Nathan apologizes for gesture

Joe Nathan tried to joke that he didn’t use Head and Shoulders in his beard last night, but it didn’t go over well. Then he got into his apology for the chin flick after his final out.

“I think both sides were frustrated,” he said. “I was frustrated. Fans obviously were frustrated. I think for myself, I apologize for that. I have two kids and I need to be a better example for them thinking how they’re still young enough that they won’t know about this. I do know, and I do need to be better for that. I know both sides are frustrated, but the thing is, we’re on the same page. The fans want to win, want us to win. We obviously want to win. I do apologize for that, but again, we’re on the same page here. We’re trying to accomplish the same thing. Unfortunately, this incident happened.

“Listen, there’s no hard feelings. There’s no frustration towards them. I know when they’re behind this team 100 percent and they want us to get to the same place. They want us to get to the postseason. I know they want us to go out there and be perfect every time. I wish it was that easy, too, but this game isn’t easy sometimes. You’re going to go out and have struggles. The thing is, I don’t feel like I have been struggling lately. I think it’s gone pretty well. Sometimes when you walk a guy and frustration comes out on their end, trust me, I’m just as frustrated. I’m not out there trying to walk guys or trying to do this. I’m trying to win games, period. I don’t care how it gets done. We’re on the same page. I think it’s just one of those things right now where I think fans just have a short leash on how they want me to go out and pitch. I think they have a perception of how it should go, and if it doesn’t go exactly that way they get frustrated. Understandable. Like I said, we both want to win. We both want to get to the same goal, the World Series. That’s what we’re trying to do here. I do understand their frustrations and I apologize for my actions.”

Asked about expectations and struggling to meet them, Nathan said, “I think just expectations, expectations of our team, what you guys have put on us for expectations. I think that all goes hand-in-hand on what the fans expect from this ballclub, and because of that, there will be an expectation to go out and be as good as we can be. Unfortunately, this happened. Both sides frustrated, but I do apologize for my actions. I want to put it behind us as quick as I can and move on to what’s important, and that’s winning games.”

Asked about the fairness of expectations: “Are they unfair? No. We know what we expect. We expect that from us as well. We know we have talent in here, and we go through stretches where we aren’t playing the way we’d like to, and I think this coincided with how we’ve been playing the last few weeks too. Like I said, I’m going to be better for my kids. I’m going to be a better example for them. This is something that’s never happened to me. I feel bad for that and want to be a better person for that and a better leader for my kids and someone they can look up to, so I apologize to them as well.”

The frustrations, he said, got the better of him.

“I know I’m better than that,” he said. “I know I’m better than that as a person.”


Nice first inning for Max

He, and Joba, still need to spend time in Toledo….. With a 4 run lead in the last two innings He and Joba put 3 guys on base last night. Two dingers, and it is a 9-8 loss.
Tigers need to do something else….. but M’s gonna get the last wild card anyway.

Joba needing time in Toledo? Seems a bit much for someone who has been mainly solid for us

there’s now a head and shoulders ad on the right side of my screen. Thanks Nathan and Beck. (just kiddin)

Nice apology. I don’t believe, like some are reporting, that Tiger fans will boo him for the rest of the season. Fans came to know Joe Nathan as lights out closer, one of the best in MLB. He’s struggled this year and we lost games. I don’t know if Joe will ever regain that lights-out production ever again, but I sure do hope so. We expected the consistency of the Joe Nathan we have watched and dreaded facing for many years.
Hoping he can regain that winning consistency as a Detroit Tiger.

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it’s very simple: if he struggles the next time he goes out – he’s going to get boo’d pretty hard. if he doesn’t – then he doesn’t get boo’d.

Remember in school when you had to write on a topic that could have been covered in a paragraph but the teacher wanted a 500 word report? What did you do? Well you just repeated yourself several times, used a lot of rambling sentences and, voila, a 500 word report on why flipping 40.000 people off was a bad idea. Hey, I don’t doubt there was an apology or two hidden in there somewhere.

Please don’t laugh at this…remember The Movie “Guys and Dolls”….Frank Sinatra
played the part of “Nathan Detroit”….We could play that song “Nathan Detroit” every time he comes in to pitch….that would show him there’s no hard feelings and we’re all
pulling for him….that would all also get the fans going as well…I can hear it now!!! .

Referring to Joe Nathan of course….

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