Kyle Ryan gets call for Saturday doubleheader

Kyle Ryan began the year trying to show Tigers player development folks he could make the jump from the pitcher-friendly Class A Florida State League to the Eastern League. He got his chance at Triple-A Toledo less than four weeks ago after injuries and trades sapped some organizational depth.

Now, he’s going to get his shot in the big leagues. After some very good starts for the Mud Hens, Ryan is going to get the call to make the spot start Saturday against the White Sox in Chicago.

The Tigers announced the move Thursday. In so doing, Brad Ausmus said he knows little about him besides the numbers and the glowing recommendation of Tigers personnel.

“He’s left-handed,” manager Brad Ausmus said in summary of his knowledge on him. “I haven’t heard too much about him at this point. I do know he’s been throwing the ball well as of late.”

Kyle Ryan went from a 12-game winner at Class A Lakeland last year to mercurial starter at Double-A Erie this spring. Then he found a hot stretch at Triple-A Toledo after being promoted a month ago. He’s 3-0 with a 1.64 ERA in five starts at Toledo so far, allowing six earned runs on 21 hits over 33 innings with five walks and 20 strikeouts.

Those outings include 7 1/3 innings of two-run ball in his Triple-A debut on Aug. 2, seven scoreless innings against Lehigh Valley six days later, eight strikeouts over 5 2/3 innings against Indianapolis Aug. 14, seven innings of one-run ball against Columbus Aug. 20, and six innings of one-hit ball three days ago against Louisville.

Ryan got the call over Buck Farmer, who made two spot starts for the Tigers this month but was knocked out in the second inning of his start in last Saturday’s doubleheader at Minnesota.

Ryan was already on turn for a Saturday start for Toledo. Instead, he’ll match up against whoever the White Sox call up for their spot starter. As of now, the matchup is supposed to be the nightcap, with Chris Sale and Max Scherzer dueling in the day game.

The Tigers will have to make room on the 40-man roster for Ryan. And unless they put Sanchez on the 60-day disabled list, effectively ending his season, they’ll have to designate somebody for assignment to make room.

Ryan will be the 12th Tigers pitcher to make his Major League debut this season. He will also be the 11th different pitcher to start a game for Detroit this year, compared with just six last year and 10 in each of the two seasons before that. They used 11 starters in 2010, including spot starts for Phil Coke, Eddie Bonine and Alfredo Figaro.


Yankees 53 starts by rookies according to ESPN, one being Tanaka. They are not alone. Dont tell to LAA either
Pundits warned them about the lack of depth. They were extremely lucky last year but their used their luck and more.
The Smyly trade has nothing to do with it. Smyly was never used as spot starter and JL denied any posibility of that

Twins found those bats they were using against Tigers. Six runs in 10th inning vs KC.

Sweet win for the Twins last night . Helps out the Tigers .

Morosi about Victor:
Designated hitter. Veteran hitters — even good ones — often struggle after moving from a defensive position every day to appearing only in the batter’s box four or five times each game. Ask Adam Dunn, who managed only a .569 OPS in his first season as a DH after 10 years in the NL….
Martinez said it took a while to develop a routine for keeping his mind in the game when he doesn’t play in the field.He eventually settled on an exercise bike near his locker, in front of a large clubhouse television.”

Priority #1 is re-signing VMart in my opinon.

yup KC isn’t going to win at this clip. not to mention, they still have to play us like 6 times… this is just going to get settled. Our bullpen is rounding into shape, the offense has shown life, and max and david will find their groove.

ichiro should have caught that, btw. lol just saw the highlights

After getting ambushed by KC all week, the Twins in that 6-run 10th inning tonight must have felt like they were stomping on the evil nemesis, shrieking “Die, spawn of satan! Die!”
Ned Yost was fired by the Brewers in 2008, if I recall correctly, with his team in first place and 12 games left in the season. There’s confidence for you.

Oh my god he started in the development league…again this is it? DD oh my god

No, he began in Erie .Despite bad ERA was promoted and did well in just 3 starts. Unlike Farmer , he has been in the system four years

I’m sorry to report that the weather this weekend in Chicago doesn’t look good. They will really be lucky to get in all 4 games. It is the last trip to Chicago this season.

Looks like most of the midwest is going to get very wet .

Good luck to Ryan, the bar really hasn’t been set that high lately, so I assume he’ll get a fairly long leach, depending on the bullpen.

Why Ryan over Ray? Makes no sense. I know Ray has 2 stinkers in a row, but why potentially lose a player for a spot start?
Can we put Vander Hagen on the 60 day DL and use his spot on the 40? He is done for the year? Or does being on the minor league DL make a difference?

They would need to call-up VerHagen and then put him on 60 days DL. They did the same with Marte last year(If I remember well)

Did you see that scouting report posted on Bless You Boys a week or so ago where the scout held little to no hope whatsoever that Moya could ever hit at the major league level?

Crazy thoughts!
Can Justin Verlander transition to closer?
Will the Tigers call up Tyler Collins again?
Is Devon Travis the new CF option to be?
Will the Tigers try to sign Max?
Is it time to consider a team changing trade involving the best hitter in baseball?

i sure hope we don’t try to sign max – that’d cost a fortune.

That’s why owners are owners and players are players and fans are fans. You gotta spend it somehow.
I do see your point about Max though. It is a GM’s gamble to put long term contract out on someone who throws (and only throws) baseballs every 5 days. The JV contract is an example.
I think short term contracts will start to become “popular” again.
There will always be those special pitchers that GMs will give just about anything.

Short term contracts were always popular – with the owners.
But they do not hold the cards. Some team will give Max a lot of money, for a lot of years. No doubt. It may be the Tigers, I don’t count them out, but I feel it will be someone like NYY, BOS or STL.

Guate, no I don’t think I saw that. He should at least get a chance to though!
An Adam Dunne with speed and and arm can’t be too bad to start out with.

I’ll forward the link to you when I get to my computer. Pretty fascinating opinion.

Another crazy thought. Bring in the CF fence to cut down the long outs. I don’t have statistical proof, but the eye test tells me the Tigers are hurt more than the opposition. This is an offensively challenged era, so homers are necessary to win. Few teams can bunch enough hits to score consistently.

Speaking of CF, He is not ideal but Rajai has been having some pretty decent games lately.

He’s transitioned to captain out there. There was some miscommunication at first, especially with the less experienced outfielders, but that appears to be ironed out. Rajai is having a good season. I don’t know where they’d be without him and JD.

J. Ortega DFA to make room for Evan! I’m pretty stoked!

I was just wondering why you would be (stoked) and started a reply to you beginning with your NAME! duh!
The brain-trust has been pretty busy compensating for our starters (and lack thereof) lately.

I’d guess Tigers management will be talking about this season for years to come. Like swapping old war stories.

honestly I’m stoked because 1) I think Evan has a lot of potential, 2) he pitched pretty well for us earlier this year, 3) I hated the thought of his career taking a hit because of false accusations and 4) there aren’t enough Evan’s in the big leagues – or on the tigers.

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