Soria throws simulated game, could return Wednesday

Chicago 059

Comerica Park was quiet enough to hear Joakim Soria exert some energy as he dropped a breaking ball under Steven Moya’s swinging bat for a strike. The stands were empty, and the Tigers’ division clash with the Royals was still three hours away.

The way Soria looked and felt in his simulated game Monday afternoon, however, could end up making an impact on the American League Central race, possibly directly. As long as the Tigers reliever feels fine Tuesday morning after 27 pitches Monday, he could be activated from the disabled list as soon as Wednesday.

That could put Soria on track to be available for the series finale against his old team Wednesday night.

“I’m excited,” Soria said. “We took a big step today.”

Soria, out for the last four weeks after suffering a left oblique strain during a game in Toronto, threw his entire arsenal to a group of September call-ups Monday, then did some agility drills in the outfield.

It wasn’t game intensity, but it was close enough to simulate the effort he’ll have to put on a pitch to retire a hitter. While Soria said he felt good, manager Brad Ausmus said he didn’t see any signs to suggest otherwise.

“It didn’t look like anything was bothering him,” Ausmus said. “He said he felt good afterwards, said he didn’t even get tired. All signs are pointing in the right direction. We just have to make sure tomorrow he comes in and there’s no issues.”

Even if he feels fine, Tuesday will be a rest day for him. That means Wednesday would be the earliest he can return. It could be a huge game in the AL Central race, and it could mean Soria taking the mound against his original organization, the team he spent five years trying to get to this point, and several players he still considers friends.

It’s an interesting subplot, but for Soria, it’s business.

“It’s fun to watch them playing really good,” Soria said, “but now I’ve got a new family. We need to win these games and hopefully get back on top of the division.”

Soria pitched everywhere from the seventh inning to the ninth and extras in the half-dozen appearances he made for the Tigers before going on the 15-day DL. Ausmus indicated he’ll likely reprise that role once he returns, though with some precautions.

“We probably still have to be careful in terms of usage, at least initially,” Ausmus said, “but I still expect him to be pitching towards the back of the bullpen.”


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Tigers MUST be playing well judging from the lack of comments. 🙂
I was hoping to gain a mental edge on KC and that has happened so far. It’s something they can carry over.

Anyone know who the third guy is on the fsd broadcast? I didn’t start watching until the second inning and they haven’t said anything about him.

Nevermind…they just showed Jack Morris. The voice sounded so familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on who it was. It was driving me crazy!

Mine are in the other thread but not even the Illinois Tiger were there

time to call the bullpen

3 runs allowed by Kelly

A real CF and the game was in the bag

It was his play because he is the CF but he had no chance and why did he go for the glove?

You know I am not one of those peculiar Don Kelly fans. I like the guy, he has been a valuable asset and solved some problem by sticking his finger in the dike, so to speak.
It is not easy to play out of position. He has had some difficulty out there but he has handled everything over his head–to his credit.
EZ out there probably handles the dink by Aoki early on. He also doesn’t run into Torii.
But Donny has contributed (today as well) and should be proud of his career in Detroit.
Obviously, CF is one of the most important roles to fill next year.
Romine is playing his way into a regular role and probably should be kept there until he plays himself out of it again.

Tigers have to keep the pedal to the metal. KC will not quit. 4 runs by them is not out of the question

Gotta dig out the Roalids and keep them handy . These games are going to be close may the Tigers win .

Another gift from the defense, Infante was out if that ball was well played

Yikes. Not sure why Joba would throw Hosmer a fastball. Gotta take advantage of his aggressiveness.
Joba is going to lose his 8th inning job.

Read a story today about 2 guys who snagged tickets for both Tigers and Lions. One guy wore a Lions jersey and the other one had Detroit tiger shirt that said: “This team drives me to drink.”

Turned the channel to MLB network and there is Mister Fister throwing like Cool Hand Luke.

Verlander gutted it out pretty good. Can’t really afford to play DK out in CF too much, but Brad is keeping him interested anyway.
Romine had a very nice game and it is nice to see his confidence grow.
Very important to get Kinsler engaged. He is struggling at the plate. He can be a force and it is time for him to step up.
The team played well, made no errors, struck out only twice, ran the bases well, took advantage of KC errors, no really bad innings by JV.
1 down 5 to go.

Well just left game fun…..crowds getting into Ford Field insane. Eating dinner at a lovely Cuban restaurant and heading to a concert. Full day.

Who is doing the concert?

Paul Weller.

What a blessing to hear you in a good mood GK!! Sounds like you had a great night. What are we going to read from you after we sweep the Royals and go back into first place? I sure hope we get a chance to find out!

great game today fellas. KC’s pitching and defense failed them….go figure?

Switching up the centerfielder all the time is causing communication problems. We nearly lost T. Hunt there. Did Kelly think the ball was in the glove lying on the field? Anyway, DKB is contributing when he plays.
Suarez got way too much PT; I’ve wanted more starts for Romine for a long time now. As I’ve said, tightens the D.
Alternating Victor and Miggy at DH might, might, get Cabrera through the season. I can’t believe he fouled a ball off his BAD foot.
Jack Morris is fine in the booth, but not necessary IMO. I’ve never liked three on the mic.

i think kelly thought the ball was in the glove – as ridiculous as that sounds. I really had a riot in the 3rd inning today🙂 refreshing.
Max has it within himself to put on a show tomorrow. I seriously believe he will do so. Porcello then – a test of the defense – so IMO if we can play some good D…….this could be a very good series – just gotta make it happen.
Think Torii plays tomorrow? lol

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