Farmer swapped for Mercedes

Give this to the Tigers: Of all the names that have come and gone through Detroit in recent years, especially this season, this might have made for the best headline.

After Buck Farmer’s spot start was finished, he was sent back to the minor leagues. However, instead of a return to Double-A Erie, he gets his fourth different level in the Tigers organization this year. He’ll join Triple-A Toledo Thursday.

The move makes room for the Tigers to bring their bullpen back to full strength. The much-speculated move that was Jim Johnson, who delivered two perfect innings earlier in the evening for Toledo, would be on his way to Detroit. However, Johnson told John Wagner of the Toledo Blade that he could use at least one more outing with the Mud Hens to work on some things.

So instead, the Tigers called up Melvin Mercedes, the large right-hander who began the season as the Mud Hens closer but now serves in middle relief. By all appearances, the 23-year-old sinkerballer is getting his first shot at the big leagues to provide a fresh arm.

Mercedes owns an 0-2 record and a 4.33 ERA, allowing 55 hits over 52 innings, includes six home runs. While his 12 walks mark a low rate, his 27 strikeouts comprise one of the lowest rates of his pro career.

If Mercedes gets into a game, he’ll become the 26th different person to throw a pitch for the Tigers this season, their highest total since 2011. He’d be the ninth Tigers pitcher to make his Major League debut this season.


I thought Farmer fared pretty well tonight in his first taste of the big leagues. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him in a Tigers uniform. Mercedes will simply be interesting to watch. I wish him the best.

I’m confused I thought we had two starting pitchers unable to pitch, so who’s going to pitch in Verlanders spot?

No need for that until next week: Scherzer, Porcello, Price, Ray, day-off. The following Saturday they will need again two pitchers. One should be Verlander and Farmer called up as 26 th player ( thanks to JL who promoted the rule)

Back to the Joe Nathan gesture. I was at the game last night and he was getting booed. ( not by me in never boo my guys). But I gotta tell ya I’m not sure what he thinks is an acceptable amount of blown saves, and why he would expect anything less with his attitude about it and his performance. I mean I get it Joe your not going to be perfect, heck if you’d blown a 3 or 4 tigers fans would probably be a bit more forgiving. And I get it it’s a job for you and you are not going to have the same reaction and I don’t want you to kill yourself, but to show some sort of anger or emotion. But this I threw the ball well act when you continue to blow saves with your 5.11 era, we are just not that stupid. And I get it your 39 and you just don’t have it be a man and retire, cause as I look at it now your fleecing Mr. Illitch.

At least on TV was more noticeable the sarcastic cheering of the first strike. That should had hurt him more

I did not notice on tv last night, got home just in time for the 9th inning so missed most of the game but did hear some of it on tv. I don’t boo either – at least not players. However, these guys are “supposed” to have tougher skins and I can’t believe Joe has never been booed before? Maybe not. I would want to do the same thing, however I don’t get paid millions to do my job. I have never felt him to be a true Tiger and that just about seals the deal. My question though, if he flipped the crowd off would their be a punishment from MLB for that? It basically is the same gesture is it not? Nice to see Alex got that swing again – good for him and good for us to get that W, especially with KC winning.

just read Torii’s quote from an earlier post – that my friend is how you appease the fans a bit – Joe should learn a little bit of that

I did boo the umps last night though when what was obvious to everyone on the entire planet that Mercer was out at 3rd.

“I think this is a team that has the firepower to withstand a few injuries, especially with the acquisition of David (Price),” Verlander said. “We got a great ballclub. This is very similar to what happened earlier when everybody started panicking and then they stopped panicking.”

He likes the trade and has said it more than once.

My last mention to the gesture, it is an Italian gesture and it is obscene. It does not mean “I don t care” but ” go to..” I have Italian relatives and friends and have been in Italy time enough to know

Ya I alway thought it meant F_ _ _ you!

307 86 RBI. In Venezuela nobody gets how anyone could be criticizing Cabrera.,He leads the AL in RBI tied with Abreu above Trout and Ortiz.
He could have more RBI but as Martinez said:
“You can’t hit a three-run home run with nobody on.”
Miguel , Runners on Base: 272 (125-86-61),
Avg. Runners on Base: 298 (150-97-50)
113 PB leading off inning.
Last night, the commenter of the game was a former MLB pitcher and every time the numbers were showed he gasped in disbelief.
Still today again he is being called out by the press because he refused to answer a question from one journalist. They should ask Davis and Kinsler why are they failing to get on base or stealing bases with Miguel batting.
Or also why are they dropping flies . Suarez is a rookie who was supposed to play a full season in AAA. What is Kinsler excuse? He has not bee n really that good, too many mental mistakes.

He certianly has been productive at times, but my issue with him this year has been the whiffing at balls he never in a million years would of swung at before and I don’t know what injury except one to your eyes can explain that? But as far as him answering questions or not I guess I kinda feel like you if you accept (what I believe makes him one of the top 2 or 3 contracts in baseball,) you need to stand up and answer the tough questions. You want to be the man with your contract, be the man with the press. He can’t have it both ways. He hasn’t had an extra base hit all month, he’s hitting .267 with 5 rbi’s. He’s gotta do better, they are denying an injury so as much as I love him he’s gotta do more.

Take that back..1 homerun…so 1 extra base hit.

Lineup vs. PIT: Davis 8, Kinsler 4, Cabrera 3, V. Martinez DH, Hunter 9, J. Martinez 7, Castellanos 5,’Avila 2, Suarez 6. Scherzer starting

Tardy on the fastball has been mentioned over and over.

I’m not sure if I was at the game if I would have booed Nathan or not. But, I certainly would have been talking out loud just as I did sitting on my sofa watching him not able to throw strikes. I actually started praying because we’ve seen it too many times this year. Mr. Ilitch is Italian. Is Joe nuts?

Also, how refreshing to hear Johnson admit he’s not quite ready. He could have been sent up, but he felt he still had to work on some things. He admits he has to work on some things. How about that? Thank you, Mr. Johnson.

OK, I watched the clip of Joe using his glove to flip off the crowd. It’s not the coolest thing to do, but in the heat of the moment he must have felt like expressing himself like “there, I did it.” I can live with that. I don’t want Joe to fail.

That is refreshing. Fingers are crossed and hopefully he has better character than Nathan. I find Nathan almost detestable. He has no humility and no understanding of the fan base in Detroit. The reason he has not shown his true colours before is that generally, he has always pitched well. I can understand his frustration but he seems to be one of those types that has an excuse/denial defense system.
It might be very difficult for him to admit he has lost his stuff since at 39, we all know what that will mean.
The worst part of him is the “So What” attitude. He is not the ideal team player to be sure.

I must have missed something. Jim Johnson? The name sounds familiar. Can someone help me remember?

He pitched for the orioles for the last few years and was released from the A’s this year.

50 saves a year closer for the O´s.DFA by Oakland. His high walk rate made him beyond recovery according to Kapler. High GB rate that could ends his career in Detroit

Mercedes? Pure hope and dream with a hittable fastball.

Any word on Hanrahan?

Next year if at all.

Johnson is the guy who excelled at Baltimore for a couple of years.

DD could have done better, but he could have done worse also:

Rodney: 2.40FIP, 1.24WHIP
Nathan: 4.17FIP, 1.57WHIP
Wilson: 4.19FIP, 1.66WHIP
Perez: 5.57FIP, 1.45WHIP

Not to mention

S Choo .243/.343/.371
J Ellsbury .276/.344/.406 with 30 steals

344 and 34 OBP are not that bad even for leadoff hitters

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From the article:
‘Given his track record, Johnson’s ongoing struggles were mystifying. His sinker wasn’t in top form on occasion, but there’s thought he also ran into bad luck more often than not — and in front of a relentless home crowd that showered him with boos from his first day on.’
No matter, he wasn’t performing, and Melvin ran out of ways to use him. “It’s not like he wasn’t accountable, though,” Melvin said. “It’s not like he didn’t feel bad about it. I just couldn’t get him in a spot where he could get on a roll. I feel awful about it, too, because it’s my job to get him in a position to succeed. It just didn’t happen here. It’s not like the stuff was any different. He just had a tough time showing some consistency here.”

It’s a good thing Johnson won’t have to deal with a relentless home crowd that showers him with boos in Detroit.

the boo birds are an interesting species. they instinctively have a strong call and response, and a flocking tendency.

He was booed in Oakland

Johnson cleared waivers due to his high remaining salary for this season. The A’s are paying him that salary since he went unclaimed. He worked out for several teams and was free to choose best available offer.

Okay, now that our little chin-flick drama is over, can we get away from this reality show idiocy and just follow the race?
Nine consecutive years of having a contender and all anyone does is complain. I don’t get it.

Avila the catcher day game after a night game. Against a LH

Avila is 5 for 10 and has homered 2 games in a row. i suppose Ausmus sticking with the hot bat. i see your point though. Lirano tough lefty.

add Scherzer´s SO/W with Holaday : 6.08 With Avila,3.32

Gabe Kapler about Jim Johnson:
“Travel back to 1921. Johnson is one of only two men since then who can claim a walk percentage higher than 10.0% after three or more straight seasons of less than 6.3%, with at least 35 games of relief in each season. (The other? Bill Henry from 1963-1966)”
“In the case of Johnson, the numbers leave little room for doubt. Since Johnson’€™s new inability to pump a strike at will is almost unprecedented in baseball”
“Looking through the information, the A’€™s would have deduced that, unfortunately for Johnson, other relievers with similar struggles haven’€™t been able to regain that control quickly.

Clearly, this information doesn’€™t preclude Johnson from reducing his walk rate in the future
So what about the GM out there betting on the come with Johnson?

Wagers on horses with the longest odds have made folks rich before, at least temporarily.”

I quoted because the spam filter does not allow to post the link to Foxsport

very interesting good comment

A guy with back to back 50 save seasons is hard to resist if it’s cheap. Johnson is probably another Steve Blass but there’s not much to lose…..unless you begin to overlook other options because of his presence.

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