Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers at Pirates

TIGERS (career numbers vs. Edinson Volquez)

  1. Rajai Davis, LF (1-for-3, triple, K)
  2. Ezequiel Carrera, CF
  3. Ian Kinsler, 2B (1-for-3, K)
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  5. Victor Martinez, 1B
  6. J.D. Martinez, LF (0-for-1, 2 walks)
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Eugenio Suarez, SS
  9. Robbie Ray, P


  1. Josh Harrison, 3B
  2. Gregory Polanco, RF
  3. Jordy Mercer, SS
  4. Russell Martin, C
  5. Starling Marte, CF
  6. Gaby Sanchez, 1B
  7. Travis Snider, LF
  8. Jayson Nix, 2B
  9. Edinson Volquez, P



Can’t imagine what it would be like to have a 3rd baseman that could get a ball any ball. Unless it’s hit right to these guys it’s nothing. Geez.

Not sure why we put ourselves through this every single day

Or a center fielder……what a bunch of boneheads. Keep shooting yourselves in the foot, that will help. Honestly dontheyneven give a crap?

Carreras is an excellent fielder. Something else happened on that play. Language?

He wasn’t good there….a joke. Bad typing in frustration and anger.

That was some Little League stuff there!

Wasn’t it Ray and Krol in the Fister deal? If so, I think we lost on that deal.

Keep shooting yourselves in the foot.

Give Ray some credit. Man. If he had a defense behind him Tigers would be ahead.
By the way, we’re 1/2 game behind KC so I think we got em right where we want em. Evan, I elected not to go the game. Looks like I made the mistake.

it is what it is

That was a great Pirate team. 1979 was Sparky’s first year with Detroit, correct? Trammel and Whitaker too. Sparky predicted it would take 5 years to build a winner. He was right on.

1979 .
The Family came back from 1-3 to defeat Weaver
Trammell and Lou in 1977.. Lou was the Roy in 1978

Or was it 1980?


Umpire wouldn’t want a strike zone to get in the way of a game.

Seems like Ray is getting a squeezed strike zone.

Ray is pitching a nice game so far. What the heck happened in center field earlier in the game – ridiculous! When Alex gets the barrel on the ball it is a sweet, sweet swing. He rarely overswings, just wish we could see that a bit more often from him. I would be happy with him hitting .250 at this point and having a few more of those swings

robbie “swinging 3rd strikes” ray

The calls have been consistent, that is what matter for the players. He called that pitch strike for both Suarez and Martin. And was in the frontier.

Couldn’t agree less…..

Well there’s a good move by BA. Suarez looked awful at the plate and almost missed a sure out on the nonchalant throw to first. Romine with a chance to do better.

This just gives me a headache

I miss Llyod and Jim.

not me. Every time they say Jim is at the game, the team loses.

Neither , he had very talented teams and never finished the work

getting to the WS and ALCS…not to mention bringing that 2006 team to the WS….is not what I call a failure. Lets see what brad does the rest of the year

No trophy with the work cut for him

He’s going into the HOF. I just don’t like him around the team this year. It’s kind of like winning a promotion and replacing an employee who is leaving or retiring and they hang around looking over your shoulder and all you want them to do is go away so you can do your job.

Miggy earning that big paycheck tonight? NOT

I wonder if his teammates think about that. Everybody covers for each other in public.

A Yankee announcer did the math on Miggy….around $50,000 an at bat….
why should we worry?

Coke looking good. In times like these you have to look for every positive. 2 runs is not insurmountable. How about closer unraveling time.

2 walks and 7 whole hits..(2 runs) .on FIRE. And Rod and Mario just continue with the excuses. I’m seriously tired of them all…do your jobs. Showing up and continuing to do nothing gets most people fired.

The middle of the order is dead. Rags is being Rags. Avila actually is hitting better.
Hopelessness continues.

Mr. Ray pitched pretty good.

He was fine….if he’d had any decent defense and a little bit of offense we might have stood a chance..but they just don’t dig deep. Oh well they are as ambivalent as I am becoming (still have some anger). Big boys just not stepping up.

Two plays stood out in my mind. One was when Volquez pulled the ball out of his ass and caught Kinsler coming home. The other was a true little league play by Carrera. Not T-ball mind you, but little league. T. Hunt is going to have to play as much as possible and if Dirks EVER returns he’d have to be an improvement over what we have now.
Some you of you sound like you need a day off, and I don’t mean that unkindly. Take a break. It’s summer.

Tomorrows another chance to get the much needed win .Maybe they can play better at home . The road trip was a real killler.

This is a good tweet:
Matt Sussman‏@suss2hyphens·20 mins
The bullpen should fly home in a separate plane dragging the banner NOT OUR FAULT THIS TIME

Ray gave the Tigers a chance. Hitters did not show up. Thanks for the quick research ET. I tried to rely on memory and guessed wrong. After Kaline retired, I confess there were a few years of lackluster Tiger teams I didn’t follow very closely. The Bird perked my interest a bit but it wasn’t until Sparky took the manager job that I started following again. He saw the talent that was developing. Tram and Lou a big part of it. Orioles were tough then but Tigs year by year got competitive.
This is a tough spot our Tigers are in. A pickle. One catchable fly ball for 2 outfielders was the difference tonight. They had a chance.

I began following the Tigers with The Bird.
The Family was the first team I was rooting for to win the WS. Dave Parker played in Venezuela and was one of my favorite players

Those were hits in LL Rich. Heck, it was a hit tonight wasn’t it?

Isn’t it illegal to pull a ball out of your ass Rich? I mean, we want a real baseball.

Volquez had the DP.Kinsler kept the inning alive

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