Traffic/parking note for tonight’s Tigers game

Between a sellout crowd at Comerica Park for tonight’s game, a huge crowd across the street at Ford Field for tonight’s One Direction concert, and the road closures on Woodward, expect traffic chaos downtown tonight — and that doesn’t include Woodward Dream Cruise traffic if you’re in the northern suburbs.

The Comerica Park operations people sent out an advisory via their twitter account today. The Olympia-owned parking lots and garages on the east side of Woodward are being reserved for people going to the Tigers game. To get in, you’ll need either a parking pass or proof of your ticket to the game. On the west side of Woodward, the lots and garages are open to everybody on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are plenty of other parking lots available downtown, but keep in mind that the Grand Circus stop on the People Mover is closed for renovation. That makes Broadway the closest stop to the ballpark.

The most basic advice is to give yourself as much time as possible, and bring your patience. Also, have your maps app handy on your phone. Depending on how many streets are closed, it might come in handy.


Tigers PR
Outfielder Andy Dirks is scheduled to begin an injury rehab assignment with Triple A Toledo tonight

“Ex-Tiger Avisail Garcia was expected to miss rest of the season after undergoing shoulder surgery. He was just activated from the DL today” Schmehl twitted

Lineup: Kinsler 2b, Carrera cf, Cabrera 1b, VMart dh, Hunter rf, JD Martinez lf, Castellanos 3b, Avila c, Suarez ss. Price 1

* googles “one direction” * pauses * raises left eyebrow *

Now you’re going to tell me you’ve never heard of One Direction? How old are you again? 🙂

Only reason I recognized them was because they were in the Pepsi commercials with Drew Brees.

They are so “big” that my daughter´s classmates have reservations for the concerts in Atlanta or Texas since January.

i’m 30 years young, but i haven’t listened to the radio (or “music” on television” since 2002.

Thank you
Blog fantastic

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