Tigers reportedly lose out on bidding for Castillo

The waiting game for Rusney Castillo appears to be nearing an end. It does not appear to have a happy ending for Tigers fans, whose wait for a long-term solution in center field will apparently continue into the offseason.

Multiple reports, including MLB.com’s Jesse Sanchez, have Castillo set to sign with the Red Sox for six years (not including this season) and $72 million.

Crazy things happen; remember, the Tigers made a last-second push to sign Anibal Sanchez after he was set to agree to join the Cubs two years ago. The reports, however, make it sound increasingly close to done. Those financial terms would be the largest deal ever signed by an “amateur” player, from Cuba or any other country.

A six-year deal would take Castillo through his age-32 season, but it’s also the same number of years Jose Abreu signed for last fall, just before his 27th birthday. And while Dave Dombrowski has been extremely quiet on the team’s interest in Castillo over the past week or two, he acknowledged two weeks ago that the success of Abreu, Yasiel Puig and others in recent years have changed the market for Cuban players.

The Tigers were interested in Castillo even before trading Austin Jackson away, and they were very interested after that. Unless something crazy happens, Detroit is going to be in a bind in center. Derek Hill, their top pick in June’s draft, is at least a few years away, and he’s by far the best center-field prospect in the system. Rajai Davis is not a natural center fielder, nor are their options in the upper levels of the system. The free-agent market for center fielders this winter is weak, with Colby Rasmus the lone everyday player in a thin group.

Detroit might have to swing a trade to address the position for 2015. One team with outfield talent to spare, ironically, could be the Red Sox.

The Tigers also remain shut out on the Cuban market, despite recent forays to get involved. They did not get Jose Iglesias when he signed as a teenager five years ago, and their efforts to sign Yoenis Cespedes in 2012 stalled when Victor Martinez’s season-ending knee injury led them to make a run at Prince Fielder instead.


whelp that means the season is over. *packs up bags*

I was as interested as anyone re Castillo but in a “Win Now” scenario he probably is not going to successful enough, early on, to guide a team to the playoffs. The question is who are they going to go with out there. Davis isn’t dangerous enough to justify an everyday role in a position that requires steadiness.
As to next year, it looks like they will have to make a trade.
Fister throws for the Nats tonight. Robbie Ray goes for us. Robbie hasn’t lost any more games than Doug has this year.
How’s that for a positive spin?

hey they’re pretty much equal in that way – good point

wait why would we have to swing a deal for the CF position? Can’t we just play without one? I mean, DD went into the season without a bullpen…… jk jk jk

I was considering going to see Fister pitch tonight but we got rain right now. My attendance has a direct bearing on whether it rains tonight. I’ll stay home so they can get the game in. I know, very nice of me.

The Red Sox have the luxury of throwing Castillo in there. Here in the race, not so much.

the good news: we can’t score any less runs than we did on wednesday

errrrr i mean thursday.

It is about “cachet” .Yankees and Boston are well known outside the USA and that matters

Nava? Carp? Rios? A week with Durham?

Maybe Bradley. Maybe Betts. For next year, anyway. Not saying it’ll happen, just saying Sox have CF prospects that are now displaced.

I like the idea of the kid in the Dodger system.

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