Iglesias cleared for lower-body workouts

Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias, whose 2014 season ended in Spring Training when stress fractures were discovered in both leagues, received a major go-ahead towards being ready for 2015 when he was cleared for lower-body rehabilitation and conditioning exercises Tuesday.

Iglesias received the go-ahead from Dr. Thomas Clanton during a follow-up exam at the Steadman Clinic in Colorado on Tuesday, six months following his initial diagnosis. An MRI, CT scan and other exams showed sufficient bone healing in both legs that he could increase his workouts and put more weight on the legs.

“This was the best possible news we were looking at,” head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Wednesday. “As far as Dr. Clanton is concerned, it appears the bone [in each leg] has healed, and it’s now time to put stress back on it and see how the bone responds.”

Iglesias continues to follow a program to strengthen his bones through medication and diet. The goal from here is to get Iglesias to a point where he can have a normal offseason workout program and be ready for full activity when Spring Training begins in February.

“Generally, he would start his normal offseason conditioning program at the beginning of November,” Rand said. “So we have from now until the beginning of November to put him in a position to hopefully be able to do that.”

That involves strengthening muscles and biomechanics. More than that, though, it involves seeing how Iglesias’ legs respond to weight bearing.

Iglesias has had limited lower-body work for the past few weeks, but mainly in the pool, keeping weight off his legs. He has been working out near his home in Miami, rather than at the Spring Training facility in Lakeland, so that he can work out without the pressure of pushing himself too soon.


Finally manages to get a hit and still screws up

Hey Dan. In case you were not aware TSN2 is picking the ESPN feed on TV tonight in Canada.
— Bob

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“stress fractures were discovered in both leagues” Huh?
I hope Jose has a good instructor in the pool. I got plantar fasciitis in my left foot from not wearing pool shoes and not using my whole foot when doing floor exercises,
Be careful, Jose.

Rajai could do that

Big out…not sure he was out but I’ll take it

Hits look like they are going to be hard to come by.

Pitch count rising. .pitches that were strikes in first two innings no longer strikes

The way Tiger’s looking against Shields tonight he might only need 1 run

Ugh. ……..

Everything those guys hit in the infield they are safe….everything we hit out by 4 steps.

Everyone. …….

how could he be out there?

The Tigers better get going.

They have half inning to score before a rainout.

I can’t believe they are still playing in all that rain.

trying to make it a regulation game

If you look at the radar its not going to last long.

They look aweful. ..and Rick was fine but not good enough

At some point it would be nice to actually get one out of the infield. Big Game James is what they call him and the Tigers are not making any kind of decent contact.
— Bob

OK, guys, the day off is tomorrow. Think how much more fun it would be with a sweep!

1 base runner all night and that one was picked off.

Torii’s hurt.

Let’s go, Tigers!!!!!!!

OH, come on.


Well that was the chance and neither martinez was up for the challenge tonight. Oh well.

They had him on the ropes and swung away.

sorry, It seems he is injured

There were 2 pitches in that Gordon AB which were called strikes all night and for phil they weren’t. Figures We weren’t going to come back in this one anyway.

Coke has been the most reliable reliever in the 2nd half. Gordon was struck out and there was a bleeder and a a lucky infield single.

Coke has pitched mostly in very low leverage situations.

down 0-2 is low leverage

No PH? 0 runs , a couple of hits and no PH

Coke high leverage 11 games Medium 6 Low 34 BR

Early in year yes but not recently i believe that your numbers are skewed towards that a bit. So I don’t really think that you are being fair and giving him credit

That was a an awful pitch to swing

Giving away two outs in the lineup plus the pickoff

1. The New Mexico Stallion holds the line for the (lack of) Offense.
2. Ricky P pitched well minus the four straight hits.
3. We were never out of the game historically, but we knew it was over at 2-0.
Shields is always tough; it’s difficult to sweep, even at home. We will more than likely have to take 2 at KC. Soria has not had a good outing yet. KC Bullpen is amazing. The Three M’s contributed nothing, and that’s what we got. Got to regroup and keep on plugging.

Yes, KC bullpen is amazing, but they may have lost their closer. Which will hurt. Also Duffy is on the shelf.
I thought Soria looked good for his first time back.
Tigers need to keep winning 2 of 3 from teams and everything will fall in to place. We are 1/2 game behind (if Cleveland gets 3 more outs).

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