Dombrowski on MLB Network Radio: Tigers were out on Castillo bidding Monday

We’re expecting to talk with Dave Dombrowski in person at Target Field later this afternoon about the Tigers’ involvement in the Rusney Castillo bidding. He talked a little earlier, though, with MLB Network Radio, where he told Jim Bowden and Casey Stern that they made a substantial offer, but were out of the bidding a few days ago.

“I don’t think we were ever really close,” Dombrowski said. “We were interested in him and we made we thought was a real solid offer, but we went where we thought we were prepared to go, which was somewhere in the rumored neighborhood of what was out there.”

That offer, Dombrowski said, was as far as they were willing to go. Whether they fell short in years or money isn’t clear, but his suggestion was that it didn’t get them to the final bidding the last couple days.

“We were basically told earlier in the week — I think first thing Monday — that we were no longer a participant,” Dombrowski continued. “We haven’t had any discussions the rest of the week.”

Though a lot of speculation had Castillo as a potential contributor for the Tigers down the stretch and into the playoffs, Dombrowski said that wasn’t their plan. Their interest in Castillo was almost exclusively for next season and beyond.

“Never was he in our plans, despite some rumors, in our plans for the 2014 season,” he said. “With the amount of time he had off, everything we were discussing was towards 2015.”

Dombrowski’s scouting report on Castillo: “We thought that he’d be a real good center field. He’s got above average speed. We thought he’d be an above-average basestealer at the big league level, and probably 15-type home run power. A real good all-around player is how we all looked at him.”


Any chance he will spend that “available” money on tested, legitimate closers? Wish he hadn’t been thinkng about 2015 when he messed up this year’s team and season. How much would it cost to buy him out and find someone who knows what they are doing? After 55 years of being a “dyed in the wool” and nothing but a Tiger fan, it isn’t much fun any more. Oh, I love the Tigers… but watching this mess is really disappointing.

Please send him to Seattle then. He’d be a huge improvement over Jack Zdurencik. Seriously though, one bad year and you want to get rid of him? (You are talking about DD, right? I’d you mean Joe Blow then yeah, get rid of him.)

I’m talking about DD. As a long-time west coaster transplanted to upstate NY, I agree with you about the M’s general mgr.. But they are in the hunt with young kids and a great over-all pitching staff. If the M’s pass Detroit for the playoffs, do you think you may reconsider your feelings about Jack Z? After all, he is doing his job with the payroll that they have stuck him with. The ownership group has always been penny pinching (big shock with the Cano contract!) but they now have what Detroit doesn’t have…. a very good centerfielder to go along with a very good 2nd-SS combo and a really good looking young catcher. And they have that lights-out bullpen and overall great pitching staff. Now, the Tigers have all of those big names and contracts, but they don’t have very good replacement parts. For me, Kinsler and Davis were great additions to go along with Miggy and V-Mart. Castellanos is a long-time keeper and Hunter brings something every night. Losing Iglesias in ST hurt them at the wrong time, but the guys there are doing an o.k. job…..And then you look at the bullpen. Their young guys look good for the future, but the veterans who were going to replace Valverde and Benoit have absolutely stunk up the town. Coke, Joba and Nathan have provided virtually nothing for what they are being paid. If you look at Nathan’s stats, how did he ever get 25 saves? If you look at what those 3 have given up when the games are on the line, wouldn’t it be possible that the Tigers could have at least 2 20-game winners? Verlander has his own problems, but haven’t they screwed up at least 3 wins for him this year? So, based on my daily review of the minuteia (?) of the Tiger box scores, I would have to say that Jack Z gets a B+ and Dumbo gets a C-, at best. Dumbo ruined this year’s team for no good reason….

Mlb channel. .talking about Fister how great he’s been and like us still dumbfounded how Dombrowski and how he could trade him for Ray and Krol. Us too MLB Channel

I agree… just another couple of twigs to throw on the fire as to why Dumbo has to go. I loved Fister, but understood that move as they needed some bullpen arms. They are serviceable, but his last trade was a complete thud! I hope someone in baseball media asks him some serious questions.. big deal getting Price. Just his ego. Well, now he has to sweat it out like the rest of us, hoping the starters go 9 innings every night.

Dennis, thanks for your response. For some reason it wouldn’t let me reply to your reply to me. I’m going by the long term for DD. This is not a great year, though I like the Price deal an think he is more valuable in the long run than AJ, who as Evan mentioned isn’t hitting very well in Seattle (though that may change and he’s certainly a defensive upgrade there.) As Evan also mentioned, DD has made some good trades. I also liked that they got rid of Prince when it wasn’t working out and got Kinsler out of the deal. I didn’t like the Fister deal, though who knows how Ray might turn out if he could be left in the minors.

Also it wasn’t DD’s fault Sanchez got hurt and we’re having to put up with Ray. It also isn’t his fault Miggy hasn’t been doing well recently, or that everyone seems to be in a funk.

I agree about the bullpen failure, but who knew Nathan would suck as bad as he has? And even Joba was doing OK until recently. I agree about Coke though, and wonder why he’s still around.

As far as Jack Z, I don’t know how I’ll feel if they get in the playoffs–I do think a little more of him this year than I did in the past, but it’s his sixth year. I don’t like some of the things that have happened here–of course you’re right about the ownership not wanting to spend much money, and he also inherited a mess from his predecessor, but until this year things looked pretty hopeless. Yes the bullpen and starting pitchers are good, but there are some guys playing who shouldn’t be, and their wonderful catcher can’t hit (he was probably rushed to the majors too quickly). And guys were kept too long that should have been let go, seemingly because Jack or maybe ownership didn’t want to give up on a trade gone bad (Justin Smoak especially).

I don’t know if all this is on Jack Z, or what DD would have done had he been brought into the same situation, but it seemed like until this year DD has made more good moves than bad, and also is quick to correct bad ones (except for Phil Coke and possibly Avila, though he may have no control over that. )

I probably shouldn’t even be bringing up the M’s in here, but since I follow both teams and the Tigers have had so much success in the last several years (and still may pull ahead this year–I haven’t given up on them yet and I still think they will win the Central.) I don’t think Dombrowski is a Dumbo, though that’s your prerogative to call him whatever you want!

I know and understand that being a GM is a very demanding job and sometimes things go terribly wrong. DD did a great job putting the team together..and should have run away with the Central. Losing Iglesias early was not his fault and Nathan and Joba have to be a surprise….but the trade for Price was at the wrong time and didn’t help them for this season- it hurt them. They don’t have that aura anymore, their weaknesses are exposed and they don’t have anyone who can step in. So when the starters do their job, everything depends on flops, failures and rookies who can’t hold a 1-run lead. The trade this year was just plain dumb. Saw lots of M’s games over the last 25 yrs and glad to see that they are showing some success. And yes, their past is checkered with some terrible trades…remember Kevin Mitchell?

i’ll let you in on a little secret about being a GM/President: there is a bit of gambling involved, only hedged by your scouting.
Bets DD won that I can remember (since I started watching the Tigers closely)
Ramon for Carlos
Ugeth for Placio
Miller, Maybin for Cabby
Curtis and Edwin for Max, Phil and Austin
Giovanni + $ for Jhonny
Lester and Cole for Young
Furbush and Ruffin for Fister
Jacob for Anibal and Omar
Prince + $ for Ian
Bets DD lost that I can remember
Lombardozzi for Gonzolez
Fister for Ray and Krol
Grilli for Zach Simons (well maybe he had to make this trade because of the fans)
Sizemore for Purcey
I think it’s pretty short-sighted to say the Price/AJ deal is a bad one.
Anyway I think it’s fairly clear that DD has won more bets than lost.

But he lost his last bet… big time. You build a team up the middle and then you add to it. Yes, I agree, he had built a good team, and they should have been running away with the Central. After all, isn’t that why Oakland did what they did? To beat the Tigers in the playoffs! A week before the trade, one commentator was talking about the Tigers and their chances for the playoffs… and it centered around the fact that even though SS was an “issue”, the rest of that part of the team was way above average. Avila’s only problem is hitting for average, but he has some “pop” and can catch. But A-Jax was the key that held it all together. Now he’s gone and the replacments are so-so or out of position. JD Martinez has to be the steal of the year for any team. Hunter still has it, Nick is a keeper, Miggy is Miggy even when he is less than 100%. You can’t say enough about V-Mart. But then you throw in the bullpen (it is a disaster) with Joba (please lose 30 lbs and that stupid beard) Nathan who should have been sent to Toledo for a couple of weeks to get straightened out, and Coke, and you have the worst bullpen in the league. I think I heard that the Tiger bullpen is 12th in the AL. So, yes, as a long-time Tiger bleeder, I think Dumbo has ruined the season for 2014. Big deal going after Castillo for a ton of money… he wasn’t gonna be a part of the picture until 2015. So, all of that said, I think he let his ego get in the mix and in the way…. and that, my friend, is why this last trade wipes out all of the other good ones. Dennis.

1) Austin Jackson who is hitting .227/.275/.267 with seattle? heh – no thanks.
2) DD ruined the season by not filling his bullpen this offseason – nobody complained about this harder than I did. Injuries didn’t help – nor did that lady who accused Evan of pooping on her. But don’t get it twisted: that wasn’t a trade.

I know for one, I am really wishing we could go back to the Randy Smith era. Where exceptions were always met.

“Exceptions”, or “Expectations” ? If exceptions, that is a really funny one!

I’ll take David Price all day, every day.

Same here, he will replace Scherzer and is a less riskier bet

With no bullpen he won’t win 20 in Detroit..unless he is Koufax reincarnated. No one else will either.

He’s not the issue… Great pick up. Wrong time is my complaint and it has exposed all this team’s shortcomings.

Dammit Kinsler credit for homer but that’s a bad mistake. ..catch the ball

Good job Kinsler…cost a run!

Guess Ray is going to suck tonight..KC beating on Texas ,,,

With the current state of the Tigers there are now at least 6 teams who have a shot at the last wild card spot. Dumbo has given a bunch of teams reason for hope now. Tigers won’t catch KC now that they figured it out.

The bullpen is rested but neeeded for tomorrow

Looks like tonight’s start messed that up.

So sick of this.. Not watching this crap….losers!

Like watching a train wreck..painful, isn’t it. As I said earlier this week…the Central teams are going to be waiting for this crippled Tiger team and going to get payback. We can thank Dumbo for this mess.

He’s through. Get him out of there, Probably too late. Not sure if Tigers hitters can make this up.

I feel your pain…..but we have Price. All day- every day. This fiasco hurts more than 2003..

time to pull ray. seems like the defense hung him out to dry. good job you bums

On one singular play otherwise he hung cookies right down the middle of the strike zone.

Can you imagine another 6 was of this? A-Jax going to playoffs.

Castellanos with the tying run

Dombrowski did the right thing in the off season by getting a proven closer. There was no way in hell that anyone would figure Nathan to lose it (and make no mistake, he has). I was far more interested in KRod because of his age but Nathan was considered the top prize.
DD also went after Soria, which was another good move.
The mistakes were Rondon, Coke, Reed and Putkonen. Coke has been well documented, Rondon should not have been annointed the setup man (a step down from untested closer in 2013) and the two righties are hangers on at best.
DD made further mistakes when he allowed good LHP for the pen slip away.
The pen has been his, and our, undoing.
Our hitting has complicated matters even further. Clutch hitting has disappeared. Base running has plodded along. Defense has been contagiously bad at times.
Is DD culpable? You bet, good trades aside he made a huge mistake in the Fister transaction.
It;s nice having David Price but this team is weak up the middle and there is little chance of overcoming that problem this year.

Absolutely poetic…well said. I agree with you completely.

Wow- Holaday just about changed the game.

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Jackson 2 RBI with 2 outs in the 9th

Uehara blew the save

Smyly with his usual dominance of the East

Still the best hitter this month

A Victor DP with the tieing run at 3rd.

Yikes, there’s that clutch hitting I was talking about. (VMart DP)

Another misplay

Rajai is no solution in CF. He is no solution in LF either.
Suarez loses focus again! The guy does not catch thrown balls very well. Doc had him.
We’re playing bad baseball, pure and simple

Delusion and denial. BB knew was he was doing

Who is BB? in your post?

Billy Beane who released Johnson

Thanks. It came to me about 10 mins after I asked. This is pathetic.

Great Krol in and another nail in the Fister trade coffin is about to be exposed

Right on cue.
Oh my, this is dreadful/

Argh…..I turned it back on and immediately Cictor grounded into his millionth double play. Excellent not to be outdone by a lead off triple and a few walks and a seeing eye single. There is a reason Johnson was let go. There are many reasons this team for a lack of a better term won’t be playing in October…heck someone might say they aren’t playing baseball here in August.

Maybe we can get Lombardozzi back!

OMG even good plays become bad. Good luck to all die-hard Tiger fans. 2013 is a season to forget and Brad Ausmus and staff are in danger of losing their jobs. DD already in throwing others under the bus mode and it won’t stop here

It is so nice to see that someone feels like I do. DD needs to go – NOW!! Three weeks ago they had a 5 game lead and an air of veteran strength – an aura of being in control. That is gone and they will be fortunate to even get into the playoffs. Looks like Tigers – Oakland battle is gone. Anyone for Angels vs Orioles?

I am going to bed cant watch this anymore . At the end of the season someone will have to pay for this mess. Just 2 weeks ago they were bragging about the 3 Cy Young pitchers on staff . What went wrong ??

This is by far the worst bullpen I’ve ever seen on any team anywhere. Terrible pitching infects hitting and blammo a one run game turns into a 9 run game in less than an inning. The bullpen coach and Jeff jones need to get canned now! Better with no one than the messes we have now. Sad beyond words.

Krol only allowed one earned run. Kinsler and Castellanos are to blame for the other 4

Regarding our bullpen, I’ve seen better pitching this week in the Little League WS.

Is this the trap in Minny that Rich was referring to last week?

Yes.. And wait until they go to Cle. Chi and KC… This has just started and it will be ugly.

whelp just dropped my friend off who is a twins fan. I told him this is what DD built for us this winter. what a pen? holy cow. At least the bats aren’t cold. Hey I heard drew pitched a 2 hit shut out complete game. tee hee.

He has pretty good career numbers vs the East

GIDP: Miguel 11th Victor 15th in the AL

4th and 9th in RBI

They deserve to be in last place…..Lamont was just seen smiling in the dugout…
things can’t be all that bad….sad thing is I’m paying to see this fiasco…..the roof fell in when they took out Coke….what the hell …wait, we we have another rally going we’re only 11 runs down. We just scored a run 17-6 Its been a long night….
double header tomorrow…..Good night Mrs. Callabash, where ever you are.

What does Lamont have to smile about ?? His position might not be as seure as he thinks. It would not bother me a bit if he is gone next year off to retirement .

well this season is either over or this team starts playing extremely well. i’d bet the former, hope the latter. hope you are well, greg.

Think Scherzer will even think about resigning? Has any team ever gone from almost a lock for the playoffs to rebuilding mode in the same season? This is a disaster.

I’m back…Romine pitching….3 more runs 20-6 last inning remember folks
be sure to watch tomorrows doubleheader….Escabar made 3 errors, also had 5 hits
what does that tell you?

First player to have higher batting average than fielding percentage?
They are the highlight of sports center tonight

Well it’s good to hear Rod and Mario mumble about how badly the tigers have played this game. They need to get annoyed…… the rest of us saps. Here’s my prediction. Joba shaves and loses 30 lbs., Tigers are in the playoffs. Or maybe he joins the lumberjack circuit. Yikes, I thought maybe Romine would be the answer here. Apparently my Pollyannaish optimism is just thinly veiled ignorance.

After watching Nathan, Joba and Coke get those fat contracts and pitch like they have, maybe Romine thinks that’s how you have to pitch to get one, too!

Actually Dennis, I was sort of thinking the same thing. Scherzer turns down a deal, but, at the beginning of the year, he’s thinking, “I’ll win a WS with this team and then move on to “greener” pastures. Doesn’t look like he’ll be getting his wish if this crap continues. Coke was the only pitcher for the Tigers who was up to the task tonight. The rest were pathetic. At least Romine threw strikes.

This has been a sad season..WS expectations and now just hoping they can finish over.500. When The Trade was made it was noted that teams can give up some offense to get pitching. It exploded in Dumbo’s face. A winning team has a lot of parts and you need stability. Now they are relying on Davis almost full time, a rookie (.188) in center, a rookie at SS in an average platoon situation that they can’t “hide”, a so-so catcher situation. Now they have all those big name and high paid starters but nothing to close out games. They got to the top of the pile as a team that looked cohesive but now they are coming apart. It feels like the reverse situation of 2003. Instead of good guys coming here how many want to now leave. DD has done a good job overall since he took the GM spot….they have been successful and the last 6 years have been great for us Tiger fans. But his ego got the better of him this time and their WS window is now shut. I watched almost 110 games of that season and I loved every game even though they lost 119. Now it is painful just to check out the score.

1. Coke was the only real thing for our guys tonight.
2. Badness really shows up at the most interesting times.
3. This team looked worse than a pig headed to slaughter on a cold November Saturday.
I guess I already said that in number two. Sounded apropos.
Jim Leland might have been a lot smarter than we gave him credit. Back to the pigs. The old Valleydale Sausage commercial had a band of Merry making pigs dancing and playing in a marching band. The only trouble was that they were marching toward the sausage maker, without a care in the world. That is how I see the 2014 Detroit Tigers- marching toward elimination without a care in the world. Rags needs to pinch hit an run. Victor should be allowed a courtesy runner. And the Bull Pen should be given a free strike to face each new batter. This rant, my friends, is what hospital food does to the human psyche. I love my team, but they are one group of rudderless souls! All we have to do is win 3 more than KC.

Man, Do I agree with you! It is shocking to see how quickly this team’s weaknesses have now been exposed. This season is over and 2015 doesn’t look much better…nothing in the tank and nothing to build on…Dumbo has to go.

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