McCoy, Lobstein up; Ray, Krol down

For the second (or third) time in as many weeks, the Tigers are having to make multiple call-ups to bring fresh relievers to their bullpen. This time, one is familiar, and one is new.

Lefty Patrick McCoy is familiar, having been recalled from Triple-A Toledo after being sent down a week and a half ago in the last round of mass bullpen moves. Fellow lefty Kyle Lobstein is new, having been in Tigers camp the last two Spring Trainings but never cracked the roster.

Lobstein, a starter at Triple-A Toledo, will pitch out of the bullpen in Detroit. If he makes an appearance, he’ll be the 28th different person to throw a pitch for the Tigers this season. He’d be the 10th Tigers pitcher to make his Major League debut this season.

To make room, starter Robbie Ray and fellow lefty Ian Krol were optioned to Triple-A Toledo after a pair of disastrous outings. The Tigers will need a fifth starter to replace Ray at some point next week.


Farmer was destroyed back in Toledo. Lobstein has been the logical option to start for a while

Jason already mentioned it but the same happened vs Boston last year. On the standings ,looks the same

Well I went to bed when it was a mere 10-5. WOW 20 runs. If you remember we had a major gut wrenching clunker like that in Boston last year.
One day get great pitching and can’t score a single run the next you get this crap. I’m just not seeing it guys, just don’t see it.

I shut it off after Jim Johnson. Seen enough.

Tigers 41-46 since May 18 with Jackson and Smyly most of thta time
KC 23.7 for last 30. That is unsustainable.they will regress

should perez come up now for suarez?
Hernan has major league experience and sometimes it seems as if some time in the minors can help the new&young guys refine their craft.
on the other hand, i really dunno if the team needs more upheaval.

i hope there’s a team shrink on the staff to keep these guys from throwing in the towel.

I’ll bet Ray and Krol are pretty happy to go back to Toledo and get away from this mess. Hey why doesn’t Dumbo trade Carrera, Suarez and Holoday to Tampa for a starter…think Smyly is available?

This team has lost its soul and its spirit. It is easy to be angry and direct it at players and management but (other than possibly Joe Nathan) it has to hurt them more than us.
It was a brilliant move on Ausmus’ part to not throw Nathan in that fiasco. Wouldn’t want to have “ruined his day”.

When your starter only gets four outs, it’s obvious you’ll be using a lot of relievers. If you do that, you’ll eventually find the one(s) who don’t have it that day. The alternative was to use fewer relievers for longer stretches, but the looming doubleheader precluded that.
It’s still only one loss.
If KC continues to win at this pace, it doesn’t matter what the Tigers do. They probably won’t, so it’s not over no matter how it “feels” at this time. Detroit needs to get their injured players back in there and keep scrapping.

Once again the ONLY true voice of reason to comment on this blog!

Let’s get Coke back as a starter…certainly can’t get any worse that it is now….
What is the pitching coach doing to help these young kids…that whole coaching staff is suspect, , and hotshot Dombrowski…I as a fan I really feel bad
watching the demoralization of a supposed quality team…can you imagine how bad this manager feels? Goddamn it get mad already….don’t pat a pitcher in the ass after he’s been shelled by the opposing team…these people are supposed to be pros…not babes. I hate to even look at the score now..

9-1…batters look bewildered, like they would rather be elsewhere….remember folks this is Minnesota, they’re 14.5 games out, what will the rest of the division do to us?.
I think I’ll go have a Coke…

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