Sunday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Mariners

Miguel Cabrera is OK after being hit near his elbow by a pitch Saturday night, but he’s getting a day at DH to at least ease some of the workload. Andrew Romine starts at short, with Eugenio Suarez getting a day off. Torii Hunter is also off as J.D. Martinez shifts over to right field, with Ezequiel Carrera and Rajai Davis in center and left for the first time since their mixup in Pittsburgh.

TIGERS (career numbers off Chris Young)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (0-for-5, K)
  2. Ezequiel Carrera, CF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, DH (2-for-12, HR, 4 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, 1B (0-for-6, 2 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Alex Avila, C (0-for-2, K)
  8. Andrew Romine, SS (1-for-2, double)
  9. Rajai Davis, LF (0-for-0, 3 walks)

P: Robbie Ray


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Dustin Ackley, LF
  3. Robinson Cano, 2B
  4. Kendrys Morales, DH
  5. Kyle Seager, 3B
  6. Chris Denorfia, RF
  7. Logan Morrison, 1B
  8. Chris Taylor, SS
  9. Jesus Sucre, C

P: Chris Young


Why can’t they stick with just one line-up

sunday lineups are always funky. gotta keep the regulars as fresh as a daisy down the stretch.

Torii hits better when he gets a couple of days off a week.
I have no problem with lineup changes. I was thinking Torii and JD should flip spots again.

interested in seeing how Ausmus manages Johnson. will he give him a few days to re-acclimate to MLB or just get him some game action right away? this seems like a fragile situation to me, despite Johnson’s previous seasons of success.

In the other tread Beck answered that:”6th and 7th inning to start out, according to Ausmus”

need to put the guy in the absolute best possible situation for success. rebuild his confidence and psyche. in his last game with A’s, entered with a 7 run lead, gave up 4 hits to 4 batters, all of whom scored.

And Suarez needs a break too , he has to clear his mind. Last night he was not aware that Kendrick was the runner and tried to throw before having the ball and lost the sight of the ball. Even if he was better with bat, RBI beating the throw and “infield hit”

i think ausmus has done his best work in regards to lineups. i like ’em better than jimmy’s even!

I wouldn’t have a problem with Romine getting more starts at short. Still a lot of rookies on the left side. Neither he or Suarez hits much.
‘There was never any question of his effort level, nor Johnson’s professionalism. He always heaped blame on himself after bad outings, and the only time the fans’ booing got to him, understandably, was when his wife was heckled at a charity event. “I’d boo me, too,” he said on several occasions.’

how does anyone justify harassing a player’s wife because of his performance? that’s just wacko.

It doesn’t its Oakland

Pitching coach or Avila might want to get off their butts and go talk to Robbie before it’s too late.

buckle up fellas throw a few beers in the cooler – it’s gunna be a long day. c’mon robbie ray!

Lets hope the strike zone is just as tight for Young.

Guess not

Nope apparently not….

Nope apparently not….what a bunch of pitiful at bats against young.

Maybe, just maybe Ray is settling down a bit. Only 1 hit on 11 pitches compared to 3 hits on 28 pitches in the first inning. The 3rd inning will be a bigger test with Cano, Morales and Seager due up.

I don’t think CY has thrown a fastball 90 or above yet. Did I miss one?

The younger Jamie Moyer

The Battery is Jesus Chris?

Argh. ……

Ump suck. …..shoulda been struck out on previous pitch but instead a run on a wild pitch and let’s not forget the error.

Was that VMart error a possible 3rd out? Not only can’t they hit to support RR but now poor D also.

second worst in MLB

If they win today they may catch Yankees in a slump and get some momentum into Sept. if they continue playing .500 and relying on Nathan and Joba in close games it’ll be golf in Oct.

Why would you hit Davis 9th and Carrera 2nd? One is a catalyst and the other a AAAA player.

Cause Aumus isn’t very good at his job yet?

Davis has not hit RH well along his career, the other is LH

So what!

That the reason behind his lineup. I did not write it

the guy doesn’t hit RH well and hasn’t hit well the past week or two. He’s got speed he can use in the 9 spot – because we’ve already discussed how it’s worthless to run infront of miggy and victor.

Way to go “POPup Kinsler”. Seriously does that a lot. What a waste. Whatever fortitude or gumption they showed last night has seemingly disappeared? I just don’t understand this bunch. It’s always one step forward and two steps back. Way to inconsistent to be contenders.

would you rather have prince, miggy and a AAAA 2nd basemen or casty, miggy and kinsler?

And this umpire is single-A quality.

2 hits and a walk through 4….amazing work boys.

Kinlser has been better lately, up from July

lately, the month. last 7: 194. Davis 192. Carrera 133

RR can’t get Babe Denorfia out at all.

Okay, 2 on and no out. Why do I sit here wondering who is going to kill this rally?

Kinsler again up in an important situation and fails yet again

1 pitch in – and it gets smoked. welcome to detroit, jim johnson.

and he struck the next guy out. well i hope it works out – honestly, if he can pitch he can get lots of innings …. at least until soria comes back.

Victor is looking ugly at 1st today!

THATS why ppl are sometimes short with RAJAI. Too many mental errors – pfft!

This is what I mean Rich.

Rod trying to put some blame on Romine for not getting far enough out of the way when it was his call all the way and then Rajai calls for it at the last second. This kind of play will not win the division. And it is happening almost routinely lately. Little League stuff.

I’m going paddling on a lake. Maybe clear my head.

Victor has 6 errors this year and for a guy who doesn’t play in the field much…that’s a ton. Meanwhile KC up 6-1 already. Sorry but screw it. Chris young ain’t all that. Probably still too busy patting themselves on the back for beating King Felix and didn’t give a crap about today. If I’ve said it once this year I’ve said it a thousand times this year….overpaid underachieving bums.

I got it , I got it, Davis…wow, is this the Major Leagues? very sad.
back to the drawing boards….one step forward, two steps back…what a terrible
year this has been. What is amazing is we’re still in this thing…can you imagine
if the Tigers were playing well…I wonder if they(players) talk to each other…what a
revolting development!
Over and out

Can’t call this lack of hitting “slumps’ any more. It is a consistent season-long pattern.

If it weren’t so late in the season….I’d say let’s start with a new Manager, and coaching staff….they have done nothing to improve this team…players have gotten worse,Hitting and pitching is terrible…and Dombrowsi, has made it even worse…even with the acquisition of Price…

Apologies for the comment Rich. Should have said, This is what I mean about Rajai. All you said in his defense was that he is giving us what was expected of him. I like the guy. He’s contributed. His effort is great. Just mental lapses that kill. But still no bats today. That and the lack of defense is the story. Seems to be a repeating story.

I’m convinced, given Miguel and Victor in the lineup, that we can’t utilize the SB in front of them anyway. Just need good base running. Teams that have it maximize scoring opportunities. We’re better at it than last year but still not good enough.

Davis, day to day

Dombrowski said: “We’ve actually struggled on how to get him up to the big-league club at times because we’ve kept saying, ‘This guy can help us up here right now — he’s hitting over .300, he’s a base-stealer, he’s a very good defensive outfielder, he’s a left-handed hitter” That why he is playing

Hope and dream, delusion and denial

My point: Good bullpens have reasonably well defined roles. The Tigers’ bullpen is in turmoil.

What is Blaine Hardy’s role in the Detroit bullpen? He warmed up last night in 8th with game on line, did not pitch, now enters down 6-0.

The bullpenn has been a mess then the offense does not show up . Defense problems and fans asking alot of questions. Gotta kick it into high gear boys .

If the Tigers come back and win the Central after this past 2 weeks this will go down as one of their greatest comebacks ever. Every team has timesd when the wheels come off but this Tiger team is on the brink of being a disaster. Rookies in key positions and situations and a bullpen that features veterans who aren’t worth their pay, can’t hold or protect leads and no help in the pipeline means that they are now on the verge of being swept out of playoff contention. This is the most disappointing season for me, a life-long Tiger fan. Dumbrowski’s ego ruined this team when he should have been looking for bullpen help..not another multi-million dollar starter. What a fiasco!

wait didn’t we go 3-2 on the homestand against 2 good teams? the season is not over yet.

you know fellas, to DD’s credit – I think you need to set aside years to develop players at the MLB level now and again. The phrase “Win Now” is my least favorite since fans have been using it for over 4 years in a row now. Win Now is OK once in a while for a year or two…..but more than that a) you club generally underachieves, b) is devoid of young good MLB players under contract for cheap and c) your fanbase gets entitled.
This year we’ve developed some key pieces: Casty, Martinez. Gotten some help from people really just wanted MLB experience: Suarez, Carrera, Krol, Hardy, Miller, Smith, and Romine.
Honestly, if Nathan had panned out and Cabby+JV were healthy …. this year would have been a huge success.

DD however is not “blameless” by any means, for example:

lombo: .288 /.297 /.329
romine: .214 /.263 /.275

and i’ve shown the stats for Rodney vs Nathan in another post

Can’t win if you don’t score runs.

This team starts and ends on above average starting pitching. We haven’t gotten it from a former Cy Young winner, last year’s ERA champ, and inconsistencies from the Lefty who is no more. That leaves Scherzer and Rick for the whole year plus the addition of Price. Add to this deficit an absolute disaster of a pen, and then the disappearance of a consistent offense, and you have what we have. I love Kinsler, more on defense than the O; he has been a flop as a leader and a one or two in the lineup. Joyner needs to jack him up the next time he swings straight up with a runner on third with less than two outs. Miggy has not been right from Day 1 by our standards; pretty scary to see his subpar numbers, eh? Davis is electric when he gets on base, but he is determined to swing at everything thrown at him. He should have had 20 more walks. IMO, too much “I”, which is not a part of team. Tori is as streaky as a dirty window glass. You just don’t know what you have. There are flashes of greatness from Rookie 1, but again give me consistent right now. Julio goes on 25 game cycles; hit .380, then hit .083, then back to .380. No consistency.
Victor, our most consistent hitter, has joined the ranks of YoYo Mai. Avila is consistent, 2 strikeouts a game; count on it. Suarez gets a pass; he, like Rookie 1, shows a flash here and there. Give me .250 all the time. So what is consistet about our tigers this year? Guaranteed fielding blunders, rally killing outs, blown saves, and mental letdowns. Yet with 6 weeks to go, we’re one down in the lost column. To end this rant, I have a simple solution. The rest of the way, win two more games than KC.

The Tiger lineup doesn’t scare anyone anymore….all our timely hitters are gone along the wayside…Infante, name a few…..those two alone helped the Tigers win last
year. Now Infante is doing a great job for KC .
RDavis is overplaying his position…why doesn’t the manager talk to him or damit scream at him that there are other players out there….how many games has
he screwed up lately…it’s not only him, they play like a bunch of ham and eggr’s.
Does the team have meetings to discus these issues?…
Carrera looked like a good hitter when he came up, but since Joyner got a hold of him…he’s gotten worse…he was hitting line drives, he’s hitting lolly pop flys to the outfield…is Joyner the reason why the Tigers are hitting like they are?
Let’s see who else can we blame? There’s enough to go round.
Where are all those gappers we use to see at these games?
They’re almost extinct anymore…or its’ usually the other team thats hitting them.
Until next time…

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