Verlander leaves with right shoulder soreness

The Tigers handed the ball to Justin Verlander Monday night in desperate need of innings after Sunday’s 19-inning marathon in Toronto. They ended up with the shortest start of Verlander’s career, and their second injury in four days to their star-studded rotation.

Verlander was removed from the Tigers’ series opener against the Pirates at PNC Park with what the team termed right shoulder soreness. He’ll be further evaluated on Tuesday.

It’s the first major injury concern of Verlander’s career. For all the pitches and innings the former AL Cy Young winner has thrown, Verlander has been remarkably durable, making at least 30 starts every full season in his big league career and at least 33 starts each season since 2008.

Verlander gave up five runs, four earned, on four hits in his only inning, his cause hindered by two errors and another outfield misplay behind him. His fastball sat in the low-90s, which isn’t unusual for him in the first inning, but was clearly hittable.

At one point, with the Tigers bullpen quickly warming, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand visited the mound, seeing some reason for concern, but Verlander said he was fine.

Verlander finished out the inning, then was due to bat third in the second inning. However, both Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello seemed to be preparing to pinch-hit for Verlander. Both were caught on the television broadcast with bats and batting helmets in the dugout while Verlander stood in the on-deck circle.

Verlander ended up stepping to the plate and laying down a sacrifice bunt. He then marched down and steps, through the dugout and into the clubhouse without pause. Meanwhile, Justin Miller continued to warm in Detroit’s bullpen.

Once the inning ended, Miller entered from the bullpen. Verlander never emerged back from the dugout.

The Tigers made three roster call-ups from Triple-A Toledo Monday afternoon to make sure they had enough available relievers for the game. With Tigers relievers needing to cover at least seven innings, more moves could soon be coming, this time potentially from Double-A Erie, less than two hours away from Pittsburgh. The SeaWolves were off on Monday.


there are positives to be taken out of situations like this. slumping in early august doesn’t bother me like it did a decade ago.

I have been a Tiger Fan since the late 1950’s and I am now done for the season. This one is over. I don’t blame the starters or relievers because that is the nature of baseball… occasional joy and frequent heartache. Nathan should have been sent to Toledo to work out his problems and Chamberlain needs to shave and get the hair out of his eyes so he can throw strikes… just looks stupid. But I have had it with DUMBrowski and his trades. Trading away Jackson and Smyly for another “CY” starter was just plain stupid. Actually, I think that Rajai Davis and Ian Kinsler are the best pickups (2014 Tiger MVP’s) this past season, but the “ego trip” by this GM has destroyed the aura of this team. It will be great to see A Jax in the playoffs with the M’s, but this bunch will be playing golf or whatever by the 3rd of Oct. this year. They should have been 25 games over .500 by now…. There is no way that Scherzer is gonna stay with the Tigers…, now that he has missed out on at least 4 wins this season with this bullpen. See you next spring.

Geez, without sounding too dramatic – what else can go wrong with this team. JV hurt, all sorts of minor leaguers and sloppy uninspired play. I can only guess the poor play has to do with the marathon yesterday so I guess I get it but this is really hard to take

He was skipped in 2006 after being bombed by the CWS. Ledezma won the spot start . And the Verlander was bombed again by the CWS. Not that good in postseason that year.

This team needs some form of leadership….Bring back Tom Brookens..please!
Dave Dombrowski has done more harm,than good. take that pencil away from him. He let two good players go for another CY Young
pitcher…they can’t hit, can they? The team lacks leadership….why are all pitchers having such difficulty?..I watch every game and its like watching a bunch of scrubs,
Disgusted!….I can just imagine how the ballplayers feel, I would imagine.
There is no fire in this team…if you saw Reyes of Toronto play, this man had fire and desire in him..and he was successful, you don’t see that in this team.

Hopefully, I’ll eat my words.

The word has spread, they are using LH against Miguel

Looks like we’re in 2nd place tonight…KC continues to win…Tigers playing like
they belong in the cellar…

KC won…….

Division slips away in a matter of 3 weeks and I don’t see them turning it around.

This year has been difficult to watch and see the pathetic results. I hope I’m wrong, but it just doesn’t feel like this is their year. Way too streaky for several series of games. Bullpen woes cost them 10-12 games easily, maybe more. They get a gem tossed by a starter and lose 2-1, how demoralizing. Now injuries are taking their toll on a depth-less system. With a positive spin, Thank goodness its only August 11th!!

Please, put Justin on the DL. After that tantrum in the dugout, I’ve seen enogh. Hiis head is absolutely, positively not in the game.

Couldn’t disagree more, Kathy.

I’d say the Tigers are now officially underdogs, at least for the time being, so bring up the “Rocky” music. Robbie Ray tomorrow, Buck Farmer on Wednesday. Being fans of an underdog requires an attitudinal adjustment. From discussions here over the winter, most seemed to agree that the Tigers were a weaker team this year. So here we are.

slumping in early august isn’t the worst thing that could happen to this bunch. lots of potential – no fire.

I listened to the games both days — and watched some — and i’d have to say tonight’s game was longer than yesterday’s game.

Just when you thought it could not get worse . Lets see what Brads plan is for the next 3 games with Pittsburgh . He sure did not look positive in his post game interview .

Smyly 7.2 IP 3 BB 9 SO 3 hits. He did that only once for the Tigers.

Maybe Verlander can go down for tired arm for the remainder of August? Just a thought

It’s over, They are done. As a Tiger fan from the late 1950’s, I can’t watch this anymore. This team needs a “fat lady” who can close… and Chamberlain is worthless. And old “light ‘en up” Nathan needs to go to Toledo for a month to figure out why he stinks. I empathize with the new young guys in the pen… this has to be difficult for them. If they keep this group together they could be pretty good in 2016.
But DUMBrowski has got to go…. maybe for a catcher that can hit. Kinsler and Davis are the co-MVP’s for this team. Only 3 weeks until the Lions kickoff!

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