Tigers place Sanchez, Soria on 15-day DL

The Tigers are going to have to get through arguably the toughest stretch in their schedule without Anibal Sanchez and Joakim Soria. The Tigers placed both right-handers on the 15-day disabled list Sunday morning — Sanchez for a Grade 2 right pectoral muscle strain, Soria with a left oblique strain.

President/GM Dave Dombrowski said the timetable is relatively flexible on Sanchez, depending on how quickly the pectoralis major muscle heals. However, Dombrowski said he anticipates Sanchez missing 3-4 weeks.

As for Soria, Dombrowski said he’s likely out 2-3 weeks. Given how long oblique injuries can last, however, that’s an anticipation.

Robbie Ray will fill Sanchez’s rotation spot beginning Wednesday night against the Pirates at Comerica Park. The Tigers won’t make a roster move until Monday to fill Soria’s spot, possibly with Ian Krol’s return, possibly with righty Justin Miller, possibly even with Kevin Whelan. Two of those guys could get called up Monday, with one filling Sanchez’s spot until Ray joins the team Wednesday.

As for Jim Johnson, it sounds like the plan for him remains to have him go through his build-up at Triple-A Toledo before being considered for a call-up. He’s slated to throw for the Mud Hens today before pitching two innings on Wednesday.

With neither Sanchez nor Soria out for the season at this point, Dombrowski downplayed the possibility of filling either spot with a trade acquisition.

“We’re planning on filling the spots internally,” he said.


Even upper managements seems dysfunctional. I guess Coke is the closer tonight.

I am afraid to say that the only thing Tiger fans may have to look forward to at this point may be the pre-view of future Tigers in September.
Unless I am way off base I see a team that is ready to turn on itself. They are discouraged and rudderless.
Excitement and optimism are attributes that are not prevalent in the stands nor in the dugout.
Dombrowski’s understanding of crafting an effective bullpen has haunted the efforts of his players for over two years now. While the acquisition of Price was exciting (and it was a good trade), DD failed to completely address the albatross that nests under section 147.

In answer to the question “when does a team need to suck it up” I’d say this is good example of such a time.

4 great starters and one fill in. That is not that worrisome , but having the real closer injured and depending on Nathan is.

Miguel´s Babip last 6 games 0.77. Last 12: 299

Here we go with the umpire behind the plate.

gk and Bob are at this game. Maybe they will bring us luck!

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A 4 pitch inning after Price threw 26? These hitters are so clueless sometimes. Game situation, guys. Frustrating.

That infuriated me. 4 stinkin pitches.

Brad got thrown out.

Good work, middle of the order. Umpire a joke.

Gameday:Tigers are 42-4 this season when scoring at least 5 runs.

35th time a Tiger gets caught stealing. Second in the AL

Navarro 342 for last 10.

They formed a battery with Rays

A pitcher hit by a comebacker and 100 plus pitches left three.. Great

Coke? two Switch-hitters

Put this on Lamont´s account. Coke cant pitch against RH or Switch hitters.

Have we found our 3rd baseman of the future?

Suarez ,once Iglesias claims back SS?

That’s a thought.

Casty is not the problem. He actually did the right thing as Kawasaki was not bluffing–he was running.
The Coke has fizzled again.

We always seem ways to self destruct….bullpen really the worst…man, this
is sad…wait, Omy God…..finally a good turn for the Tigers..Bautista strikes out, man thrown out at third…score now 5-4. Can we hold them? The shadow knows!!

Avila post ASG, before today:161/.226/.286/.512

BBQ looked real good there.

I’m looking forward to seeing McCann who is really starting to crank things up in Toledo. i can’t see how even DD can allow him to catch (regularly) another year.
May as well let AlAl throw his arm off in the 9th.
But we all know what we just might see.

Big crowd in Toronto. Looks like their fans are backing their Jays. I’ve always heard how beautiful Toronto is and never had a chance to visit. On my bucket list, though. Maybe take the train. Do they still have one from the D to Toronto?

not the D. Maybe Windsor to Toronto?

Train is either from Sarnia or Windsor going to Toronto . Last time we went the traffic was very heavy and alot of const zones .

They have to get rid of umpires deciding balls and strikes.

Oops-I hadn’t thought of that!
Joba has not had much luck this year in this inning.
Yesterday when he was brought in hurriedly he looked pretty confused.
Hopefully he has been able to be prepared for this one.
At least it’s not Nathan.

Yesterday, Toronto did not bunt and won. Today, same history so far

Third blown save in 5 chances

Tigers can’t score even one run on Jays bullpen. And Joba and Coke sucked is the story today.

Best rotation in the world doesn’t mean much with no offense and a bad bullpen

Thats right somehow the front office does not understand that do they ??

Joba is going to go to the well with his slider. Joey Bats is gonna sit on in (like Reyes) and he is going to end the game.

We’re lucky to get out of that inning with the tying run.
Joba is not cut out for 9th inning work.
Nice throw by EZ to keep Reyes at 1st, btw.
They need to play him more.
Miggy is just miserable right now. I actually do not see him getting it together this year.
It’s a shame when the only way you can win is by minor miracles

It’s all over but the cryin’ now.

Another mess like yesterday . Pen is almost empty as if that would change things .

the pitcher PR, I remember Morris doing that

well get them this inning guys. don kelly starts rallies

I would walk Reimold

They could have called up a position player for Pittsburgh. After this game they need to call up two relievers

ok ok i mean THIS inning ya’ll.

Dodged another bullet. Not sure how this lineup can push a run across though–Well maybe they can get to Janssen again. They have had no luck against any other bull-penners.

Where is Danny Worth when you need him?

Holy cow, romine is getting some wood on the ball, Melky saved the day for the Jays. Romine is sure a poor base-runner though.

Lay one down Rajai, lay one down

Finding a way to lose. Brutal.

Blaine Hardy was terrific.

Just watching the scoreboard…KC having a nice comfortable lead over the Giants
Tigers don’t know what a comfortable lead is….if they have one, the pen usually
blows it….do we need a another Price?Here is another game we’re about to Joe blow. …oh, it’s Hardly Hardy….prove me wrong, please…He did, good job!
What next?…no hit, when it counts…sad. ADavis..no patience!
Hardy still in there…terrific job! Big guns coming up…com’on guys! Blue Jays
bullpen doing a terrific job…so far we’re sucking wind .Miguel finally hits one
in the air…caught.
We suck….haven’t scored since the 4th inning ..btm 13th, had another opportunity
ADavis 0-6…..That’s all folks!

Now he’s got to pitch to Bautista. Oh, man.

I just don’t understand why Rajai doesn’t try to drop a bunt down more often. Especially when the pressure is intense upon the defense to make the perfect play. Francisco is very immobile down at 3rd base–seemed pretty damn logical to me.
Melky actually made a terrific play on Romine’s hit. It did save the day.

I thought Romine was safe.

C’mon, Victor!

Shouldn’t have been caught off the bag like that. He has made frequent mistakes on the bases, probably from lack of experience of being on them much.
He is one of the few guys that has been getting some hits though.

Still look back on the decision to take out Al as an incorrect one. Al had 4 consecutive K’s and was “on”. There is logic in taking him out but logic has not been winning us many games lately.

The longer we go the closer we get to Nathan.

I gotta give it to the Tigers that they have hung in there. Not sure if they can after this inning, but they didn’t give up.

3 breaks so far here in the 15th. Colby dogged it out of the batter’s box, Kawa is a very adept bunter and screwed up, Reyes robbed by Suarez.
Need another break now against Francisco.
Really the only thing to do was to walk both those guys.

Pretty gruelling game. Mistakes are happening yet both teams are failing to take advantage.
Boy I just don’t understand Rajai today whatsoever. You gotta get your a$$ on base somehow.

They all look exhausted.

Here comes Joe. I want to watch but don’t know if I can.

What more can you expect from the 2 worst scoring teams since the break.

I know we are just watching.
Can’t watch after that poor at bat by Torii, since now we have the most popular Tiger now toeing the mound.

How can tey even dream of Nathan being able to pitch 2 innings?

Nathan is almost as bad as Valverde in holding a runner on 1st.
DD is getting what he deserves.
Watch out for the flare down the LF line.

All right you guys,, get your act together and get Ricky one of those several wins you have deprived him of this year.

These kind of games end with a HR or an E

What a game!

I guess they like Canada, they are not in a hurry for leaving as usual

I think we have found the right inning for Nathan to handle.

Huge breaks for us in the 17th. Rick was elevating everyting and was getting tatooed

I thought Miguel had it.

Thru 17 innings, #Tigers have thrown 289 pitches, Blue Jays have thrown 278 pitches. Strikes? Sorry. Calculator is smoking.

Back in ’68 the Tigers and Yankees played to a 19 inning draw, John Hiller threw 9 shutout innings.

I am still here. I should be eating dinner by now.
Longest game I ever attended.
— Bob

I can’t bare the thought of a loss.

7 scoreless innings by the relievers.

yep, and that’s some impressive news. good work rookies hardy & mccoy!

Well Tigers lose this one after 19 long hard innings . So many chances to win this one . Off to Pittsburgh where things will not get easier .

An absolute killer to lose.

Time to regroup for tomorrow. They should call up three relievers

42-5 when they scored 5 runs

i’m puzzled that we brought both nick & jd’s bats out of the game.

Winning a close game. you need the best defense available and that means Kelly and Carrera.

with our bullpen that might not be the sure thing

JD booted the ball last Friday, he doest make the play that Rajai did. And Castellanos gives more 2b than the pitchers.
Carrera has a bat too. Puzzling for me was seen him replaced by Suarez

Maybe next year.

miss jim again.

Four hours ago,3:00 PM, a Maracaibo ´s journal published this:
“Dioner Navarro contribuye en victoria de Toronto” Navarro contributes to In Toronto ´s victory.
Not Dewey…

I was going to watch the replay; didn’t realize it would take days to see all 18 innings.
Saw the box score, nothing stood out, except this team cannot hold a lead when it has one. With the two injuries, my heart goes out to Mr. Ilitch. Just don’t see it happening this year, especially with the Bull Pen KC has. We might could eke it out if Miggy hit .400 the rest of the way. It’s a sad day in Tigerland.

Shame on Rajai and the coaches for not finding a way to get on base. He led off several innings and Kinsler and Miggy were both hitting the ball-why not get those legs on base?

Torii’s age caught up with him in his last couple of at bats

What was it? 14 or 15 innings and couldn’t score a run.

Ray pitches Tue. Who pitches Wed? Not Porcello, that was more exhausting than a bullpen session. Lobstein?

Tough game and a pretty debilitating loss. Porcello now is set back and needs to find the rhythm of a starting pitcher again. Anibal out and rotation in disarray.
Minor miracles will not be enough any longer.
The Fister trade will rear its ugly head when Ray starts.
Rajai showed why he has never been a full timer.
Looking forward to September.

Not Lobstein. He will never, ever be an effective MLB pitcher.

They dont have many options, Below VerHagen and Crosby who is now a reliever are all on DL..Ortega started one game this year but lasted just four innings.
I guess Porcello wont pitch until Thursday
Scherzer with 3 days of rest( not going to happen) ,Lobstein, a relievers start or pray for rain.

Notice, #Tigers fans, that @MudHens Miller might have sat because save situation is gone. But it also may be a move.

Don’t look now but the Royals are a half game behind and have won 7 in a row. With a real bull-pen, an all around All-Star catcher and solid hitting and defense.
Meanwhile DD is waiting for Avila to hit, Coke to become dependable, Nathan to pull his head out of his arse and Dirks to provide some LHB

Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi 1m
One week ago, Tigers had largest division lead in MLB (5 games). Now they have the smallest (1/2 game).

BREAKING: @MudHens RHP Kevin Whelan promoted to #Tigers. 2-1, 20 saves, 1.85 ERA in 35 GP for Hens.

Also talked to Robbie Ray … he said w/ @MudHens day off Monday he will join #Tigers before his scheduled start Wednesday.

Still one more pitcher should be called

I have tickets for Tuesday’s game in Pittsburgh. I think it might be a rain out according to the Pittsburgh forecast. I hope it is cause I think I’ve decided not to make the 5 hour drive for an 80% chance to sit in the rain. The Tigers could use the day off.

marty i think the rain will clear out by dinner time

I stayed for all 19 miserable innings. Let’s face it it looked real good the first five innings but as usual they twiddled their thumbs after that. Price really wasn’t sharp, coke wasn’t sharp and Jobs while has been pretty good doesn’t seem to be able to handle the 9th. I guess it’s true not everyone can pitch the 9th. I thought I’d strangle Joba, nick Castellanos for the inability to field his position I was sitting right by him and it was very apparent. Strangle Torri for grounding back to pitcher bases loaded and one out. I don’t know I guess I’ll never forget it, but I don’t know what to to do with these guys. Long day 41/2 hoursnin a car, nearly 8 at the park I’m exhausted. First away game I’ve ever gone to that we lost, There are a whole lot of players with the tigers who need to get their heads out of their butts!

Evan you’re a meteorologist correct? You think it will clear out enough by game time?

have a meteorology bachelors degree and look at weather models/observations a few hours a day. Anyhow, it sure is hard to say from the perspective of the field….i.e. i can tell you it should be done raining by 7pm but will the field be too soaked – i couldn’t tell you.

I feel bad you GK. I guess we have to let KC get a half game lead. That seemed to fix it last time.
The curse of the Fister trade I think. It made no sense. Coulda used him this year and next year with the likely departure of Max. The guy was a distance runner, a real athlete. So I’m thinking it doesn’t start with the SP any more. It’s not enough. BP is in shambles. Maybe time to start leaning more on the youngsters. Hardy may be up to more pressure situations. But the hitters have to come around. Miguel has to pick this offense up and carry it on his back to the end of September or this team will be handing the key to the Central over to KC. Can he still do that or is it too much to expect?

BREAKING: Ray & Whelan are NOT only @MudHens about to join #Tigers. Ian Krol & Justin Miller will join team in Pittsburgh Monday. (1 of 3)

ESPN in español , they will have the Tigers game next Tue ,just said Verlander would be the starter?

Something is badly wrong with this team. Maybe trading AJ for another SP was not the right message for the clubhouse? I don’t know. But, I don’t think championship teams play 19 inning games, and they certainly don’t lose them.

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