Sunday’s lineups: Tigers at Twins

Target Field 002

Miguel Cabrera aggravated his sore right ankle when he hit the bag hard trying to beat out a double play throw Saturday night. He stayed in the game until being lifted for a pinch-runner in the eighth, but he was clearly limping on his way through the dugout. It’s enough of a concern that he’s out of the lineup today, giving him two days to recover before Tuesday’s series opener against the Yankees back at Comerica Park.

“Maybe two days off in a row might help,” manager Brad Ausmus said Sunday morning.

Cabrera could pinch-hit, but Ausmus said he’d save that for a situation with runners on and a late-game scenario.

The cascade effect on the lineup affects most of the other spots. Ian Kinsler is back batting second, Rajai Davis is leading off, and Torii Hunter is hitting third. Don Kelly, the first baseman for the day, will bat ninth.

TIGERS (career numbers off Kyle Gibson)

  1. Rajai Davis, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (1-for-4, walk)
  3. Torii Hunter, RF (0-for-2, walk)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-5, double)
  5. J.D. Martinez, LF (1-for-3, double, K)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (0-for-4, K)
  7. Alex Avila, C (3-for-4, double)
  8. Eugenio Suarez, SS
  9. Don Kelly, 1B (1-for-4, double)

P: Max Scherzer

TWINS (career numbers vs. Scherzer)

  1. Danny Santana, CF (1-for-3, double, K)
  2. Brian Dozier, 2B (1-for-11, HR, walk, 7 K’s)
  3. Joe Mauer, 1B (8-for-28, HR, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  4. Kennys Vargas, DH
  5. Oswaldo Arcia, RF (2-for-3, double, K)
  6. Trevor Plouffe, 3B (1-for-13, walk, 7 K’s)
  7. Kurt Suzuki, C (2-for-5, HR, walk, K)
  8. Eduardo Escobar, SS (2-for-8, double, K)
  9. Jordan Schafer, LF (0-for-3, walk, K)

P: Kyle Gibson


Typical get 3 runs and give it right back…..good job Scherzer!

Maybe I should go to the store.

too many pitches, already. Maybe he’s “saving” his arm.

These ______(fill in the blank) aren’t worth wasting another afternoon over. Max not an Ace. Aces step up when your team needs you…..he just doesn’t

Maybe his catcher or Jeff Jones need to amble out there.

Yes. I was going to say before the game that they needed a better outing from Max than his last one but i didn’t want to jinx him. So much for that. It may not be the 3 runs he has allowed but how soon he has to leave it to the bullpen.

Not much movement on his pitches, say Dan & Jim.

4 innings. 93 pitches. One more inning? Is that 2 games in a row now that Max has not “had it?” Who’s ready in the bullpen? Mercedes? Hardy?

Back in the Mainland
Mercedes was sent back to Toledo after Johnson joined the team. Hardy, pitched too long this two days-,they wont risk their most valuable arm right now going with him three consecutive days

I wanted Suarez to swing at 3-1 but good job- As I said, he is adjusting well

That’s why I like Suarez better than Perez, he knows the strike zone better.

It is such a struggle to get that clutch hit. Bases loaded twice and no one could do it. As good as DK is on defense, his offense this year has been almost non-existent.
Now can Max hold them scoreless for one more inning? These below average Twins hitters have been feasting on Tiger pitching.

He’s hardly played this year.

Injured shoulder in April,still lingering. As you pointed out,had two good saves today.

A´s had 4 catchers( counting Donalson) and added two more today. The new market inefficiency is catchers that can play another position?

Still ,Victor will say he has more power batting LH

Sheeeesh! AlAl. Can’t anybody pitch?

Holy Coke!

Great pitch there by Phil. The hardest pitch to hit, a letter high inside fastball!

Good job Phil Coke!

KC lost

I had to leave after Coke struck out Mauer. I come back and they have scored 6 more runs. Wowee!

Almost 4 1/2 hrs.

That was one crazy weekend of baseball. I think the only other time I saw it rain that hard while they kept playing was game four of the 1968 WS (fortunately for me, I attended game FIVE), and then on the final pitch today the sun came out.

I’m hoping that the Twins hitters will have regained consciousness before we see them again.

1. Donny can’t hit, but he can handle the one bag with the best of them.
2. VMart is like aging wine; gets better and better with the passing of time.
3. Every starter had at least one hit.
Kudos toRags, finally. Rookie 2 had a great plate day, and Tori continues to lead. Great time for Miggy to get a break. Kudos also to “Fizz Man” for one big out. Special kudos to the Rookie Lefty for having to pitch through a hurricane. That took guts. Good team win. We still need to win 3 more than the Royals.

how ya doin’, greg?

I missed the end of the game. Nice job by Cokie and I agree Greg, VMart just gets better and better. Dude is MVP to me this year as is Ricky.

Agree on both choices TG. Imagine where we’d be without those two guys’ consistent play. They quietly get the job done. Greg, nice job on the game summaries. Always enjoy reading your insightful commentary. As always, you are in my prayers.

Yeah Rich. Maybe they’ll be seeing a “little different” Tiger rotation next time around.
McClendon getting praise for his management of the Mariners’ pen

Thanks for your kind remarks Marty, and I appreciate and covet prayers always. Got out of the hospital Saturday, and working to get my legs back under me again. Thanks, Tiger Family, for your concerns and support. Beck’s Blog is indeed the leader in professional and courteous blogging.

This next week at home against an opponent who loves to beat us whenever they can and a team chasing for a wild card will perhaps determine who comes up for September and perhaps who gets released.
Moya is on the 40 man, I would bet he will be a no-brainer call-up.
I think they should call up either Travis or Machado, If it it was to be Machado then Romine would likely get his walking papers to make room.
Carerra had a chance and in limited opportunities failed to impress enough.
Kelly is deified in Detroit but other than showing continued respect for him (and he deserves it) he has not had an extra base hit in two months. 4 all year with 5 RBIs.
He is 36 years old next year.
There are some pitchers that take up too much room on that roster.
Ortega, Miller McCoy. May as well use one of them up for a position player like McCann.

well the offense seems to be getting back on track and we’re headed home….so hopefully the offense will continue to get back on track. The bullpen will at least get rested – and the starts are healing. If the defense get back to league average….hey we’ll be OK.
So hey lets win these home series and get back to having a good time playing some baseball.

Tigers at the top of the list of hard hitting teams
Mark Simon ‏@msimonespn 2h

New graph– Team batting average vs. hard-hit rate. It’s good to be in the upper-right Take a look.


Tigers with the first pitch:387/ 390 /.654/1.044. Seventh in MLB swinging at the first strike, second in overall average

Miguel Cabrera leading the run for the GG above his admired Pujols. Kinsler close second:
Mark Simon ‏@msimonespn 4h

RT @sabr: #SABR Defensive Index is used to help select #RawlingsGoldGlove Award winners. Updated rankings:

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