Hunter: “You appreciate the things you fight for”

There was a lot of quiet consternation in the Tigers clubhouse after Tuesday’s loss, so much that the quotes were clearly audible at barely above a whisper.

What Torii Hunter said, however, might have said a lot. This 2-7 trip, this fall out of first place, he says, is a test for this club, he said, and that’s not necessarily the worst thing for these guys right now.

“We’re going through a tough time right now,” he said, “and I promise you the trials and tribulations that we’re having are going to make us stronger.”

His point: They’re going to have to earn this.

“In past years, I’m pretty sure the Tigers have been at the top, and kind of easy,” Hunter continued. “But right now, we’re being slapped in the face. I think that brings out the fight in you, and I’m excited about it. I hate to say it, but I’m excited.

“We’re going to have to fight. You appreciate things you fight for. Anything that’s given to you, you kind of don’t appreciate it.”

It sounds like positive spin. Recent history, though, suggests he might have a point.

The Tigers’ two runs to the World Series — in 2006 and 2012 — came in years when they headed into the final couple weeks with something to play for. They lost the division lead in the final week of 2006, of course, and ended up having to get through the postseason as the Wild Card. In 2012, they had a three-game deficit with 15 games left to play and ended up clinching with three games to go.

They made a run to pull away in the division in the final month in 2011, clinching with a couple weeks to go, and battled their way to the ALCS before falling to Texas in six games. The one real disappointment in the bunch came last year, when they had a comfortable lead from early August on before finally clinching in the final week.

They’ve largely been able to cruise this season until the last couple weeks. Every sign now points to a battle to the final weeks.

“It’s what you do during the storm, and how you act during the storm, how you prepare yourself to try to get out of it,” Hunter said. “And that shows the character of a man, not the one that’s in the storm and just sitting there.”

He does not believe that fatigue has been a major factor, though he thinks there might be fatigue going on. He thinks the energy level seems down, but doesn’t know why.

“I think you can create it,” he said. “I don’t think you force. I think you create. And there’s a lot of ways you can do that. But you’ve got to find it within yourself. Everybody’s different in creating energy and creating adrenaline. I have my ways, and other people have their ways. Just find a way that works for you, and get it done.”


My Mom used to wash my wounds and put a fancy band-aid on. Always made me feel better. Torii’s words fall far short though the intention is pretty much the same.

1987, they had to fight to the last day to go to the playoff. Once there , they were unable to win. They left all trying to reach the playoff. Of course, Anderson said they were a 4th place team so the playoff were enough.

The Mariners tied the second wild card spot with the Tigers

A-Jax gonna make the playoffs!!! Good for him…and DUMBrowski can go back to AA.

I think your right Rich I need some time off I do know that unfortunately I have tickets tonight, tomorrow and Friday! That’s if we can get downtown with all the freeway closures?! 🙂

Hunter seems like a standup guy…willing to talk despite his failings and that of the team. the pitching staff has weakened, it’s about time for the hitters to find a way out of their funk.

A couple of months ago, Miguel Cabrera was interviewed by ESPN in español. He was asked about the dangers of running away with the division( the day they swept Boston for the first time) and the effects of complacency and he got angered and refused to answer. Today the subject on ESPN is : ” Tigers on free fall?” It is a long season

I hope Torii is right… But this fiasco of a season just seems different. Sure, they should be able to pull it out but they got worse with the trade. The problem is “ego”….and nothing to back it up. Dumbrowski needs to go back to AA and learn how to put a team together. That said, loss of Iglesias hurt them from the start. But Detroit is the place where over-paid and washed up closers go to get their last big contract…for mediocre performance. This season is over….sorry, Torii but as a Tiger fan since the late 1950’s, It will be a miracle if this mish-mash group even makes the playoffs. The remainder of the season is against The Central Div. and they are gonna get trashed as payback.

The Tigers have a bat available but :
“Also, for a catcher, it is important for him to have a feel of the pitching staff. (It’s) tough to learn, although not impossible, at this time of year,” he said. “Bryan Holaday has done fine for us in his role.”

Avila debuted on August 6 2009. In the middle of the race and played 29 games in the last two months.He idd so McCann could
Price has pitched 2 games with the Tigers.
Ray was in AAA with McCann
Buck Farmer was in AA
So Avila knows better 2/5 of the rotation
McCann 1/5
The other two are unknown for both

he did so McCann could do it too

On this road trip:
Cabby .235/.341/.235….with .308BABIP
Ian .256/.256/.302……with .282BABIP
Hunter .241/.290/.310…..with .318BABIP

But of course the road trip is over now. *turns the page*

Torii has the right idea here. These are the things to look for going forward. It’s not how you got into the inevitable tight spot but how you get out of it.

Avila may be starting to hit. I believe he picked things up at the end of last year didn’t he?
That being said, I am pretty eager to see what McCann can do too. I think Bryan Holaday is a decent back-up catcher. He won’t ever much help with his bat but he plays the game the right way.

If they were hurt or playing good but losing..that would be different. They have no bullpen so a 2-run lead in the 9th is trouble with Nathan and Joba. This season is over and they need to think about 2015. They are done.

BTW: JD is not Boesch but Raburn. That throw instilled fear in the Pirates runners.Pretty good arm

The Tiger lineup cannot compete with most of the contenders…especially now
with most of the runs supplied come from mid to lower part of the batting order..
suarez has difficulty the curveball…where are the batting instructions, seems like everyone is aiming for the opposing teams seem to have .
Even VMartinez is striking out more than usual….Dombrowski has unglued
what made this team a contender…..bring back Tom Brookens, this time as a manager…make Ausmus a pitching coach, or something…like General MGR.
Cy Young winners don’t make a team a winner….it’s everything working, timely
hitting, with good defense with good relief pitching…..Tigers score about 4 out 10 in that category..RDavis is good, but he he isn’t as good Jackson…miss him now.
along w/Drew Smyly………looks like a bunch of strangers in the Tiger dugout., I wonder if they all introduced each other.

aiming for the fences. opposing teams seem to have Tiger weaknesses…I doubt if this team can recover…It’s not the team I admired at the beginning of the season.
The Old English D has diminished….Dombrowski has done this!

hey John – sorry you are so down about the club right now. You have every right to be. May I ask how many wins to you think we get the rest of the way out?

I’m not John…. but I feel his pain. If they play .500 the rest of the way but I guess they will go 20 – 25 the rest of the way. And they play the Mariners tonight!

Cabrera claimed by Pirates. Whelan back to AAA. Farmer up.

how do you feel about the loss of ramon?

He name was always the first mentioned around the Tigersphere when someone was set to be DFA. Still I was hoping he was able to avoid it one more time. Anyway, his defensive skills need some work before being able to get his cup of coffee

Cabrera is a offense-first catcher, who has not hit in the 2nd half. Got him for Andy Oliver. Obviously McCann and my boy Griener are held in higher regard.
Whelan – I know he has good numbers in AAA this year, but I thought he looked very hittable on Monday. He didn’t miss any bats and the long HRs were troublesome.

Sorry, I wasn’t in time to answer the question about how many wins we would get….well,
let’s get one tonight…..The team has a rough time with Minnesota(last in our div.)
White Sox,, Cleveland…KC we handled well…we need about 30 wins to stay in
this race…very doubtful. I guess all that matters is the attendance, right Dombrowski.? He sucked the blood out of this team with his last maneuver

say no more..

Justin Verlander confirmed #Tigers have not had a closed-door meeting, and said he didn’t believe the team is in need of one right now.

As a long time Tiger fan, dying everyday right now, there is no reason to have a closed-door meeting…. you can not hide “stink” and until they solve the reliever mess why would they waste their time? It is plain for all to see…. they got arrogant and now they are going to be everybody’s punching bag. This one’s over.

well, I guess I could use the extra time this fall.

Kansas City had a closed door meeting with no coaches. They got themselves straightened out immediately after. “You can’t handle the truth” said Jack Nicholson.

The rest of this season is not going to be pretty…. and I am an optimist when it comes to the Tigers. I just don’t see them as very good but there is always next year!
Send Nathan and Chamberlain to Toledo to get straightened out for two weeks. Then bring them back if they have earned it. The rookies and whatever they can pull together for the rest of August can not be worse than what is happening right now. And DUMBrowski needs to go…..

Nice to see more room on the bandwagon, Dennis W. Lio’s spot is open. I still believe. And the closed meetings probably had more to do with guys getting sent down than any rah-rah speech.

Yep, I have jumped off and my seat is available. Send me your dimensions and I will send you a seat cushion! This team should be 25 games over .500 and they are just flailing…..I will always be a Tiger fan, but I can’t watch this anymore…. Happy Trails to you, Strike Up the Band, Throw Beads to the revelers, whatever you want to play on the bandwagon…. I’m laying up stores in my den for The Lions!

Lineup vs. PIT: Carrera 8, Kinsler 4, Cabrera 3, V. Martinez DH, Hunter 9, Kelly 7, Castellanos 5, Avila 2, Suarez 6. Farmer starting

Davis had to sit against a RH so Carrera will has his redemption game.
JD was a lesser offender, less obvious, but he sits too. His bat needs the break

Davis has looked awful lately at bat. JD has still put some good wood on the ball, just not falling and then he has also started pressing.

Babip: 200 for August. Worse luck the VMart last year

Crosby was released for less than one inning of Whelan

I don’t understand why they wouldn’t bring up someone on the 40 man roster instead of Whelan, Ortega could have done the same thing. That said, has anyone claimed Crosby?

According to Wagner the high BB numbers of Ortega and Valdez made them bad options. Wagner also pointed at Valdez inexperience but then they called Farmer. Whelan was impressive in the Minors.
We had Lobstein as the logical choice for today.

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Unfortunately Lobstein’s fastball can be described by the first three letters in his name.
He would get hammered in the bigs.

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