Saturday (Game 1) lineups: Tigers at Twins

Minnesota 011

Hours after throwing 27 pitches, Andrew Romine starts the day game of this doubleheader at shortstop. To say it is not the ideal scenario would be an understatement. But then, there’s pretty much nothing ideal about the Tigers situation today.

As it is, the Tigers will use their left-handed hitters in the day game against Twins starter Yohan Pino. He’s giving up a .290 average to lefties (compared to .261 to right-handed batters), but the OPS difference is negligible at 10 points.


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Ezequiel Carrera, CF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. J.D. Martinez, LF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Don Kelly, RF
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Andrew Romine, SS

P: Buck Farmer


  1. Danny Santana, CF
  2. Brian Dozier, 2B
  3. Joe Mauer, DH
  4. Kennys Vargas, 1B
  5. Chris Parmelee, RF
  6. Eduardo Nunez, 3B
  7. Eduardo Escobar, SS
  8. Eric Fryer, C
  9. Jordan Schafer, LF

P: Yohan Pino


Well, here’s hoping last night was a wake-up call for the Tigers.

Amen to that sentiment. I for one am sick and tired of all the negativity of the past week or so. With all odds against us today, It is time to dig deep and find some character fueled by a deep passion to get back on top of our division and to stay there with no looking back. Winning both of the games today and the game tomorrow will get us on that train in a big way. I’m choosing to believe and be excited today about how the Tigers are going to change this season around this weekend!!

Jason, What time do the Lions come on tonight? Just the thought that the Tigers might be 4 games back of KC after today is really disappointing. Any word from the front office that DD might be assigned to AA on a “rehab” assignment. Do you think he would clear waivers? What the heck is Ilitch doing or saying? Where is he, anyway?

Lions played last night.

Did they give up 20 Pts? Win?

I seriously dont think these callups have the ability to get me out. What this really shows you there is nothing in the farm system…..can anybody on this team freaking pitch?

What did they expect when you throw a pitcher from A ball into the mix ?? Sure did not think this would happen . Both Jim and Dan also sound fed up by the pitching . Next Saturday is another twin bill on the south side . If this keeps up it wont even matter by then .

Just goes to show you there isn’t much in the farm system. And that my friends is on the brain trust in the front office. I’m fed up…seriously fed up. And this pitcher we are facing aren’t any great shakes yet they are making him look like the next coming of Cy Young. Shame on all of them management, manager and the players themselves. This is unacceptable and if it doesn’t get turned around heads should roll.

Yes, and the first to go needs to be DUMBrowski. Then the scouting staff that signed off on the trade. Then the pitching management who didn’t have the guts to put Joba on Slim-Fast and get him a razor, and especially the guy who stood in the way of Nathan being sent to the minors to figure out what the heck happened to him since last season. He was lights out and impressive. This year, just another has-been pitcher collecting his last fat paycheck. Please tell me that the Tigers only signed him toa 1-yr. deal… I can’t even look at that stuff anymore.

Can you honestly say that it matters now? This one is over and they will be sucking KC BBQ smoke the rest of the way. But early golf times in October are usually pretty
nice. Should be a nice relaxed and restful winter for most of them

When was the last time the Lions gave up fewer points than the Tigers? Anyone?
Can this get any uglier? My goodness, Astro fans are enjoying their season more than Tiger fans…..Where is Ilitch? ….

Well I tried to bring some positive energy. At 7-1 after 2 innings I guess the truth is that I’m just an idiot for believing we could see some character emerge today to start turning this thing around.

Keep the positive energy going, the Tigers could have a monster inning and get back in this game. Anything can happen.

Let’s hope so…. couple of ugly monsters have jumped up and bitten them this past few weeks. When was the last time the Tigers had this many innings giving up 5 runs or more in such a short time?

It’s very difficult to be positive with the way this team is playing. Granted they have had to use two not-ready-for-big-time pitchers because of the postponed games and JV-AS injuries, but the defense has been sloppy, the offense is very inconsistent and the bullpen has been a disaster. Ausmus may not have the talent he needs to win certain games but he also has to be suspected of poor leadership. Key players just don’t seem to be “in the games” mentally. If this is 2008 all over again, then we should be glad it only happens every 6 years.

One run and three hits against a no-name pitcher with a 5.25 ERA is downright embarrassing.

Okay, there are some more runs. If only JD had done something with the bases loaded.

Never saw the logic of calling up Farmer.Especially after his last outing with Toledo

Because they have nothing in the farm system apparently. That’s on management.

Lobstein is part of the system

Soria is eligible to be reactivated next Monday

Think Soria is looking forward to coming off? Wouldn’t surprise me if he has a setback sunday afternoon picking up some groceries …

what’s so frustrating is that if this game had been played as originally scheduled, we would have been playing this game when we were on fire.

instead, it’s a double whammy.
we’re playing instead during a cold streak … and… the double header will drain our resources (and maybe demotivate us) going into the regularly scheduled game. there’s just not enough time to recover. (and the other option for a rainout — losing a day off — is not good either.)

MLB’s scheduling has to improve so that all those spring rainouts don’t have such negative effects. i recall the team wasn’t too excited about all their idle time in the spring either.

A slew of MLB games had to be rescheduled because of snow/rain and cold weather . Most were the first 2 weeks of the season . Alot of the games were in the midwest . MLB’s plan was to have the teams from cold weather towns start the season in southern towns and play teams that had domed ball parks .
A wrench got thrown into it as a result there are make up games on the schedule .

I dont remember a reliever coming in to give an IBB

Ausmus isn’t that smart.
Mauser has 6 RBI over last two games that’s how many Miguel has this month…that’s one real big reason we are in the position we are in…hurt or not not living up to contract..,,he was hurt last year and still drove in runs. I just don’t buy it. Fed up with him and this underachieving overpaid so called team..

Usually, the pitcher going out does that. The run must go to the pitcher who forced the IBB

Nope. If runner was on base and replacement pitcher give IBB, the run is charged to the pitcher who put him on.

I know that. Usually, McCoy would be ordered to give the IBB not Lobstein

2 games in a row the “call up” Starter only lasts 1.1 innings and gives up a ton of runs! Its looking like Lobstein should have been the starter today, not Buck Farmer! Can we trade Robbie Ray, Ian Krol and a PTBN for Doug Fister???

80 pitches. Time for another reliever

I was expecting Lobstein when they called up Famer the first time

3 runs in 4.1.Better than the starter

5.2/3 3 runs Not bad

Will today’s performance by Lobstein qualify as a “:Quality Start” ?

Please Mr. DUMBrowski, do not call up any more of your talent at AA or High A. No one deserves to get their first start under these circumstances.

Unwatchable sad twist of fate to end the season. Only hope I guess JV sitting a start doesn’t get slammed as hard as our minor league stop-gaps have in the last 2 games

Thanks Dumbrowski for addressing the bullpen needs during the offseason! Any GM can spend the owner’s money, but you need to solidly evaluate talent and make the proper moves and not disrupt team chemistry to be successful.

While I think DD has to go, I can’t fault him for signing Nathan and Joba and keeping Coke. That should have been a nice upgrade. What is killing me is that they kept them in the rotation all season long… you think Nathan going to Toledo isn’t going to help him figure out what the hell he is doing? Don’t you think Joba would shape up if he spent a couple weeks at AA, or in the Florida State League? As for Coke, you always need lefties, but he could have used a couple weeks in AA, too. They bounce the young guys all over the country and let those clowns stay with the big club. Well, the Tigers aren’t going to see any of that WS money this year, so why not release those three and eat their salaries or give them away with the other team picking up their pay. Then bring up all of the young guys and see who has the stuff to pitch at this level. Might aw well get moving on 2015.

Suarez coming back to form with the bat,. Higher OBP than Castellanos for the month. 267 for the last 10.

We are still not hitting.

“Ausmus said it doesn’t really matter who issues an intentional walk, but he’d have McCoy and not Lobstein do it if he had a mulligan.” It does matter There is a reason why managers do that way.Individual numbers matter for the players and their contracts and for teams and their roster and playing time decisions.Fans can dismiss the former , teams not

Ordering Lobstein to give the IBB is punishing him for what McCoy was unable to do

“Brad Ausmus on Nick Castellanos getting thrown out at third: “He should have held up.” Only Davis and Kinsler have added by runnning,Tigers lead among teams with more outs on bases, PO and CS added. Second of LAA in Outs trying to reach an xtra base

Kinsler 4, Hunter 9, Cabrera DH, V. Martinez 3, J. Martinez 7, Castellanos 5, Holaday 2, Suarez 6, Davis 8. Verlander 1

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