Ian Kinsler, playoff experience and pickup basketball

There was a lot of talk about playoff race experience around the Tigers clubhouse this weekend, and how it plays into the recent run Detroit has had. Torii Hunter coined the term “Septober,” for one. Then there was the analogy from Ian Kinsler, who hasn’t always been quotable but followed up his clutch home run Sunday with a pretty good answer when asked about the value of experience.

“We’re confident,” Kinsler said. “We understand what we can do in this game, what our abilities are and what we need to do to win, what we need to do to put ourselves in a position to succeed. It’s not going to happen every time but hopefully it works out more often than not. …

“It’s like you go to the YMCA and play a bunch of dads and you’re like 18, jumping and dunking, and the dads beat you every time. You’re like, ‘What’s going on? We’re so much more athletic than them and we can’t beat them. But we can dunk.’ They put themselves in the right place at the right time and understand how to use their body and all that other good stuff. With experience comes knowledge and we’re trying to put that to use.”

Not sure the Tigers are that old just yet, considering how many rookies had to go through the dress-up ritual Sunday. Still, credit for creativity.


According to ESPN, average age 28.1, 16th youngest in MLB. the young KC , 28.8( the Ibañez factor) 24th

I wonder what the median age is then…..medians are robust to outliers such as Ibanez

As a mid 40s dad that still plays pick up basketball at a University, I very much appreciate Ian’s quote. And yes, when the undergrads use only their legs (and not their heads) we can beat them. But when you combine atheticism with smarts, we cannot complete. So I hope the Tigers use both (ie good health for Miggy with the smarts of the starting pitching) to a World Series title.

Hunter didn’t coin the term “septober”, Laurel and Hardy did, as in the fall months of Septober, Octember, and Nowonder.

c’mon brad post the lineup already. i got the fever.

Here’s my guess Evan
Kinsler 2B
Hunter RF
Cabrera DH
V Martinez 1B
JD Martinez LF
Kelly 3B
Holiday C
Romine SS
Carera CF

Think he will try getting some LHB into the lineup. Holiday starts for Avila because of injury.

that’s a nice lineup, port!

Port, Kinsler and you are so right. I still play pickup hoops and we use ball screens, back door cuts, crisp passes and brains not brawn to beat the youngsters more often than not. for the Tigers, it’s going to take the top 4 in the order + Avila and their experience over the years to teach the rookies what it takes to win one game at a time in a playoff race.

2B Ian Kinsler
RF Torii Hunter
1B Miguel Cabrera
DH Victor Martinez
LF J.D. Martinez
3B N. Castellanos
C Bryan Holaday
SS Andrew Romine
CF Rajai Davis

I was off by 2. I understand Castellanos in the lineup, thought they would want to get another lefty in the lineup. This shows that how far Carera has dropped in a month, he is a pinch runner and defensive replacement only.

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