers will have clinched. Or maybe the offense supports him with some runs so he can exit early with a minimal pitch count. /just hopin’.

1. Rags plays a solid game all the way around.
2. Miggy has a fire in his eyes. When you hug Joe after the walkoff, you know he’s spittin more than seeds.
3. Kinsler came up big when it counted.

Price is putting undue pressure on himself as a Tiger. He was much more relaxed as a Tampa guy. Perhaps seeing your team hardly ever score runs for you, or watching out of the corner of your eye and seeing Nuthin, one could make an argument for being a little uptight. This would have been the Master Gem as a Tiger. Regardless of his unfortunate finish, I would never have brought in Nuthin. That took guts. Thankfully, Ol’ Joe got out of the situation, and our guys came through in the ninth. My biggest question was why not pinch hit for for Suarez; Romine is the better bunter and runner. Glad it worked out; who would have known how big those last two runs would be. I wish Julio would take a deep breath, and I wish Nick would become a better clutch hitter in these last few games. Hold on for the ride; it ain’t goin’ to be easy. Kudos also to Tori who continues to play improved defense. Rags looked very comfortable in center tonight, the best he’s looked since Jax left. Surely Alex won’t be in the lineup tomorrow; if so, he would wear another Golden Sombrero. I would start McCann on a hunch, and nothing else.

great comment!

This game became way too difficult to close out with a “W” as Price wanted and thought he had enough in the tank for a CG shutout. What was positive about tonight’s win; Price threw 8 solid innings of shutout ball, Miggy had the 1st and last hit, Nathan only had to get 1 out in the 9th but barely did and the Tigers won!

Hey Greg. You could make an argument that it took guts for Brad to either bring in Nathan or not bring in Nathan. A conundrum of sorts. Anyway, Miguel makes the hurt go away.

Price’s 8.2IP start was 17th time he’s gone 8IP+ this yr, matching Cliff Lee (2010) for most GS of 8IP+ in a season since 2000 (BBall-Ref)

Still curious as to why Chicago pushed back Sale 2 days …..always would of pitched to Tigers but by pushing him back 2 days he won’t throw to KC over the weekend. Was that just to screw Tigers/ help KC ? If so pretty crappy that Chicago would go out of their way to manipulate the race. Suppose I shouldn’t be urprised pretty shifty.

Just like saves, the W/L for starters is also skewed. Nathan got the win last night. King Felix gave up 8 earned runs. The Tigers will beat Sale. I am glad we get to face him. Let’s see what the boys are made of. To win the WS you have to beat the best pitcher. Bob Gibson comes to mind. Go Tigers!

holy cow he had a 1.77FIP and 13 complete game shutouts in ’68!

Gibson ’68. I believe if my memory is still there, the Tigers and Mickey Lolich beat Gibson in the 7th game of the WS.

Thanks to the Grey Fox and a mis-read in the OF by baseball’s future first free agent.
A pop up by the self-proclaimed baseball expert, Tim McCarver, ended an improbable series comeback and brought joy to a troubled city.
Great times.

And the Ace is ready for the first game. He came back just on time while the others emptied the tank

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