Update: Ausmus confirms bone spur, says surgery uncertain

Brad Ausmus confirmed after Sunday’s win that Miguel Cabrera’s ankle problem is indeed bone spurs — or a bone spur, at least. However, he said there’s no decision yet on surgery.

“We don’t know if he requires surgery,” Ausmus said. “We don’t know if it’s going to be rest or if surgery would help, and that’ll be determined when the season’s over. That’s what’s causing irritation, not spurs, I would say it’s one. That’s what the general consensus is, but whether it’s rest that will help the inflammation or the irritation go down in the area, or whether it’s something that has to be done surgically, we don’t know that.”

There are non surgical solutions for bone spurs, but the ankle is a tricky area for that. One, it requires complete healing with so much weight going on it. Two, it plays a huge role in a baseball swing.


“Cabrera aggravated it scoring from 1B on VMart double. Likely to DH Monday, but have to check on him when he gets to park.”
The game was open,why not a PR for him? not second guessing, everyone said the same as soon as he got on base

Agreed El Tigre – I assumed a pinch runner would have gone in his place at that point in the game with a good lead. I know with our pen sometimes the lead is not safe, but Miggy is too important. Pretty surprised with the power surge he has had the last few games but nice to see it.

The crew in spanish is different but I guess Olney was making his comment when they showed a play at 1B when he doubled his ankle while extending to catch the ball. He could be already in worst condition by the time he went to bat

And another good outing for Lobstein – guy has held his own

Still surprised he was not called up before instead of Farmer

I’d have to look back at the rotation order at Toledo, but if you’re talking about the start against Pittsburgh, I think there might have been a timing issue on that. I think he might have started for the Hens the weekend the Tigers were in Toronto.

Yes, Wednesday 13 after Sanchez went to DL

“return to his regular winter workout program, which would lead to a rebound” my thoughts too as outsider,the shortened conditioning caused the problems this year.
BTW: the same goes for Verlander who was unable to follow his strict workout program for legit reasons

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I did like one comment that Kruk made. He said the games are so long because the players need to be told what to do all the time. All the visits to the mound, the batter looking to 3rd base on every pitch, stepping out, shaking off signs, and now instant replay. Rich, I am also losing interest. I went to bed in the 9th when the game was 3 hours and 45 minutes looooooooong. A 6-1 game took 3:47? Oh Yeah, Go Tigers!!!!!!!

Kruk did have a good point on that – but man I do not like listening to him – acting like the crusty old guy who can’t stand the way the kids play the game today – making comments about not being able to throw a strike.

I’m not losing interest, just saying that once they go past three hours it starts to become a chore to keep watching, seeing as how there’s a game nearly every day. Looks like the actual time was 3:43; I was estimating last night.

There’s no going to the drive-in with your pals until you’ve done your chores, Rich!

And I expected a pinch runner too. Don’t know if Brad was waiting for Miggy to be in scoring position or not. That’s been his MO so far.

A bone spur can mean many things. Why did we have to hear about it from national media and the Tigers wouldn’t say a word? The way they have handled this injury business is just weird imo.

btw, I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot probably from water aerobics classes. Or, at least that’s what I thought I had, until I googled “bone spurs.”

You can have both.

From Jason’s previous blog entry: “The Tigers sometimes cite medical privacy laws under HIPAA in saying they can’t release certain medical details without permission from the player.”

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Note to Brad: Say what you mean—-mean what you say.
“We hope he continues to feel better but we will still monitor it closely,” Ausmus said. “We don’t want it to become a nuisance again.”
Apparently not nearly closely enough. It was a no brainer pinch running for him in the 8th but Brad got caught up with “celebrity baseball” and not “cerebral baseball”.
He has to do better.

I think Brad has done okay overall in his rookie season, but when he makes a mistake, it’s a doozy. The pinch run thing last night, pinch hitting for Porcello in Arizona, and lifting Scherzer in Toronto are the three that come to mind. In cases like last night, if we end up in a tie game with no Miggy in a big spot, a percentage of fans will skewer the manager, but the smart fans will own up to it being a good move at the time.

Jeff Passan? he is the guy who called “Creationists” those that were supporters of Cabrera over Trout. Of Course, now Felix and Donaldson have been above Trout in bWAR and one of then could end taking away the pre-awarded Prize from Trout because as usual he is failing in September. Miguel won twice because of his numbers in september like almost every winner since 2002 . Down the stretch is when you prove your value.
Said that, Victor is the MVP

how can a DH be an MVP? would not Ortiz have done that already if it was possible?

Yes, no full time DH has been MVP but Harold Reynolds mentioned him

Write it down , Victor will win the batting title

Miguel Cabrera, February , 2014 to ESPN

kinda weird that a national reporter got the inside info, not one of the regular reporters/broadcasters.
still wondering whether this injury is a bone spur related to plantar fasciitis or spur in some other area. if related to plantar fasciitis, the spur is an effect of body trying to reinforce an area of chronic inflammation/irritation. it is a consequence, not the cause of injury. surgical treatment is a last resort, seldom used, for that problem.
seem to recall that Albert Pujols had a nagging problem with plantar fasciitis. not sure if he finally ended up having surgery for it.

A calcaneal (heel) exostosis (spur) is commonly removed (exostectomy) in conjuction with a plantar fasciotomy. Not sure what they’re referring to when they say “ankle” but that lack of specificity is par for the course in sports injury reports.

The attendance is down. Of course, the media failed to mention the horrible storms with unprecedented flooding throughout the metro Detroit area. Almost half a million people without electricity. I was a little ticked off the game wasn’t called the other night with the storm and rain so bad. Oh, well, it’s just Detroit. A tremor in San Fran and the game would probably be called.

compare this year’s home record with others, and i’ll bet you find out why the attendance in down.

35,000 two nights ago and 27,000 last night.

AH i see = yeah short term those reasons are valid

Last night was a school night. That was to have been an afternoon game. Add that reason too.

today’s game followed by tonights football game…… i’m STOKED!

Also, I wonder if Brad regrets taking the D job. He had applied for the Boston position but either didn’t get interviewed (I think he was, though) or they declined his services His family is on the west coast and now all these different positions opening up creating opportunities that he believed he couldn’t wait on. Managing takes every ounce of energy. Not sure if Brad ever understood the demands that are required of a MLB manager.Have to give credit where credit is due: Leland always spoke highly about Detroit fans. He understood the working class, blue collar regular fan. He could identify with them. Even Mr. D has stated his family, being huge Tiger fans, could never afford going to a game while he was growing up.
The length of the game is a huge problem for MLB because most people just don’t have that kind of time. They need to speed it up.

they might need to speed it up 5-10 minutes (on average) – but in general i want more baseball not less

5 to 10 minutes per game?
I would like to see the games around 2;30. It used to be done.
Before the days of batting gloves, protective braces and video review.

Actually it’s bullpen usage.

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