Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Pirates

Rajai Davis gets the night off after an 8-for-42 road trip. Considering Vance Worley is holding right-handed hitters to a .212 (25-for-118) average, there’s a double reason for it. Ezequiel Carrera starts in center, with Don Kelly starting in left as an extra left-handed bat.

TIGERS (career numbers off Worley)

  1. Ezequiel Carrera, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (1-for-3)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (1-for-6, HR)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (2-for-6, double, K)
  5. Torii Hunter, RF (3-for-6, 2 doubles)
  6. Don Kelly, LF
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  8. Alex Avila, C (1-for-5, HR, K)
  9. Eugenio Suarez, SS

P: Buck Farmer


  1. Josh Harrison, 3B
  2. Gregory Polanco, RF
  3. Russell Martin, C
  4. Ike Davis, 1B
  5. Starling Marte, CF
  6. Pedro Alvarez, DH
  7. Jordy Mercer, SS
  8. Travis Snider, LF
  9. Jayson Nix, 2B

P: Vance Worley


This would be the game I least expect Detroit to win, so this is the game they’ll probably win.

Let’s hope Rich! Rookie pitcher, 3 rookies starting and a seldom used veteran backup in LF to go with the 2-5 and Avila. It would be nice to see definitely. Good therapy to take a few days away. Portwinelad, don’t give my seat away yet? I am hoping the tunes change on the bandwagon. My client told me to be in KC for meetings Thurs/Friday and we have a 1:10PM meeting outdoors tomorrow they said.

yea i was just going to ask what everybody’s prediction for this short series? Win, lose or split?

Meanwhile this weekend we face starting pitchers.
Paxton 2.38 era
King Felix 1.95 era
Young 3.20

We haven’t done crap against heap pile crap pitchers. ..let alone good pitchers

Young FIP is above 4. There was discussion about him having abetter ERA than Price at ESPN twitter

which is why i expect to smash on them. baseball is an ironic sport.

some of you folks around here need to give 40 seconds to remember something.

Big plays, loses concentration in the easy ones

That is the reason not to dive

That was a gift from the ump.

3 innings. Still no hitting from Tigers.

Why have replay if they aren’t going to get the call right. The one angle showed the tag before his foot on the bag.
— Bob

The shot never allowed to see it he had tagged him

Now 4-1. Another loss. Will this ever end?

With our starters eventually one of them will toss a shutout.
But the starters are not enough to take this team to the promised land.
Torii is a weak link in the OF
Give me that kind of effort by Carrera every day of the week. That’s baseball and it’s beautiful to watch.
Kelly is playing like a bench-warming utility player.
Suarez needs to play with some focus. Tries too hard to be Robinson Cano out there.
The team simply needs to hit–if they do the defensive play will also improve.

Toledo saw Perez and McCann (who is red hot) go deep. Erie had Moya hit is 29th and 91st RBI

Them all will join the team by September first. Two of them will go to the postseason


we got this fellas! I wonder what our team BABIP has been as a function of time….i’ll bet we’re getting pretty unlucky lately.

They scored 13 runs in the last 3 games. Pitching failed them in two of three

Miguel leads the AL in RBI. He is paid for that. No matter how he takes the runs home

He is feared and set the table for Victor

Jackson jersey sighting

That was enjoyable!

But for the Nathan´s gesture. He is done in Detroit

What gesture?

He made the bird? to the crowd

the fans cheered when he finally threw a strike and he answered after the last out. Berenguer was suspended here for doing that. I don know the rules in MLB

I didn’t see it.

Young Mr. Farmer showed me some good stuff. A useful fastball and the changeup was good. I was a little surprised with the slider but maybe he was just on tonight. Nice moment for him when he received congrats from Cabrera, Verlander, Price, etc. Farmer is worth watching.

Did he really flip the bird to the crowd?

1. Finally some clutch 2 out hitting.
2. Rookie 1 has a good plate night.
3. Buck had nothing to be ashamed of for an MLB debut.
Kudos to VMart, Nick, and Alex for coming through tonight. Bottom of the order did its job. Blaine is turning into a nice BP part of the puzzle. Nathan is still nothin’ imo. Sorely needed win stops the bleeding if nothing more than for 24 hours.

Buck Farmer optioned to Triple-A Toledo.

Buck should be proud of his MLB debut. I see JJ pitched 2 Innings of no-hit ball in relief and was efficient as well with18 pitches – 14 strikes. We could use another veteran “solid” arm.

I checked. I didn’t see any gesture from Nathan. Just his usual fidgeting but nothing else. Was this seen on a different feed or something?

I said we need at least 30 more wins to win this….asking too much? 29 more
to go….enough with my dead beat stuff! Go Tigers!
Go into your cage Dombrowski…you’ve done enough!

you’d be surprised how these capable ball players respond to all of this. Don’t get me wrong this team can turn it around and go on to win the WS. But they have to turn it around. Dig deep, boys!

They have to make the changes now not wait 2-3 weeks . By then it may be too late . They played as a team tonite and won. They can do it .

Mercedes will be called up, finally

I don know how is called , that is why the ? here:

Pirates signal. Not the first time Fox Detroit filters something: the rough exchange between Galarraga and Avila ,the problem between the Cabrerasa nd now this

Don’t hold back John L. Tell us what you really think. Actually I agree with you for the most part. What Dumbrowski does not do well is evaluate the psychological impacts of his trades. He does not trade with his heart. Give him credit, he’s very intelligent in the business of trading. Price, as ET has said, was a great acquisition for the Tigers. But the loss of two fine young team players (Jackson and Smyly who we all loved,intrigral parts of this team) may be more of a clubhouse heart breaker than he anticipated, if he thought much about it at all. This has to be part of the reason for the depressed play we’ve been witnessing. So here we are with a questionable OF that now has to fill a huge defensive hole. Not to mention the one in the dugout. And there are only 44 games left. AJ and Smyly deserved the chance to get to the WS with their teammates. I hate post ASG trades. Seeing Farmer pitch tonight helps a little.

Marty, …very nice evaluation. Thanks ..
one thing is I’m not too up on the goings- on in our farm system….maybe I’m too harsh with my criticisms…but damn it Jackson was coming along like gangbusters
when he was traded…and Smyly was a breath of fresh air out there, you always felt
no matter what jam he got in, he was able to worm his way out….pitched a gem
against Toronto 3-0, 3 hitter. Hopefully,the Tigers will pull this out, we’ll see.

NJ Tiger fan

Jackson was no Curtis Granderson and Curtis was beloved even more than AJ. I love the trade. Price is a primo lefty and they don’t come along often. He is also battle tested. That was the “Price” we had to pay to get to the playoffs. Mr D did what I believe he’s paid to do. We have an owner who wants a WS before he dies.

Uh, the Tigers have played about the same way, pre and post trade. We don’t have near as many veterans as we used to, hence the streaky play.

I finally ran down that Vine showing Nathan………do whatever that was supposed to be. Nobody seems to know what it meant, but everybody seems to dislike it. The Tigers don’t have anyone else to close without Soria, so why boo the one they have? Anyone ever hear of supporting your team? Yep, we’ve become Yankee fans.
This stuff is gettin’ deep this season.

i’m blown away by the nathan gesture. we were right to think joe is not the kind of guy who takes things well. i’m sure higgy, raburn, valverde and inge all felt like flippin’ off the fans at some point. Yes our fans “get sick of” and then boo mercilessly some players. It isn’t right – I don’t boo anymore unless it’s lack of effort.
Do you think management will talk to Joe about this? Players talk to him? Nobody?

Maybe Ugueth Urbina is back to form – he is younger than Nathan. Has lots of “fire”. JK

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