Analyzing Anibal’s fastball

Anibal Sanchez was barely a teenager when the Braves had their run of success with the Big Three rotation of Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz, but he was around to see them at the end of their careers.

“I’m a big follower of Greg Maddux,” he said. “To me, he’s one of the best pitchers, a guy that throws 84-85 with nasty command. That’s unbelievable. I faced Smoltz when I was with the Marlins early in my career. In ’06 I had the opportunity to face him. You just think about when this guy was 10 years younger.”

Sanchez’s game is different than either one of those guys. He throws way harder than Maddux, but he’s not as overpowering as Smoltz. But when Sanchez is on, there’s a simplicity to his pitching.

“He never throws anything straight,” Victor Martinez said.

When he’s on, even his fastball isn’t straight. When it moves like Sunday, he barely has to throw anything else.

The numbers from and Gameday are scary. Sixty-one of Sanchez’s 117 pitches were fastballs, averaging just under 94 mph, topping out at 96. He threw 42 of 61 fastballs for strikes. Rockies hitters swung at 32 of them — and missed 16 times. The only one they put in play was Brandon Barnes’ line-drive single in the seventh. That leaves 15 fastballs fouled off.

Think about that: 61 fastballs, one put in play. Colorado put more curveballs (3), sliders (4) and splitters (3) in play, according to the data, than fastballs.

“My last game, I feel like I had more life out of my fastball,” Sanchez said, “and today I used it all the time, executing until the guys can make contact. So I don’t try to throw a couple fastballs and go to the other pitch. I just keep my fastball, keep it on the corners, and I used it all the time.

“When you have a lot of command of your fastball, you can use the rest of your pitches and they’re going to work. Today when I throw my slider, any off pitch worked pretty much, especially because I put my fastball down and in and hit the corners very well today.”

Think, too, about this: Because Sanchez threw a few extra-slow changeups, his velocity Sunday ranged from 96 at the top end to 70 at the bottom. He went from the mid-90s to low-70s from pitch to pitch at least twice.

“He used his fastball perfectly today,” Brad Ausmus said. “He threw it for strikes. He threw it in, he threw it out, and all of his other pitches as a result were much better. He used his fastball as well as I’ve seen him use his fastball all year, and it just made his other pitches that much more effective.”

It’s one thing for a pitcher to say he’s going to attack hitters with fastballs and dare them to hit it. It’s another thing to pitch seven shutout innings, strike out 12 and walk none doing it.

In fact, according to, the only Tiger since 1914 to strike out 12 batters without a walk or a run allowed is Max Scherzer. He did it on June 17, 2012 — also against the Rockies.


94 to 70. for a SO Similar to vintage Verlander´s 98 to 78

Maybe Parrish is wrong:
Tom Reisenweber ‏@ETNreisenweber 12h
Steven Moya crushed home run No. 28 today and is now tied for 3rd all-time in @erie_seawolves history for one season with Boesch and Larish.
Erie, PA

after taking a look at what Jacob Turner has been doing in MIA….wow, DD fleeced MIA

there was some sentiment as late as this spring that Tigers should have kept Turner and traded Porcello instead.

boy was that wrong!

Since 2010, @RedSox and @Yankees have played 18 Sunday night games — and 6 have been 3:50-plus. (Tonight: 3:42)
Really? my wife and me watched four episodes of GoT while ESPN had the game

what is GoT?
Talking about TV, I found this an interesting read:

this is some good analysis. in professional ball, the fastball is usually a contact pitch, not a swing-and-miss pitch. when a team puts 1 of 61 fastballs into play, the pitcher has had a great day. would be interesting to compare this ratio to earlier game when Kershaw no-hit the Rox.

i looked it up…Kershaw threw 56 fastballs in his no-hitter, Rox put 8 in play. he got a lot of swing-and-miss off the slider (12 of 31)

good comment

DD about The Trade:
Olney: On the podcast, Dave Dombrowski gives his view on perception that the Rays didn’t get enough for David Price.

around 3/4 of the podcast

About the TV contracts.
There is not , and never was, such thing as free TV. Every time you buy a product advertised on TV you are paying the program where the adds aired.
Sport TV is more profitable than educational ( they jumped the shark afraid ) or Health/home care, news, TV. The subsidy runs the other way not the stated in the article. Unbundled TV would mean the disappearance of channel TV not dedicated to sports. music( formerly) or movies
He does not mention the real problem,those long term contract were devised for a world without broadband.

Kinsler 2B
Carrera CF
Cabrera 1B
V. Martinez DH
Hunter RF
J. Martinez LF
Kelly 3B
Avila C
Suarez SS
Scherzer P

Rajai out of the lineup…….oof – that’ll hurt offensively

first real look at Carrera – let’s see how he can handle it

Rajai vs RHP:.262.308.344.652 near his career numbers:256.298 .352 .650

And DD has high expectations( too high maybe ) for Carrera. High enough to trade Jackson

Rajai v RHP last 30 days ..403 .424 .500 .924
but, we’ve got to give the kid a chance and see what he can do.

His defense is saving him, because he’s pitching like crap and getting hit very hard tonight.

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