Torii Hunter: We played a little harder, and I could see it

Statistically, the Tigers lost ground with Saturday’s doubleheader split, dropping another half-game on Kansas City and Seattle. They’ve dropped two games in the AL Central over the last three days, and they’re now facing their biggest deficit since they were down three games to the White Sox with 15 games to play in 2012.

Yet, as the Tigers headed back into the visiting clubhouse at Target Field after salvaging a split Saturday night, there was a reason the music was blaring. They avoided the worst-case scenario of dropping four games back in the division with another loss. More importantly, they found the energy to keep fighting.

“It was a no-brainer. We had to go out there and come with a little more fight,” Torii Hunter said. “We lost the last two and we lost big. Those guys are taking first and third, stealing bases. So today, we played a little harder, and I could see it.”

It was Hunter who mentioned after back-to-back losses in Pittsburgh last week that there was a lack of energy. It was Hunter who tried to create a spark Saturday night when he tried to go from first to third on Victor Martinez’s single.

It nearly resulted in an inning-ending out. It took a replay review to put him on third base, in position to score a few pitches later.

There’s a reaction sometimes when players talk about playing with more energy, asking why they don’t do that all the time. The day-in, day-out nature of the baseball schedule makes that a lot more challenging. For many, it’s that consistency that is the toughest part of a 162-game Major League schedule.

For the Tigers, it’s particularly tough these days. They’re in the midst of 24 games in 23 days, and 55 games in 55 days out of the All-Star break. They’re essentially playing four games in 48 hours at Target Field, and they lost the first two in demoralizing fashion. While pitchers can find a way to plug through when hitting slumps leave them in a 1-0 and 2-0 deficit, it’s tougher to get hitters to wake up sometimes when a bad pitching performance puts a team down eight or 10 runs.

It’s a bad combination going right now, and it’s a veteran team that can’t simply rely on youth to summon that energy. Justin Verlander’s return provided them some. They had to look within for the rest.

“You have to dig deep,” Hunter said. “You have to have that will to find it and dig. I always says during a storm, a tree actually grows roots, just so it can be rooted and strong. It finds the will to survive. That’s what we have to do, find a will.”


Cafardo about the Tigers:
Not Nava, he allowed a Dustin Ackley , to score from first on a single to shallow RF during the 9th inning comeback saprked by Austin. No more dubious defense OF

And yes, I mentioned Rios but his bat is better and whn he is on , his defense is good enough-
Swapping Nathan for Papelbon was an option but not a realistic one
Anyway,the roster looks set, and they will go to the postseason with the players they have

Finally! Of all the guys they need to keep, he is at the top of the list…great veteran on the field and in the clubhouse. You listening DD? While this season may be over you have enough games left to see what your rookies are capable of for next year. Could there be a closer somewhere? Again, Nathan gives up a run in a save situation!! Thank goodness for those 3 run leads in the 9th…

So on this Maddon game protest, he wasn’t ejected by Davidson but Ausmus was by Joyce? Same scenario. Joyce too reactionary?

Someone, I cant find who, Im draining my wife´s smartphone megas posting,mentioned his surpise about Davidson being involved. I guess, he is well regarded,So probably, yes or Joyce is still trying to avoid being seen as compensating for the highway robbery.
A SF Giants protest was upheld, Stark reports that was the first for a team since 1986.Why? becasue, right or wrong someone must have the final word or we would end playing games months latter like after the Pine Tar affair

Bravo, Torii Hunter. Leadership takes multiple forms. VMart is a quiet, intense policeman who keeps fools from revealing themselves. Miggy leads with fun confidence. Torii is the vocal guy who means what he says and carries his own weight in the process. The Tigers will need all they can get from these guys down the stretch.

After the loss in Tampa and then the fiasco in Minny, I had to back off. Woke up feeling depressed, so I stepped away for a little while and did some other things I enjoy. Caught some of yesterday’s games, but not the whole games. Will be watching today, though.
Yes, Torii, the players looked like they were a little more alive out there.

seems to me that outcome on the field is determined 95+% by the players. gm tries to get the right players, manager tries to maximize each player’s skills and minimize their weaknesses. at this point in season, gm can’t do much more to acquire talent outside the organization. the team has it’s identity, it is up to them now to perform down the stretch. best of luck to them.

Miguel gets two days of rest. .Ankle

I read the article about the Tigers. Do you think they would actually make another deal? Papelbon, Nava, Rios, Ethier? I figured the Tigers were done with deals but there is one week to go.

As usual with Carfado, that article was pure speculation, something any of us can do. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Besides a swap ,they cant. The cup is bare

Wow, we are all pretty quiet when they win! Maybe Torii lit up the clubhouse. Now take the Yankees out and get back into position to knock KC off!

Nava is a 31 year old 4A player, no better than anyone we have now.

Carrera is a 20-yr old risk with no experience. Get something to help, now.

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