Verlander, Scherzer, Porcello against Royals this weekend

Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello will get their last chances at the Royals this weekend. Kyle Lobstein will not.

After waiting until Wednesday to announce his rotation for this weekend’s American League Central showdown in Kansas City, manager Brad Ausmus ended up laying out his rotation as expected, lining up his veteran starters for a three-game set that is likely to swing the division towards one team’s direction with a chance to close it out next week.

Verlander, Scherzer and Porcello will start in order, all on their regular four days’ rest. The extra rest that Thursday’s off-day would’ve afforded them vanished when Ausmus decided to push back Lobstein, the rookie left-hander who was thrust into the division race as an injury replacement for Anibal Sanchez.

It was the potential value of that extra rest down the stretch, Ausmus said, that kept him holding off from announcing his rotation. He wanted to wait and make sure all three starters felt fine before lining them up.

“We’re late in the season, there are aches and pains, and sometimes that extra rest is good,” Ausmus said. “But ultimately, this is extremely important.”

Verlander did not have his usual velocity, even by this season’s standards, in his last start Sunday against Cleveland. He also had a nasty blister on his thumb that he was battling. He said the last couple days that he doesn’t expect the blister to be an issue.

Lobstein will not pitch out of the bullpen for the series. Instead, he’ll prepare to start Monday’s series opener against the White Sox at Comerica Park to begin the Tigers’ final homestand of the season. That will give David Price an extra day of rest before his next start.

By pushing Price back a day, the Tigers also put him on track to pitch the regular-season finale next Sunday if need be. Verlander, meanwhile, would be in line to pitch a tiebreaker game, with Scherzer on turn for a potential Wild Card game.


Who does KC start?

Geez. Come on Price. What is it with you?

So much hype about Cy Young winners and phtt.

Babip: 320. FIP: 2.63 No defense to back him

Well, I’m sorry ElTigre. I don’t give a rat’s a$$ about Babip or FIP. I can only remember one game where he pitched well for the Tigers and the hitters let him down. meantime they gave up 2 decent players to get him. They might as well have signed A-Rod just for his famous name.

He is now faced with having to pitch a shutout the rest of the way and hope somebody rescues his sorry behind.

Price is Right. I wasn’t thrilled with the trade personally preferring a lock down LH relief pitcher. David will be a very important piece this year and next though.
I don’t like to say too much personally but I am pretty pissed at the lack of media coverage of the devastation and consequent anarchy in Los Cabos and Baja Sur.
It’s not just American but Canadian and international as well.
Thousands of people have lost their homes and belongings. The airport is virtually closed to commercial use. No food, water, gas, communications, roads, and looting is rampant.
This is a major disaster and seemingly few people are aware.

The hurricane? The media has a very short attention span, unfortunately. We are bombarded with news crisis every day, You vacation there in the winter, Dan?

The same happened last year.
Not much the USA could do.

David, David, David. What is going on?

Long innings make for a “hard to stick with” game. Priceless didn’t show up tonight.

I cannot stand this kind of baseball. Seen a lot of it.

its well documented that the bullpen is on a downswing. are the bats still hot – not really. Starters still look ok, defense still serviceable. thank gawd we’re playing AAAA teams

Damaso Blanco was expecting a new pitcher before the 2B and he was right

Miguel leads in HR, JD in RBI and Victor is hitting 370

Without MMM , they would be trailing KC.

Without MMM we’d be trailing CLE. FTFY

Almost every year we go through this, This team can barely drag themselves to the finish line,

Yes I do. Just heard that martial law may have been implemented. Sounds like a Haiti situation developing. Hard to believe really, human beings are on the verge of barbarism when the instruments that keep them decent (religion, prosperity, government) become challenged.
Sorry. Enought of that.
Back to the Tigers- bullpen in early means this game is over

Looks like we need a whole new bullpen next year. That will be a difficult task for a GM who can’t seem to find even one solution in three years.
AA has lost his devastating slider. He still has a serviceable one but the unhittable one is no longer there.
We somehow have gone from power arms in the pen to mediocrity in terms of velocity

So much for the veteran

These guys are wearing me out. Seriously. Wearing. Me. Out.

I’m shutting it off out of pure frustration and before I say something ugly. Go Tigers!!

He must PH for Holaday and Romine

In Chicago for business not able to watch the games the last few nights. Price only good every other outing. Sale decided to have his worst outing of the year against KC. Tigers should be embarrassed by their team. Can’t beat Minnesota 2 of 3 that’s crap. Pitchers gotta be better.

Delusion and denia form the Tigersl, BB knew was he was doing when he DFA JJ

oh man this game is probably about over.
I blame this series loss on the bats. But the bullpen played a role. Baserunning didn’t help either.

I just checked in, David Price has NOT impressed me in a Tiger uniform! I know he was bought as insurance when Scherzer departs in the offseason but he’s not performed as expected. Not the best trade at the deadline!

best trade for TB, maybe!

Sure does not look like the same David Price that pitched in Tampa . Another trade that went south .

Tigers can’t beat the worst team in their division when it counts! Tigers don’t deserve to be in the playoffs this year. Too many missing pieces to qualify for successful run!
Starters erratic, bullpen unpredictable and batters often have no strategy to work the pitch count.

in a low leverage situation , Coke cant

I’m not saying they have but we just witnessed a team that played like it has given up.
JJ is head and shoulders more effective than Joe Nuthin’.
At least he has a fastball and a breaking ball with depth

If our starters can’t do better every time out, we are sunk like the Titanic.

Tigers just mailed it in for the season against the worst team in division and they have 4 more games against these nemesis morons!

Just like my wife said ” Almost hard to watch .” Then she had to remind me they lost 2 of 3 to the Twins in May at home . Too many men left on base and more base running blunders . Dugout looks bland with no spirit !!

They went in there between the Cleveland and KC series and played poorly. Trap series. Ten games to go. If they make the postseason, it will be brief.

1. Miggy looks like, well Miggy. Great night at the plate.
2. Johnson had one great inning. Should have left it at that.
3. We scored first, gave up the lead, and took it back. Should have been the end of that. Not!
Not a lot to take from this one. Too many rallies killed, nothing from the bottom of the order, and absolutely nothing from Kinsler again. He is currently killing this team in the leadoff spot. After that, the BP is guaranteed to self destruct. As I mentione last night, I still trust Joba over Al. Another command issue. Price was horrible, with no command, and a hose job from a 3 inch strike zone. I also mentioned last night that we finish against these Twinks. At this moment, I’m not confident that we will pull this thing out. Really feel badly for Mr. Ilitch. Too many base running blunders, not enough clutch hits past the second inning, and a Pen that is one stinking pig sty. Someone tell me why we will still win this division.

We will not! Tigers will be lucky to gain entry to the playoffs as a wild card, but if they do, one series at best! Mr I, how does it feel to have DD blow a few million $$$ on this POS patchwork team.

He blew a few hundred million to make Mr. I 3 times that. If you think Illitch is losing money on the Tigers, I have a bridge to sell you in St. Ignance.

Port, over the 22 years Mr. I has owned the team, the value of the franchise has gone from $82M to somewhere in the mid $600MM range or whatever a buyer would pay for the team. Not too shabby considering the Tigers rank around 14 out of 30 in franchise value. The team loses between $400K-$1M every year on $230-240MM in revenue. Like any investment, Mr. I can keep spending on ballplayers annually but the ROI won’t come until he sells the franchise. Keep your bridge in St Ignace!

I actually did think that the key to the game was the tiny strike zone. Makes no difference to Detroit’s free swingers, but all the difference in the world to a Minnesota team that loves to take five minute ABs. Price threw a ton of pitches that another umpire would have called strikes.
Electronic K zone, where are you? A human can’t do this job.

When I said “I cannot stand this kind of baseball” I was referring to the Minnesota hitting approach.

Yes, the strike was awful, but you know when you play in Minnesota, the calls always seem to favor Gardy”s team.

Like I said last night, I shut it off and went to bed. My cell phone delivered the bad news. Why Price is struggling is beyond me. I’m not sure, but I don’t think he’s ever had such a terrible stretch in Tampa.
MLB network had a panel discussion the other day about all the base running gaffes seen this year throughout the league. We are probably in the top 5. That loss the night before might have had the same effect as the Benoit debacle last year in the playoffs. They better get their you know what together real quick.

At least we aren’t Athletics fans.

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