Ausmus: Sitting Cabrera for a stretch is an option

For now, Miguel Cabrera is day-to-day for the Tigers with his balky right ankle, which was bothering him well before he tried to beat out an infield single in the fourth inning Saturday night. It’s not yet clear if Cabrera will sit Sunday, because Cabrera didn’t want to be ruled out before seeing he how feels in the morning.

“As much as we use [the phrase] day-to-day, he literally is day-to-day,” Brad Ausmus said. “Some days he comes in and feels really good. Some days he comes in and it’s a little sore.”

And yet, the situation is serious enough that Ausmus said he has talked with Cabrera about sitting — not just for a day, but for a stretch of games.

“I’ve talked to him about that,” he said. “We talked about that in Detroit a couple days ago, so it’s a possibility. But this thing comes and goes. Prior to today, the last couple days, he said it felt really good. And then today it flared up again. Although we discussed it, I don’t know if four or five days would do anything, because sometimes he comes in from sleeping overnight and feels good.

“We really want Miggy in the lineup because he’s such a valuable part of the team, such a good player, and he’s just a presence being in the lineup. We obviously need him to be healthy, too, so it’s such a delicate balance. He’s pretty honest with me on how he feels. …

“I said to him, ‘If we think it’s necessary, we can do this.’ But he kind of balked at that.”

Cabrera referred all questions to Ausmus and head athletic trainer Kevin Rand, which is consistent with what he has done since the All-Star break.

Ausmus said he weighed whether to start Cabrera at first base until less than an hour before game time Saturday night. When Cabrera felt good taking swings and moving around, Ausmus wrote him in. If he hadn’t felt good, Ausmus said, he would have DH’ed.

“He’s not averse to DHing,” Ausmus said, “but generally speaking he would rather be in the field. … From my perspective, if Miggy tells me he’s OK, and we’ve got a young guy, a contact pitcher, on the mound [Saturday night with Kyle Ryan], I’d rather have Miggy at first for his defense.”


A friend of mine asked me today if I like the new guy in Detroit calling the shots. I told him we have the same one at this time of the season as we did last season…………..Miguel Cabrera.

So true Dan. When it comes to the big boys, Ausmus seems unable to step up and make any tough decisions. It seems absolutely a no brainer to sit Cabrera until for 3-4 games using only in crucial pitch hit, runner in scoring positions situations with a game on the line. At this point Miggy’s stubbornness is hurting the team and we need him as healthy as possible for a playoff run or we have last year repeating itself (although it’s likely to late). Ausmus needs to be a Manager and MANAGE.

Super star or not Miggy is the employee and Ausmus is his boss . It is very obvious that Miggy is hurt . They need to put him on the DL and try to get this injury healed .
Play Kelly or VMART at first base at least they can run and field the ball.

This is the same thing the Tigers went thru last September . Didn’t they learn anything then ?? Just wonder what the medical staff and trainers evaluation was.

Brandon Inge.

“Do you know who I am”?

They do pitch him like he were Babe Ruth

The lineups will be posted late today, Dunn could be traded before the game

Point was, Leyland was unable to keep Inge out of the lineup under similar circumstances. Or Miggy. Or Pudge.
I think that’s just the way it works.

“Sounds like Ryne Sandberg has his hands full managing the Phillies. Sandberg is a tough, proud guy, a Hall of Fame player, but apparently he’s a little too tough and is receiving backlash from his players. As Bobby Valentine learned in Boston, you can’t be tough on players. You have to pat them on the back and treat them with kid gloves. Sandberg has had issues this season with Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Domonic Brown, and others. Not that any of them, with the exception of Hamels and Rollins, should have anything to say given their poor performances”.

As Sparky said, the dog does not longer wag the tail, it is the tail wagging the dog

Vizquel was grilled by Morosi because he was thought with a player while a coach with the Jays and said Omar is unfit to be a manager.
Leo Durocher recount the same problem ( opposite sense) with Banks, he was unable to make Banks play

Miggy’s injury last year was going to require surgery and he would have been lost for the year. If the ankle is a sprain, he needs to sit or at least DH.

Having Miggy DH won’t help the problem since running is what aggravates the injury. Only staying off it will help.

15 Disabled List. Like it or not, might help this situation out. Limping, viguratively and literally, through it (also called pussyfooting) will not.

Since he’s day to day, I’d sit him on this day. That’s all I know. We can take the Sox without Miggy.

He thinks he can help the team when in essence his productivity (or lack thereof) lately has his BA at .299 and lots of 0 for 4’s.

Lineup vs. CWS: Davis 8, Kinsler 4, Hunter 9, V. Martinez DH, J. Martinez 7, Castellanos 5, Kelly 3, Suarez 6, Holaday 2. Porcello.

No Dunn for the CWS

A’s got him!

I don’t see why they’d want him that bad: .220/.340/.433
anyone see coo coo crispy get hurt last night – that was crazy. he’s more important to that team than dunnster

340 OBP, (career 365). 460 career HR.He is the quintessence of Moneyball

Right now, a platoon player that cant hit LH. Unlike Tigers fans, BB does not care about his huge SO rate as soon as he can get on base.

Joe Maddon‏@RaysJoeMaddon·55 mins
Who is going to play the role of Charlie “Sunday Punch” Maxwell for us today? Lot of candidates.

well i for one always thought dunn stunk in the central. i’ll be happy to see him in the post season!

torii fooled in RF…did he fake himself out? what a geezer.

Three errors cost the Tigers how many runs ? Maybe they can somehow rally later . Sure hope so . These are games they have to win . Lets go defense !!

2014: during offseason fans gloat about how much better the defense will be; some of the worst defense i’ve seen in years

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