Monday’s lineups: Tigers vs. White Sox

Late lineups tonight, but the Tigers didn’t finalize theirs until less than an hour before first pitch, having received clearance for Alex Avila to return from his concussion. He’s in the starting lineup. So is Ezequiel Carrera, who had all but disappeared from the Tigers depth chart after his dive and miss last week but who had a three-hit game when the Tigers faced White Sox rookie Chris Bassitt at Chicago Aug. 30.

Thus, Carrera makes his first start since Labor Day three weeks ago.


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. J.D. Martinez, LF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Andrew Romine, SS
  9. Ezequiel Carrera, CF

P: Kyle Lobstein


  1. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  2. Marcus Semien, 3B
  3. Jose Abreu, 1B
  4. Avisail Garcia, RF
  5. Dayan Viciedo, LF
  6. Paul Konerko, DH
  7. Carlos Sanchez, 2B
  8. Tyler Flowers, C
  9. Moises Sierra, CF

P: Chris Bassitt


If Carrera is off the debth chart than why is he starting? This is play-off man. Get with it.

I agree. Stubborn Ausmus. Where is Davis? Nice catch Torii

Davis : 2 for last 19

Rajai may be tired, he’ll surpass all previous years in PAs aside from 2010

It would extremely short-sighted to start Torii in RF next year and resign Vmart to a 3 year deal. If they do not resign Vmart – it might make sense to resign Torii as long as a starting CF is signed in the OF.

So far, I’m not liking it.

he put that guy in we traded fister for! oh. wait.

KC-Cle on MLB network. Duffy just got out of a bases full no out jam in the 1st.

At the game not exactly pleased so far. Didn’t know their pitcher was the next coming of Cy Young! Unacceptable. Nearly a 6 era.

Lobstein is doing the job., The game could be 2-1 without the Kinsler bad running.

Just what they don’t need. Unable to score on a rookie pitcher.

8-8 . Bad at home. Pitching a rookie

The Tigers GO with Davis either leading off or batting last. He gets on and makes the pitcher THINK about him.

.287 OBP vs RHP in 2014, tho. but i agree.

The Tigers lead the American League with a .285 batting average at home. The pitching staff has a 4.17 ERA at Comerica.
Tigers PR

OK, the Lobster did his job. There are only 6 games left, guys.

7 IP. 2 runs. That is areal QS. Deeper than $cherzer

gotta get some hits

It doesn’t look like this team is going anywhere if they are going to play like this. KC is still on a mission.

So if we tie the game up in the bottom of the 9th…..who goes out? E. Reed? Hardy? Coke?

(out for the 10th, that is)


Give ’em a day off, and they go to sleep. Geesh!

Maybe tommorrow night Tigers can score some runs . All year long Tigers have had trouble with CWS and MIN . Gotta do better boys !!!

Here’s hoping Cleveland can pull the second game out, too! Tigers just can’t make it easy… This is playoff time for WSox and Twins so the next 6 games are gonna be a ride…. Maalox anyone?

It’s OK, boys. No need to have urgency. There is still 6 games left. Sheesh, this team drives me crazy. This was a terrible effort. The Tigers missed a lot of hittable cookies tonight. It’s never easy.
— Bob

A game you had the clear advantage and you lay a big turd. Bums. Between the lack of energy on the field and the loud mouth idiots sitting behind us I’m at my wits end tonight.

No place like home!!!!!!

Considering the situation, that’s about the most disappointing performance of the season. Final week and they take a night off? Wasted a good pitching performance from Lobber. You have to win that game.

When Cabrera gets robbed 2 or 3 times it’s never good. Avila was terrible at the plate. I know he needs to get some ABs but, while we have the useless benefit of hindsight, this was not a good night for him to get back into the game. 3 Ks. Absolutely no plate energy there. JD just missed one. Other than that, he had rather poor ABs as well. Maybe tomorrow he hits one. It’s tough to work the pitcher when he is throwing strikes. That was key. Tigers missed a lot of hittable pitches.
KC wins and is now 1 game out. Cleveland is desperate for a win. Maybe tomorrow we get that game back.

Must win tonight considering they have Sale coming up and they choke miserably. 6-9 is gonna have to start producing. Top 5 can’t do everything.

tomorrow is a must win game.

In my way of thinking, they have not hit well for 3 straight games now. Will they break out of it soon enough to save the season?

might be the question of the year right there

1. The Lobster makes it look easy again.
2. VMart simply amazes me.
3. Joba had an extra clean inning.

Nothing from the bottom, or 1-2 for that matter. Tori did have the one good hit; Ian has to be Yo Yo Mei’s Twin Brother. No even performance game to game; EVER!
Carrera was a wasted bat, even though he got the one hit. Julio was nothing on the All or Nothing YO YO! Sometimes Miggy tries too hard. Nick will be much better next year. It’s ashame again that Romine can’t play defense, and have someone else hit for him. This lineup gives up way too much from 6 on. As I said yesterday, if we lose this title by losing to the two worst teams in our division, then we don’t deserve it. If you don’t win Tuesday, sweep at home could very well happen. Great catch by Tori!

They are likely going to need to sit Avila. Casty getting consistent line drives instead of the pull ground balls and slice fall balls is a must. He needs to contribute more than he has and not be content to be a .260 hitter.
Romine can be supported if a couple of other guys (including Rajai) simply produce about 20% more than what we’re getting now.
It is not the time for Kinsler to slump again. He needs to get his head on straight and lead not float.
I’d love to see these guys make the playoffs but I can’t see a dynamic enough team to go much further. The problem is not being able to overcome an troubled rotation with every other facet of the team also having deficiencies.
By the way, it is a treat to watch Romine play shortstop.

If they blow it this year it will come down to once again having a spotty bullpen. DD tried to bolster the pen with Nathan but it seems like when a pitcher is washed up it happens overnight. Funny how most teams can lose a big star closer and just plug anybody in there and get it done. Doesn’t work for the Tigers so much.

Typo–meant sliced fly balls not “fall” balls!

Detroit.. Where closers go to die…one year after they are done.

I assert that the starters are just as much to blame….they’ve given up a whole bunch of runs and on many occasions put the team behind the 8 ball with very innings who was going to catch up. Starters from top to bottom have been way more disappointing to me than the pen. Last night was not the case though Lobber was fine, the hitters chose not to attend.

Romine has to continue to play. He is too valuable on D. Seems like the Tigers get an awfully lot of infield hits against them. Romine minimizes those and every time he prevents one, it’s just like getting a hit. He will hit enough to justify. Others must step up.

Baseball is a funny game. Lobstein makes one mistake and gets the loss. The White Sox, who are a horrible defensive team, make web gems all night. The White Sox bullpen, which is worse than Detroit’s bullpen, shuts the door. Miggy hits 3 absolute rockets, and has a 1-4 to show for it. If Garcia doesn’t make that catch, different game.
Shake it off, win the next one.

I wonder what the clubhouse was like after last nights loss? Again frustrated with the managing or lack of. Sorry, but I do not run Kinsler after we got a gift. Don’t tell me it’s to stay out of a DP or a single scores a run. Is the manager watching the same game as me? Avila is called out twice and then whiffs a 3rd time? Why do we wait until the last at bat to pinch hit? Why is Moya rotting on the bench when he can change the game with 1 swing of the bat? I still believe! Go Tigers!

We still need a lead off hitter. When I googled the best for 2014, Choo was #1 and Davis was #21. Maybe we can get Granderson back next year.

Is Grandy’s average any better this year? I remember with the Yanks it was around .250 with a lot of pop though.

I am unable to even watch MLB TV this morning because the topic is the Tigers .
Maybe they can start winning now . The two losses in MIN should have been wins for sure . I am really strting to wonder about this coaching staff.

Ron Gardenhire on donelius kelly:
“He can play multiple positions, and he’s really rangy…He’s got those long arms and legs, and he seems like he’s got a wing span of about 18 feet. His instincts are really good. They put him at third base late in the game, and it seems like he gets to everything.”

For sure, the starters need to live up to expectations and they need to do it now-they have two starts each left–go for it.
If this team can’t beat the Sox and the Twins I don’t think we would want to see them play more talented teams.

This is going to be one of those situations where both teams have clinched postseason berths before the division is decided. If WC game is won, advance to the Angels. Best to win the division and go to Baltimore.

baserunning: why Vmart won’t be the MVP this year…. makes sense….he’s literally only a bat…..

didnt mean for that to be a reply

Regarding your comments about Romine..I agree. While he is no Ozzie Smith just yet, defense is why the Cardinals gave up a lot for him in the 70’s. if he could save a run every 2 games defensively, that was like him getting another 80 rbi’s and it made their pitchers better,too. The Cards are the smartest organization…get a copy of David Halberstam’s book titled 1964. It’s the best baseball book ever and explains why they succeed every year.I think Romine can be that type of asset.

Tigers need base runners. Kinsler great #2 hitter. Think Tigers could get A-Jax back to solve their problems?

Unfortunately not enough of the rockets hit off Jobbbba and Joe-blow.

Romine fWAR: .0.1 bWAR0.0
Suarez 0.8/ 0.3 better bat and while sometimes loses concentration can do the big plays
Davis WAR 1.2 Can hit RHP
Choo 0.2 cant hit LHP. He is not the answer.

Victor has been a valuable player He earned that 45 /3 MM contract. Pity is he destroy the league with another team. The leadership he shows is what make a real MVP but, of course ,the Award will go the “Last Hope”. Just look at the avg leader board
KellY? fWAR-0.4. You can replace him any MudHens players and nobody would notice. He cleared waivers, twice
Utility player? Harrison, he could win the batting title playing 6 positions. Nobody has done that before. Martin Prado, Omar´s brother in law, is a real utility.

naw nobody on the mud hens can play good MLB defense at that many positions.

I agree. Replacing Kelly won’t change a thing that is wrong with this team. it takes years to be a confident and consisitent fielder and Kelly fills in nicely. They need a mature, tested, confident and consistent Centerfielder. Songwriters don’t pen paens to left fielders … its always the glamor position of CF. Unfortunatly the Tigers don’t have anyone to put in CF without disrupting everything else.

Maybe they should go Trout fishing!
Harrison is a nice ball player.

Now the Whitesox turn into a major league team! Like I said a few weeks ago, finishing up against Central Teams is going to be the ruin of the Tigers… Sox and Twins are going to be tough. If KC catches some wind, they will pass right by.
KC up 5-0.. crud!

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