Lobstein Day lineups: Tigers vs. Yankees

Kyle Lobstein’s first Major League start coincides with Derek Jeter’s (likely) last game at Comerica Park. If Jeter sends another line drive into right field, Lobstein will be the 930th different pitcher to give up a hit to the future Hall of Famer.

TIGERS (career numbers vs. Hiroki Kuroda)

  1. Rajai Davis, CF (6-for-19, double, HR, K)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (3-for-17, HR, 2 walks, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (6-for-15, double, 2 HR, 2 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-5, K)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (1-for-6, K)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (1-for-3, 2 K’s)
  7. Don Kelly, LF (1-for-3)
  8. Alex Avila, C (2-for-9, HR, 2 K’s)
  9. Andrew Romine, SS (1-for-3, HR, K)

P: Kyle Lobstein


  1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
  2. Derek Jeter, SS
  3. Martin Prado, 2B
  4. Mark Teixeira, 1B
  5. Carlos Beltran, DH
  6. Brian McCann, C
  7. Chase Headley, 3B
  8. Brett Gardner, LF
  9. Zelous Wheeler, RF

P: Hiroki Kuroda


hopefully we can get to Kuroda. He hasn’t been going deep into games recently and he’s been giving up more walks than he usually does. Be patient at the plate fellas….and get some clutch hits! WE NEED TO WIN TODAY!!

Killer lineup……great sense of urgency Ausmus. Feeling disappointed. 😦

Saturday’s DH lists TBA vs TBA and Scherzer vs Sale. Wouldn’t it make more sense to start Scherzer against TBA and increase the odds of getting the split?

That’s what I’ve always thought but I’m sure Max wants to pitch the night game so they are giving Lord Cy Scherzer what he wants. Heck were just idiots though right?

yeah I agree about the lineup. what the $#!& does brad think this game means to the ball club? I wish DD would lit a fire under hit butt – maybe start looking around for a new coach. Gibson ready to get outta the desert yet? THAT GUY can motivate!!!!

The Tigers’ season this year resembles the characters, situations (both ironic and karmic) of a Low Winter Sun in a very bleak Motor City.

Maybe (provided he physically can) Miggy should start trying to pull the ball more.
He is flying out deep and seems maxed out at the warning track in right and centre.

Lobstein had better keep that ball down. He’s gonna get clobbered if he doesn’t.

You guys think that much of Hunter and Suarez? The lineup isn’t THAT bad.

I personally think Romine/suarez a wash. Torii i think he’s a definite upgrade over Kelly. As i say that he gets a hit. Torii i am sure will get 1 of the games Saturday off, had Monday off and will have next Monday off. Is today really necessary.

I think Brad is doing a great job of keeping Torii fresh. He’s 39 years old.

Probably doesn’t matter anyway they dont stand much of a chance

nice throw by cast to 1st. pfft.

cost us a run – tie game now🙂

For you oldtimers, Zelous Wheeler reminds me of Walt “No Neck” Williams of the White Sox.

Not sure how Torii hits off of Kuroda but as Rich says, giving him a day off today seems to be a very prudent thing to do.
I am not super Kelly fan and would rather see Carerra there to be honest, but Kelly needs and deserves a chance to play.
Boy that Ellsbury is killing us.
Wouldn’t he have looked smart in a Tiger uni?

this year maybe. don’t forget jacoby’s problem is he is hurt every other year….but gets paid $$$$$$$$$ every year.

Seems to me that was also a ball that shoulda been fielded. ..obviously shading to the right.

Nice try Nick but it was not a good play. This year you will have fans pillory you for your efforts but next year you will be a shining light.

They just continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

Right you are Evan.

Run unearned.. A DH , maybe LF

Martin Prado,that how an really versatile player looks like

It’s the hitting again today. They need to give KL some breathing room. But Davis and Kinsler are down from .300 to about .280. Miggy is barely over .300. Will he even get 20 HR and 100 RBI? Avila can’t even get to .225.

wait why weren’t they playing forward in the infield? our coaching staff is really something now. pfft.

I guess they feel with all the runs they are going to hit (wink wink ha ha) it doesn’t matter. Really awesome hitting display today. Big 3 hit attack.

Well fellas. this game and season both feel over. well done brad and DD – great job you did this season.

if course, the important thing, is we honored derek this week.

TBA? Why not simply throw Blaine Hardy? Ausmus will probably have to run him to the mound in the 1st or 2nd anyway.

Can’t have hoped for much more from Lobstein. ..to bad the underachieving overpaid guys at the plate can’t muster more than 3 hits and a 1 run. Figures.

There are still things to look forward to. September for one.

Is it too soon to say that KL has pitched a good game so far? Maybe some of you would prefer Ray, Farmer, JV on one of his usual days or Price on his worst day. By the way, can Price pitch again Saturday or do they have to follow the 5-day rule? How many pitches did he throw in his 2+ innings last night?

they should shut cabby down for the rest of the year. he’s hurt and we keep playing him and we keep playing sub .500 baseball. don kelly can play 1st and is a better bat then Kinsler.

Lobstein has pitched great, get some damn runs now

Pop up Kinsler at it again

can our hitting coach fix Ian, please? the guys been doing the saaaame thing at the plate for months, now.

Everything about this club is getting funny this year, even some of our bloggers.
Avila–how many harmless ground balls to the 1st and 2nd basemen have we seen this year? But can he di in the clutch? No he goes back to his whiffle ball swing.
He’s gotta be a backup catcher next year or, better yet, traded.
Kinsler has been absolutely brutal with his performance and his approach but Kelly a better hitter is just humour isn’t it?

Kinlser can’t hit – can’t hit right now. Kelly seems to get hits and score runs when he plays.

Yes, Kinsler again on the first pitch. At least he didn’t hit into a double play. He gave Davis no chance to steal. Maybe a throwing error by the catcher and Rajai is on 3rd waiting for a wild pitch or a Kinsler with more pitches to look at get Kuroda’s pitch count higher.

QS for Lobstein

Kinsler 7 in last 28 AB before today

last 28 PA 26 AB

I don’t think they can win this game with no help from batters 2-3-4-5. They can only get so much from the others.

Lobstein had some good fortune, but good start. He’s a calm one.

KL out? 83 pitches? A reason we don’t know about?

Nope just using the pen because they won’t be needed with JV pitching tomorrow or tba on Saturday ( wink wink and rolling my eyes)

I think it is a very smart decision by Bausmus. Lobstein had zero strikeouts and had been seen 3 times by Yankeee hitters. He got hit very hard in his last inning and I think we were very fortunate to be where we are right now.
Heard a lot about the Lobstien “power curveball”, it. pales in comparision to Hardy’s
Nice job by KL but being proactive at this time in the game is the right thing to do

Absolutely! Like I said, he had some good fortune, but it was running out.

I will totally change my opinion if BA puts Joba in for the 8th. With pesty and pesky due to hit this inning —leave Hardy in.

Have you ever seen a more one cylinder team? If the SP is on, the BP sucks. When the BP is hot, the SP sucks. Hitting?? Rollercoaster!! First game against the Yanks first time in a long, long time where multiple cylinders fired in rythym. Was beautiful but so short lived.

Oh Brad. You are missing your chance here to neutralize Ellsbury. He’s just as likely to take Joba deep than be put out.
Also, you miss an opportunity to stretch out Hardy a bit in case we need another starter next month.

Pleasantly surprised. Joba was on (after being “off” lately) and had some 95 in him too. Glad I was wrong.

Put your body armor on, fellas.

Another move I don’t get. EZ for Romine?

If Joba looks sharp after only 7 pitches, does BA have to take him out in the 9th just because JoeBlow is supposedly the closer? Can they ever go with the hot hand instead of by tradition?

No speed on the bench to PR now, and you have wasted two defensive replacements

manager of the year!

He’s aweful. …

Kinsler gets on base only when walked these days. With 2 outs and Miggy coming up….he’s going to have to steal a base or two here.

nice swing miggy! he looks like he’s in the middle of the world series with swings like that!

Pretty crappy at bat by Miguel….that wasn’t injury that was I don’t give a crap.

Miggy (groan). If he is playing hurt, and it seems like it the whole season, why didn’t they do something about it much sooner and maybe have him back by now?

They should have dealt with his injuies long ago. It does nothing for the club to let him play injured . This isn’t the Miggy that won the batting titles ect .

It’s called being over-matched. The injuries are affecting Miggy. The question remains, just like last year, should you keep playing him?
It was certainly ugly.

He still hit last year even when he was hurt, he just could run. Doubles were singles. Homer power was nil….this is he can’t even barely get a lousy single…plate discipline has nearly vanished he’s striking out at an alarming rate.

All I can say is I want MVP, Triple Crown Miggy back next year. It has been hard to watch him do so poorly.

“Sure looked like Carrera checked his swing, but 3B ump Bob Davidson punched him out, said he went.”

Tom Gage ‏@Tom_Gage 13m

gotta call it what it was – a feeble at-bat for #Tigers Cabrera with lead run on 2nd and two outs in eighth – struck out swinging – sort of

The ump was wrong

Sure did!

Here we go….

Jason twitted::
Ausmus turns to Phil Coke to turn around switch-hitter Carlos Beltran, batting .208 with more K’s (27) than hits (26) off lefties this year.

and now.
Update: Beltran now has as many hits as K’s off lefties. And Phil Coke has to get Brian McCann with runners at corners.

phil coke nearly gave up a 3 run homer – made me laugh!

but he blew him away in the end! Coke still has some fizz!

And Coke just earned a new contract

if we just resign coke that should do it for the offseason rebuilding of the pen, right?

Retweeted by Jason Beck
Tom Reisenweber ‏@ETNreisenweber 3m

Devon Travis working in center with outfield and base running coordinator Gene Roof.

Devon Stanley

OK now lay a bunt down Cast.

oh wait, casty can’t bunt! how is brad an upgrade over JL? he does about everything just as bad if not worse!

No, hit away. You dont want Kelly and Avila

See, he is walking him

Castellanos is the player of the inning

Hunter leads the team in OPS since the ASG


Hunter Pence he is not


Nobody left on bench Avila its up to u


Almost, but good enough.

alex had to do it.

Lobstein, Coke, Alex, Rajai…..well played fellas

Just when I’m about to give up on Alex he does good. Too bad he isn’t more consistent …even just a little bit!

Victory! From an unexpected source. Avila. I thought all players were expected to work on bunting? With the game on the line and a runner at 2nd base with no outs, why isn’t JD or Casty bunting that runner over to 3rd? So much better chance to score. Gameday showed that Torii strikeout pitch as head high. What’s with him? It’s easy to overlook all this when they win but what about the next time?

Lady luck firmly on our side today. Avila doesn’t come thru with timely at bats in the middle of a ball game but at the end of a game he has had more success than Miggy.
BTW, if Miggy hits that ball on the 3rd strike he could have had a double down the RF line. No way was that a check swing.
Good victory and great job by Hardy.

1. The “Lobber” shows well today.
2. The Pen does the job a second straight game.
3. Avila always shows moments of greatness, and at the right time.
Kudos to Fizzman, VMart, and Rags. Alex was today’s hero. Can’t reiterate enough how important this victory was.

must win today – must win.
now we need to take care of business in the central.

The White Sox are 2-8 in the last 10 games. Let’s hope they don’t wake up in this next series.

Kyle Ryan TBA on Saturday.

So I’d like to know the point of sending Lobstien down unless you feel like again Sanchez will be ready to pitch? Because I thought you couldn’t bring him back up for ten days and I don’t believe there are any off days? So your going to bring up Farmer or Ray? There has to be a reasonable explanation doesn’t there?

Lobstein, nice job! 6 IP’s with 83 pitches, pitch to contact and got out of jams. Best spot start in awhile. Now for Saturday???

Maybe sending KL down is to get Saturday’s starter or more relief help. Besides, KL wouldn’t get another start until after September call-ups?
Watched video re-plays. Avila’s winning hit might have been more than a single at any other point in the game? What are your opinions?

Your right it will be September

Verlander starts gm 1 in Chi v. Carroll, then Scherzer v. Sale in Gm 1 of DH Sat., Kyle Ryan gets call from Toledo to start Gm 2 of DH…

They can bring back KL next week

Oh my goodness! Back-to-back games where the bullpen guys were nearly flawless, Avila gets 2 rbi’s today with one being a walk-off winner and Lobstein throws a very nice “quality start” to keep the Tigers in the race. Now, can they go to Chicago and kick some butt, with Seattle hopefully losing to a hot Nat’s team? Go Tigers!

Who would have expected Coke to be so dependable lately? Nicely done by him and by Lobstein today. Alex saved the day, which he has been known to do on occasion this year. Nice job boys

Gotta give Coke a big pat on the back. It is a huge win headed to the south side . Way to go Alex !!!!!

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