Most runs allowed in two-game stretch, Tigers pitching

Friday night and Saturday afternoon didn’t put the Tigers in record territory, but it wasn’t far off.

The 32 runs allowed (20-6 Friday night, 12-4 Saturday afternoon) are the most off Tigers pitching in a two-game stretch since Sept. 7-9, 2004. That stretch is remembered more for the second game, when Jason Johnson and the Tigers suffered a 26-5 loss to the Royals in the first game of a doubleheader at Comerica Park. It’s the fourth-highest two-game total in franchise history.

Here’s the full list:

40 — June 17-18, 1953 at Red Sox (17-1 loss first game, 23-3 loss 2nd game)

35 — April 24-25, 1996 vs. Twins (24-11 loss first game, 11-1 loss 2nd game)

33 — Aug. 28, 1936 doubleheader at Yankees (14-5 loss Game 1, 19-4 loss Game 2)

32 — Aug. 4-5, 1929 at Senators (13-11 win first game, 21-5 loss 2nd game)

32 — Sept. 7-9, 2004 vs. Royals (6-2 loss first game, 26-5 loss 2nd game)

32 — Aug. 22-23, 2014 at Twins (20-6 loss first game, 12-4 loss 2nd game)


An historic season for sure. Good history , Sanchez and Scherzer, once in a century games and bad history,the team behind Price and the full team this two days ,

Dont expect much from the second, third and ninth spots tonight.
The offense was there 6 and 4 runs are the above average and the norm this days in MLB. The Tigers are 47-7 when they scored 5 or more

Definitely the wrong statement to make when you are trying to make the playoffs…and none of the previous efforts featured 3 Cy Youngs and 5 top starters.

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