Cabrera reportedly has bone spurs in ankle

The right ankle injury that has hobbled Miguel Cabrera for the better part of the last month will reportedly lead to another offseason surgery. ESPN’s Buster Olney reported Sunday on Baseball Tonight that Cabrera has bone spurs in his right ankle that will likely require surgery to remove.

A Tigers spokesperson said no decision has been made on surgery. At the same time, the team had no immediate comment on the bone spurs part of the report.

The presence of bone spurs would explain the change in how Cabrera feels from one day to the next, feeling well enough to play first base one day before feeling limited the next. Sunday marked his third consecutive game at first base.

Cabrera, of course, had surgery at the end of last postseason to repair a sports hernia, leading to a rehab program for most of the winter. The hope around team circles has been that a healthy offseason would allow him to return to his regular winter workout program, which would lead to a rebound in his power numbers for 2015.

The normal timetable for recovery from such a surgery, according to injury expert and national sports medicine writer Will Carroll, is 4-6 weeks. It’s obviously not as severe as core muscle surgery, but with Cabrera’s body frame, explosive swing and the weight put on his ankles, full recovery is crucial.

Cabrera himself has not commented on his health since telling Jorge Ortiz of USA Today during the All-Star festivities that his core muscles had good and bad days, taking some strength out of his swing. He hasn’t commented at all on the ankle injury. The Tigers sometimes cite medical privacy laws under HIPAA in saying they can’t release certain medical details without permission from the player.


Already not happy with this umpire

Game changing at bat, and he has way too many of these, Nick Castellanos striking out with two men in scoring position.

Gotta start hitting, 3 won’t be enough.

Albuquerque…….come on

Brad you have already made a mistake not laying one down with Kelly–gotta take AlAl out. If you don;t you will lose this game

Get Al out of there. …what ya waiting for a 3 run homer?

Ok good lead

Better lucky than good

I considered tonight as the first “must win” game of the season. You don’t want to play the first 3-game set with KC in a state of total desperation. Now a sweep isn’t necessary. The Royals are now 31-11, besting Detroit’s early 27-12 run.
How does a 9-inning 6-1 ballgame take 3:47 or so to play? This is causing baseball to lose it’s appeal, even to me.

We said the same thing in this house. taking way too long

Al takes his time on the mound and the Botchy bullpen management did not help. Even Sandoaval who is like Delmon Young, there is no pitch he does not like, showed patience at the plate last night

It was a relief to see Hardy come in there and do the Job…refreshing to say the least.
Albuquerque)..makes me feel uneasy when he comes in there.
very unpredictable….maybe he tries too hard. Johnson, I think needs more work…
maybe as a starter?His ball really moves, lucky to get out of that inning…
Coke is still doing a good job..sometimes scary. Baseball is such a great emotional,
game, I don’t know what I’d do without it….
Now let’s do a job on KC

Maybe an electronic strike zone would speed the game up. Another thing that slows the game down are all the commercials.

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