As the Verlander vigil begins …

Not sure what we’ll find out on Verlander today. In the meantime, to review, here’s what we know …

  • Verlander says it’s not pain, at least it wasn’t during the game, but his pitches didn’t have the same life Monday. “Warming up, it didn’t feel great,” he said after the game. “Once I was out there on the mound in a game situation, it didn’t feel too bad. It just wasn’t there at all. That’s the reason I wanted to go back out there.”
  • It’s not the first time he has dealt with it. “It’s been lingering for a while,” Verlander said, without saying how long it has lingered.
  • Verlander has been dealing with inconsistent stuff for most of the season. Sometimes, the velocity on his fastball has been down, other times he has hit 96-98. Sometimes the command on his secondary pitches has been shaky, other times he has been able to spot a curveball when he needs it.
  • Verlander isn’t discounting the idea that all the adjustments he has been making, or all the work he has had to put in following offseason core muscle surgery, has had an impact. “I don’t know. That’s a good question, especially regarding the surgery,” he said. “I don’t know if your body’s going to adjust and adapt. Maybe that can cause some extra soreness or throw you out of whack a little bit. But hopefully the main thing is no structural damage. That’s what you hope for, just inflammation or whatever it may be.”
  • Verlander has thrown 21,736 regular-season pitches since 2009, 1500 more than the next-highest total in the Majors, James Shields. And that doesn’t include postseason pitches.
  • Verlander has never spent time on a Major League disabled list.

With all the pitches Verlander has thrown, and all the work he has put in, there’s likely to be some wear and tear. Given that, there’s a decent chance something shows up on the MRI that he has been pitching through — maybe just this year, maybe longer than that. The suspense might be the severity.


Cameron :
“Maybe the MRI will show that he just needs some rest and there’s no structural damage, but historically, these variables have done fairly well at identifying injured pitchers. And so the Tigers should probably not plan on having the old Justin Verlander back any time soon”
referring to the Enos Sarris post linked in the other thread.

Some of what he’s describing sounds like a “dead arm” but some of it doesn’t. If you get negative on the MRI, it’s probably rest but unfortunately that sometimes ends with something else being discovered after all the rest. Just adding my own speculation to it.

I was thinking the same thing Rich, the whole “dead arm” syndrome at least based on how he is describing it

will a MRI show the damage to his heart and mind, by that blond girl?

jealous much?

nah😉 i wouldn’t trade mine in for the world

Sorry, but you are not a Tigers fan if you are giving up on August 12th. A fan since the 50’s? Go root for the Cubs. Hey, maybe now we can trade Miggy. Do you all think DD is that smart?

DB, Actually not a bad idea if you could receive a SP (or keep Max), solid BP (x2)help and a bonafide CF/leadoff batter or RF/power hitter in return. I know this is not a popular view for Tiger fans but one I think merits some serious consideration.

Max Scherzer will got he same route soon,he is 30 YO with a worse mechanics.
Miguel once healed still has 3 or 4 years in the tank.
JV, Price, Porcello and Sanchez will be the core of the rotation next season.
Price is 28. Scherzer is 30 . The latter is gone. I dont get why Henning and many more are angry about Price. He is one of the best starters in MLB and is better than any Tiger but the vintage Verlander . He is worth more than Jackson and Smyly. That trade was highway robbery. Based on the numbers and not sentiments, Price is an upgrade over Scherzer and a safer bet

1981 , 1983, 1985, 1987, 1988 , 2005, 2009, 2012. But for 2012 and 1985 they never had higher expectations.
In 2003 there were no expectations and in 2008 they disappointed from the go

Jason”clubhouse closed at the moment”

I was thinking they were taking their time for the moves.

so who is going to be the bat boy now? nathan?

He would get the bats to 2b instead of home

I mentioned before, while in Boston, ESPN is español reported some displeasure with playing time

who’s playing time?

Davis did not like to be benched for JD.

And this is just my guess,the clubhouse has many thing to complain:
Scherzer “empty tank ” comment after 106 when Porcello is going regularly above 100 , Sanchez went 117 vs the Roockies when the defense failed him and Verlander hurt going above 110 since the opening.
Nathan throwing Miguel, Ausmus and Castellanos under the bus and keeping and undeserved role
Joba and Al2 used everyday and suddenly never
JD there like Raburn allowed to dig a hole deeper and deeper while Davis was benched too long.
Avila around 100 and playing everyday

i don’t disagree with those points.

“Blaine Hardy has arrived in #Tigers clubhouse. He was optioned to Toledo yesterday.”
Wagner mentioned that yesterday was day off for the Hens but now it could mean that Anibal goes to DL, and he is “called up” as explained by Beck yesterday

Just checking on gk. Hope you didn’t get hit with the flood. If there had been a game in Detroit today, it would have had to be cancelled because of all the flooded roads and freeways.

It has rained up here for 20 hours nonstop . No floods up here saw the news clip of all the rain in the Motor City … Lucky us !

Clubhouse status: Still closed. Approaching 30 minutes late. Could be as simple as waiting for a player to arrive to tell him he’s sent out.

Miller or Whelan?

Show me a clubhouse anywhere with no complaints.

points to houston

Verlander is in love and his mechanics show it. Most of the top of our order is at or above .300 hitting and if you short memory folks remember we were a 1/2 game back a month and a half ago too. Long season folks and this tribulation might just be what this team needs to spark a revolution and get of the schnide. Don’t give up until we’re 2 out with one to play!

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