Roster fallout from 19 innings in Toronto

Just arrived in Pittsburgh, and it appears half the Mud Hens bullpen might not be far behind.

The Tigers left Toronto Sunday night with two open roster spots from their Sunday morning DL moves — more on that in a minute — so there figured to be at least two relievers coming to the Tigers’ aid after their 19-inning loss to the Blue Jays. However, John Wagner of the Toledo Blade reports that three relievers were being called up from Triple-A Toledo after the Hens game Sunday night.

Lefty Ian Krol and right-hander Justin Miller are rejoining the Tigers, according to Wagner. Krol just got there a week and a half ago, ironically to get more regular work. Miller spent a couple different stints in Detroit from mid-April to mid-May, regrouped in Toledo and posted very good numbers in late-inning work, including a 1.45 ERA and 23 hits over 37 1/3 innings.

The third reliever, according to Wagner, is minor-league veteran Kevin Whelan, who rejoined the organization this year after being traded to the Yankees in 2006 as a prospect in the Gary Sheffield deal. He has 20 saves for the Hens, having allowed eight runs on 26 hits over 39 innings with 48 strikeouts.

Miller and Krol can simply fill the spots of injured Anibal Sanchez and Joakim Soria. Whelan not only needs a 40-man roster opening (they’re out of long-term injuries to put on the 60-day DL), but three call-ups mean somebody on the current roster would have to be sent down. The logical answer would be one of the relievers who pitched long Sunday and won’t be available for a few days (Blaine Hardy and Pat McCoy both pitched three innings).

If all three are called up at the same time, that gives Detroit at least three relievers available to pitch Monday night. Al Alburquerque, who pitched an inning-plus in two appearances over three games in Toronto, likely makes four. Joba Chamberlain could make five, but he has pitched each of the last two games.

One reliever, either one of these call-ups or somebody else, will likely have to make way for Robbie Ray to be called up for his start in Sanchez’s spot. He’s currently scheduled to start Wednesday. Rick Porcello’s two-plus innings, however, put his Tuesday start in question.

If Porcello starts Tuesday as previously planned or bounces back with an extra day of rest, then the Tigers won’t need to call up another reliever from Toledo. If not, the Tigers likely will have to make yet another move to add a starting pitcher.

The lingering question, and the irony of it all, is going to be how much of this roster shuffle could have been avoided had the Tigers gotten a reliever from Toledo to fill one of the DL spots in time for Sunday’s game. Officially, Detroit made the DL moves Sunday morning, and manager Brad Ausmus said Sunday it was nearly impossible to get a call-up to Toronto in time for the game. Whether the Tigers could have or should have had a call-up ready to move in case is an interesting debate.

“We didn’t think we could get them here,” Ausmus said. “Of course, if we knew we had til 7 o’clock, maybe we would have.”


Whether the Tigers could have or should have had a call-up ready to move in case is an interesting debate. Sanchez and Soria were injured last Friday,and had MRI on Saturday. They did have time to made them travel last Saturday night,

Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.

Could be the player DFA off the 40 roster Ramon Cabrera ? or Fields

BTW: it was the first time since May 18 that Price was unable to pitch 7 full innings. In 10 of 14 games since then he pitched 8. It is something in the air of Detroit?

All I can say is “wow” about yesterdays game. I did not watch all of it – tough to spend that much of my day watching – but am really amazed at how long our bullpen held off the Jays. Advantage always seems to be the home team on these games, but geez guys, our offense starts off with a bang and then fizzled to nothing. Kudos to Hardy, McCoy gave up a ton of walks but overall did his job too. Tough way for Ricky to get a loss. Crazy game…

April 27 1984 Clevelnad 8- Tigers 4. 19 Innings. To drop their record to 16-2

GK I see you stayed the whole time – did you too Bob? Impressive you stuck around for all of that – true fans I just wish though you were rewarded. That Miggy hit was so close to going out – that would have been the storybook ending.

I stayed until the bitter end. My butt and back are sore today. I was that foolish fan you see sometimes jump up on a fly ball off the bat when Miggy hit his shot. I thought it was gone. I had to sheepishly sit back down after some heckling from Jays fans and even my family. The game is a blur in my mind. I cant remember what happened in what inning. The LH kids did well in some pressure situations. Davis getting doubled off on that popup was ridiculous. He had plenty of time to get back. He actually stopped for a second running back and I am not convinced he actually stepped on 2nd base coming back.. Romine’s baserunning was something from Little League. Although he had 4 hits, Hunter had two of the worst at bats from a “professional” hitter I have seen in awhile. What happened to the Hunter form last year who hit so many balls to right field. He swings way to hard. So does Suarez and Romine (although Romine did put some good wood on the ball). The angle I was at, it was hard to see balls and strikes, but it seemed nobody was very happy with the HP umpire. I didn’t even know that Brad was run until after the game. I was wondering why Lamont was making the pitching changes. Price was not sharp but he battled. Good teams button up that win. Long tough day at the park. That is the first time I have seen them lose to the Jays (ST excluded) since 2010.
These guys never make it easy. They have a divisional and wild card dogfight on their hands now.
— Bob

ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo 5h
Elias: MLB has seen 2 straight days with games going 19 innings, something that had never occurred before…

“The Tigers had 22 hits and had base runners in nine of the 10 extra innings. They are only the third team in the live-ball era to turn 22 or more hits into five runs or fewer.”
Th Star. Toronto

yea – why the heck didn’t we fill our roster spots we had? DD and BA have both been irritating me. BA more recently DD more in the past offseason.

Can’t we put VerHagen on the 60 day DL? Supposedly he is being shut down with a pretty serious back injury and probably will not pitch again in 2014.

Come back to the five and dime ElTigre … ElTigre …

Well they get their leading hitter back in the lineup (batting 9th) tonight so maybe we’ll have a little more offense.
Tigers wasted EZ yesterday. He’s a game-changer.
Rajai absolutely needs to drop a bunt down the 3rd base line to help his team.
Castellanos will go into another slump after riding the pine the next two nights.
Romine looked good at short.
Sliders in late innings: it’s all about death—you do have to “bury” them but don’t “hang” them first.
One game does not a season make—but yesterday was two games and we lost them both.
Ricky P is the best fielding pitcher we have off that mound. Ironic, that’s what arguably cost him the game.
Torii may get hits but he sure does squat when it really matters.
I can’t see how David Price is going to be OK today. That line shot off his knee came off it so hard it blew right past Miggy.
Minor miracles won’t work any more. We need a full fledged theophany.

theophany! *spits coffee out*

I had to look that one up!

ELT said it 1st, there’s something in the water cooler on that bench, Soria gets shelled in his “D” outings, then the press boasts about Price’s record against the Jays and he lasts 5 Innings. We should have won all 3 games of the series.

for that matter bob said it too: They have a divisional and wild card dogfight on their hands now.
And call me crazy, but i think that’s what these guys need. Brad surely doesn’t know how to light a fire under them – but that’s exactly what they need. Goll dangit – I think if they get playing good (in response to the dogfight) they could win the whole damn thing here in 2.5 months.

It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that the Tigers face a serious challenge at this point. It reminds me somewhat of 2010, the season that Leyland always said they were blindsided by injuries to key players. That didn’t turn out too well.
We’ll see what happens. It’s all part of a baseball season.

We don’t know why they didn’t bring up reinforcements from Toledo. Well, they would have had to fly them to Canada and not sure if all those guys have passports. Just my opinion, though. Hope it never happens again. Better safe than sorry.

I really can’t think of something to say that hasn’t already been said by someone. Just put me down as completely dumb-founded. What a mess! I can’t believe the Giants, who are in a divisional and wild card race themselves, couldn’t have taken at least one game from KC, Now Oakland plays KC. No picnic there but certainly no picnic with Pittsburgh for 4 games either.

Mr. D might be looking for another bat according to Ken Rosenthal. I wish the Tigers could find their own.

There is plenty of bats there they just need to do there damn jobs. Keep throwing good money after this situation…..a high priced team needs to do their jobs.

That’s very true, gk. I read something or heard it on TV that players play for their stats until August and then they play for their team. Some of our guys have good hitting stats, but don’t hit them when needed. And, I suppose that could apply to pitchers, as well. This year might just not be our year. It’s been crazy.

No tigers can’t beat poor heap pile pitchers. Price wasn’t very good against what was half a minor league team and that’s according to jays fans around me.
Bob my butt and back hurt as well, a 4 1/2 hour drive 8 hours in my seat and now a what is going to turn into. 5 1/2 hr drive back because border is backed up. Still angry and truthfully I think it goes all the way back to Saturday….Max wouldn’t (I think) or didn’t so it burned Nathan and Chamberlien was used when it wasn’t necessary . So whether it’s Max worried about himself or -Ausmus making critical errors. It wasn’t good for Sunday. Still angry.

But the most important question is where did you end of going to eat in Toronto? I’m curious. Or did the game spoil your appetite? 😉
— Bob

Wound up going to a place on King. .a french resturant named st. Tropez. ..edible and didn’t make me sick is the best I can say. Was going to go to the place you suggested however even though I paid for international service on my cell it didnt work and I couldn’t get the name. Oh well it was 9:30 before we got there I was so tired I almost didn’t care anymore.

A rain out in Pittsburgh would be most beneficial. That way, we would have a double header on Tuesday, be able to bring up a spot starter from the moinors with the double header rules (I would scratch Lobstein from his start tonight in Toledo and have him and Below ready). That way the bullpen rests, Verlander + Below start Tuesday, Ray Wednesday and fall back in order on Thursday with Max.

Daniel Nava has not yet been put on waivers yet but is starting to draw interest from teams like the Royals and tigers looking for a bat.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) Royals have waiver priority still over the Tigers.

Here’s a head-scratcher for #Tigers press corps: My understanding is that @MudHens Ray was added TODAY. Expected to start Wednesday.

Krol and Miller , already in the active roster

Mark Simon:
Best Good Play/Misplay &Error numbers last week

Everth Cabrera 6/0
Chris Davis 5/0
Dee Gordon 4/0
Rajai Davis 4/0
D.J. LeMahieu 4/0

as expected:
LHP Robbie Ray will start tomorrow for #Tigers at Pittsburgh. Corresponding roster move will be announced prior to game

Beck already answered the question many will make:the best two arm in the bullpen during the series ended optioned,but they were also over worked

In a brilliant display of rostership, Tigers delay assigning Sanchez to the DL so it will be legal for Hardy to rejoin the team, like tomorrow, replacing Sanchez.

Slick move, worthy of that “Call Saul” lawyer on Breaking Bad.

Bob Odenkirk (aka Saul) rules

According to the Tigers website, Sanchez was placed on the DL on Sunday, retroactive to Saturday 8/9. I hope you are right about the assigning and Hardy will be back soon, but Sanchez was on the DL before yesterday’s game.

He does not go to DL until they really need Ray. Once Ray is called up tomorrow, they cant recall Hardy for Anibal unless they option someone after tonight´s game

Gk and Bob, did you guys meet up in person at the game?

Unfortunately no.

No. It was pretty crowded. Almost a sell out I think. Maybe another time.
I love “Better Call Saul”. His character is going to have his own show starting in February. I will give it a look.
— Bob

I was going to come over, but the same resturant info that was locked in my phone, well Bobs seat numbers were also there.

Best of luck to Casey Crosby, injuries really took his career far too soon. He had a live arm, with a lot of potential.

Lineup at PIT: Davis 8, Kinsler 4, Cabrera 5, V. Martinez 3, Hunter 9, J. Martinez 7, Avila 2, Suarez 6, Verlander 1.

Technically, the lineup

Looks like no rain in Pittsburgh tonight. It’s all here to the east.

So we drop McCoy & Hardy to AAA Toledo after they both pitched well. Also, neither pitcher has allowed 1 inherited runner score this year according to Oh, but let’s keep Phil Coke, who is @ the TOP of the inherited runners scored in MLB (NOT THE AL, but ALL of MLB). The only reason his ERA is coming down is because of situations like yesterday. He let’s all the runners he inherits score, then someone else comes in & stops his runners from scoring. I’m tired of it & done waiting for him to put everything back together, only to fall apart again & again & again. Let HIM work it out in the minors.

Great start Justin…just what you and your team needed. So much for stepping up.

I don’t even get upset anymore. Angry sure but I expect this team to fall apart at this time. I also expect to see some dissension rear its ugly head (publicly) soon.
Oh-oh Harrison up. Look out for the hight and tighty.

Bad baseball, lousy fielding, no hitting, poor base-running, crappy coaching/managing. This team is imploding.
Who’s calling the shots in that dugout? The players themselves?

Miller is gonna be burnt out after this inning. Why would you throw him long? Oh I guess I know why.
This one is over, you can’t logically expect anything else, as I speak Avila makes us look like amateurs again.

Time to get Miggy & Victor & maybe even Kinsler out before some bizarre injury occurs. And this is just the time something like that would happen. At least you give them a rest when there is no upside to play them.

Anybody hear any reports on Price today? I wonder if there was any after-effect of that line drive yesterday.

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