Alburquerque’s fist pump creates a stir

Under most circumstances, an opponent taking offense to an Al Alburquerque out celebration is a sure sign of postseason baseball. It came a little early this season.

It hasn’t gotten much attention, but Alburquerque has been increasingly celebrating big strikeouts, big game or not, if they’re in a big situation. Usually, it involves a fist pump. When he struck out Mike Moustakas in the eighth inning Wednesday to keep the Tigers-Royals series finale a two-run game, however, he paired up a fist pump with a leg kick. He also happened to do so in the direction of the Royals dugout.

There was more than a few Royals glaring back.

“It definitely got me fired up,” Lorenzo Cain said, “because I was on deck. So to see him strike Moose out and fist pump like that, I was fired up the entire half inning I was out there. And I felt like I had to go up there and do something and prove myself in that next at-bat and that’s exactly what I did.”

Cain tripled and scored an insurance run in the ninth.

Alburquerque has a history of getting a reaction. He kissed a ball after inducing a comebacker in Game 2 of the 2012 AL Division Series against Oakland. That said, there seemed to be more than a little back-and-forth going on between the Tigers and Royals this week, including Royals players with Miguel Cabrera.


Were they upset when Sheilds came screaming on the mound after he got out of his jam? Were they upset when they were all waiving their caps when Moustakas made the play on Torii at 3rd? Give me a break Royals ….can’t have it both ways.


While the Royals may win the division, the race would not have been close had the Tigers played up to their potential. Our poor defense has kept the Royals in it!

Actually that was Josh Reddick in the ball kissing “controversy.”

I was at that game but don’t remember who it was???

I should say, the one that mouthed off the most.

Getting all hung up on being “shown up” by a celebration is the sign of an inexperienced team, and one that has trouble handling the pressure. High school stuff.

Joe Nathan is from upstate New York. He had friends that were in the towers. He wrote a check yesterday to the Detroit Firefighters. Fifty Thousand Dollars! Go Tigers! It ain’t over! Let’s do some more celebratin’

Yeah. AlAl’s fist pumping was not a big deal at all. Shields’ antics were every bit as intense, if not more. All part of the game. Royals were beginning to get a little frustrated at the Tigers’ handling of them in the first 2 games, plus they were struggling at the plate. This was a good win for them. Some of their younger players are just showing their youth in their “defensive” interpretation of in game antics. Whatever it takes to get fired up I guess. Was I irritated by the close ups of Shields’ facial intensity and yelling after striking out JD?…….sure. Was he OK in all the flexing and growling he did? Sure. Why not? He’s a team leader and an intense one at that. He saved their bacon, for now.

Cain is just searching for that emotional chip-on-the shoulder burst. Sign of inexperience,

Sure would be nice to see the BoSox and Buchholz put a hurting on the Royals tonight! I see CLE and MIN are playing 2 today to make up for rainout yesterday, Go Twinkies and use their bullpen!

KC age average: 28.8 Tigers 28.1. It is not about years but experience. Even If Ibañez by himself has a good deal . The Tigers core has been there before. KC has played 9 games in the first place in September and October since 1985

I remember 2010 and how the Tigers’ collapse seemed to end summer early and fans were scrambling for alternative activities. This is our fourth consecutive year in the race to the end. I’ll take it.

Smyly. I like the Price trade but this point to a flaw of the Tigers:
It includes a link to Foxsports´ piece about why is bad “to keep the ball down”

since being with the rays….. .184babip ….. luck maybe playing a role?

Jason or anyone….do you know what KC was saying to Miggy?

I didn’t hear the specifics. What I heard from someone at field level was that there was a lot of chatter going on back and forth, and it wasn’t all that friendly.

If the Royals make the postseason, put a sign outside their clubhouse door that says “WARNING: games may include excessive celebrations.”

anyone know of any information regarding phil coke? he DID leave the game with a sore back, no??

Sore lower back. He was moving around the clubhouse slowly and cautiously after the game.

Don’t want to see a pitcher fist pump after you strike out? Don’t strike out. Geez, what a bunch of whining babies. This whole Idea that MLB players aren’t supposed to show any emotion on the field is ridiculous.

Royals are starting to feel the pressure with 3 errors last night in a game that the Bosox won 6-3!

Nowadays, each time a batter SO when he walks too the dugout seems to be looking to the pitcher to check any celebration

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