Soria throws off mound, could move to fast track for return

Tigers reliever Joakim Soria could conceivably be on track for a quick return — maybe within the next week or so — after throwing a lengthy mound session Friday afternoon at Comerica Park.

Soria threw 39 pitches by his count without any lingering pain in the strained left oblique that landed him on the disabled list four weeks ago. He had felt lingering soreness in the oblique after throwing long enough until his last bullpen session a few weeks.

Now, he says, “I don’t feel anything. I threw 39 pitches and everything feels good.”

That was encouraging news for manager Brad Ausmus, but he wasn’t ready to write in Soria for the next step in his rehab until seeing how he feels Saturday.

Soria, for his part, indicated the next step is to face hitters.

“Maybe we’ll throw live [batting practice] Monday and then we go from there,” Soria said.

With the minor-league regular seasons over, any work with hitters is likely to happen on the side with the team rather than on a rehab assignment. The only two affiliates still playing as of Friday were Class A West Michigan, which faced a deciding Game 3 to its postseason series against Fort Wayne Friday night, and short-season Class A Connecticut.

Meanwhile, the Tigers have enough extra hitters with expanded September rosters that they can set up a simulated game.

Soria, clearly pushing for a quick return, does not expect he’ll need much time against hitters to be ready.

“It’s not like [the injury] was something in my arm,” he said. “My arm is still in shape. My arm feels good. It depends on how they see me in the bullpen.”


Rajai may want to think about trying to bunt his way on today.

This game is gonna be hit with big rain pretty soon.

maybe not,

Another error on pick-off play. Miggy does not have the agility to reach much. Pitchers need to make sure they throw to the glove and not the bag.

Pesky Pagan. Love to have him. This game could very well be decided by someone with a last name that starts with the letter “P”

Yikes. Being completely outplayed early on.

Ausmus giving up a run when down 2-0. Must feel like the hitters can get to Peavey.

Oh, mercy. They have Rick all figured out.

Miggy has cost us two runs today.

Oh Ricky, what is going on with you? It’s pouring in Shelby Twp. I hope it skips Detroit.

I hope it rains the game out

Looks like it might be a shut out, not a rain out. Get it in gear Tigers!!!!!

game will be rained in here in about 5 minutes. will it start back up again? will the tigers show up or will these bums return.

Well we were at the game down 6 runs didn’t see the point. Im soaked even with rain gear.

And came home to blocked streets from tree limbs and arcing power lines 1 street away

GK, what part of town do you live?

Any word on the rain and/or the game?

Royal oak. They said that the warnings are expiring but the rain doesn’t look as though it is going to end anytime soon but only sprinkling at my house.

Oh we have some lovely large limbs in our yard we didn’t originally see. Barely missed our house and windows.

I remember
Some pretty wicked storms when I lived there.
I really hope this thing gets postponed-not that the team deserves it. These recent episodes of “Good team; Bad team” are getting very tiresome

Of course, the usual sign stealing excuse. He is a sinker pitchers and current batter can bat low pitches easily

The problem is they are stealing signs from 2nd base!

If the game is called , they should play a DH

DH on sat or sunday you think ElT…. for anyone who wants it here is a best radar source I can think of doesn’t look too good.

so when does the game resume?

I’m not going to watch if they do play. Heather Nabozny had to be carried off the field injured because of that storm. She showed the ump the radar on her cell, but they waited too long.

Not surprised that KC won, they are on a mission. I wish the Tigers were.

10:50 start time…I’ll be in bed. It’s going to start raining again

Not the effort you’d hope for after a decent road trip. Pitchers suck fielding sucks and hitters suck. Not worth losing sleep over. Im sure they’re not

well I’m up till 1am every night anyhow. so business as usual for me – just gotta toss a few extra cold ones in the fridge tonight. Win or lose, we’re not going to have live tigers baseball in a few months. Plus my cousin is a huge giants fan – i gotta stay up.

Regulation game so another delay and this is over for good

Peavy is a warrior, he came back

ugh i hate peavy

He is not the worst pitcher you can have: competitive even if not that smart to be back there

Holaday came to play

Why not McCann to rest Holaday for tomorrow?

Or McCann today? Still Friday here

never mind, he is there

Well …didn’t wake up to a miracle..not surprised.
We a re going through quite a stretch of not great to down right poor pitching performances not including Kelly and Lobstein. Porcello, Verlander Scherzer and a Price have all underperformed to varying extents.

No miracle for me either. I went to bed. Hoped, due to power outages and the recent highway closings due to rain, they would postpone it. I just can’t understand how Rick got beat up so bad. Were his pitches too high in the zone? Was he that off after coming off several brilliant performances. Hard to believe they just hit everything he threw up there.
And, Miguel out there with the gimpy foot/ankle (whatever it is). Would you see any other player on this team playing while limping? Guys on the bench dying to play and blocked. It’s not right. (imo)

should have sat him – instead of DHing him – in the CLE series.

No hunger in the belly. It’s going to take a miracle to pull this thing away from KC. Body language, dugout demeanor, all of these will tell us as much as we need to know. Poor old Mr. Ilitch: his son in trouble, and his Tigers with no teeth.

Lineup vs. SF: Kinsler 4, Hunter 9, Cabrera 3, V. Martinez DH, J. Martinez 7, Castellanos 5, Suarez 6, McCann 2, Davis 8. Price starting

Without Miguel, Victor wont see a a hittable pitch. He and Holaday were the offense last night.
Porcello? His FIP is good but just below Verlander´s. Pitching for contact had him regressing , sooner or later ( career ERA 4.30). He was helped by the tight defense provided by Kinsler and Cabrera , the later injured and the former down defensively since the ASG.

There have been plenty of bummers this year, but we had some good luck too (e.g. JayDeep Martinez). They might not have evened out……….but……..the bummer that is Brad Ausmus’ inability to motivate them for a 162 games….is crushing.

Last night , Porcello reached his highest IP number for aseason

Do you remember that team at the beginning of the season? The one that was on a big winning streak and looked to be the perfect team. Strutting with confidence and even arrogance. That may have been part and parcel of the problem.
I don’t the team being at all able to fashion any kind of healthy winning streak these days. If it were a matter of losing the odd game but playing well when that happens, then maybe. But we have a team here that is at times, dreadful and actually not playing that well when the WIN.
It is impossible to see this through when the only spot in the lineup that can be counted upon for good at-bat or approach every time up is the cleanup spot.
Everywhere else is a trouble spot of inconsistency.
The initial raving of the starting rotation was misplaced. It was clear that a rotation cannot carry a team. A collection of any rotation is not going to get you a so-called quality start every time out.
Rick is Rick. He will get hit and sometimes so often that very crooked numbers will appear.
Verlander is not Verlander. He is becoming somewhat of a caricature of himself.
Anibal is consistent. Consistently on the Disabled List that is.
Max is on his way out of town and though he can be absolutely dominating, has the evil Scott Boras mysteriously whispering sweet “everythings” in his ear, and I think it is affecting his judgement on the mound.
Price is Right, and will be a treat to watch but, golly geez, that is not be enough.
The topsy-turvy season will be complete when the mess that was in the bullpen actually becomes the strength of the team.

I love great defense. And, they looked pretty good at the start of the season. I envy teams with great defense.

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