David Price: “I just want to fit in”

Price 003

That was a frequent phrase during David Price’s 20-minute session with reporters in the Tigers dugout at Comerica Park. He said it at least a handful of times. He also talked about the adjustment of pitching in Detroit, pitching in front of a packed house, and pitching with World Series expectations.

Highlights …

How Price found out Tigers were a possibility as Thursday went along:

“I didn’t know Detroit was even in the running for it. … Joba texted me whenever I was playing golf that morning, and said ‘Make sure you bring your sticks.’ I was like ‘We already came to Detroit …’ Then a couple hours later, I heard about it. It’s pretty cool to be traded to a first-place team.”

How the rest of the day followed:

“I played golf early in the morning that day, and then I went to the ballpark and got my workout in and threw with Hellickson, because he was throwing. I just went there to get away from everything because the baseball field is where I feel the most comfortable, to really get away from everything. My agent texted me whenever I was leaving and said it was about to happen in about the next half-hour or hour, so just be prepared. And I went home, just sat on the couch, sat there with the dogs and my girlfriend. We didn’t have the TV on or anything. We were just relaxing. My phone let me know when it happened. It was a whirlwind. I’m excited.”

On his success against Miguel Cabrera, 1-for-17 against him:

“I tried to throw strike one. I feel like if you’re 1-0, or 2-1 against that guy, he’s going to hit the baseball hard. He definitely hit his fair share of balls hard. He hit a couple balls hard here against me in my last start. In his first at bat, with a runner on third base, with one out, he hit a bullet to center for an RBI. In his second or third at-bat, he hit a ball to right that, if the wind’s not blowing in 30 mph, or if we’re in a normal park, it’s definitely a home run. In his fourth at-bat, it was a generous call on my cutter. I told him at the All-Star Game, I thought it was a ball, and he definitely agreed. I’ll always take whatever I can get, especially against guys like that. I really don’t know how I had the amount of success I had against him. I feel like, trying to get ahead, and just making my pitch.”

On the excitement of pitching in front of a sellout crowd:

“We still had our good crowds, whenever we were facing the really good teams, the Bostons, the New Yorks, the Detroits — any first-place team or weekend series, stuff like that — I feel like we did pretty good. But knowing you’re going to get one every fifth day, every start here, that’s pretty special, and I’m looking forward to it.”

On why he feels this season has been his best pitching:

“I’m commanding the strike zone at a rate I really never have. Strike one, throwing strikes. I know I throw a lot of strikes. If it’s 0-2, I’m not trying to get a guy out out of the strike zone. I think doing that, the hitters, they definitely know that so 0-0 I’m getting swings, 0-1. Guys are trying to not just put the ball in play, but they’re trying to force early action, and that’s what I want. I want a guy on or out in 3 pitches or less. If I can do that, if I give up 2, 3, 4 runs, I feel like I can still pitch in that 7th, 8th, possibly 9th inning, getting guys on or out in 3 pitches or less. Just throwing strikes, attacking the strike zone, hitters know that, so they want to put the ball in play early, kind of like Detroit did the other Sunday.”

On his pride in innings pitched:

“Six innings, I feel like that kind of used to be the staple. You want to get through 6. If I throw 6, I don’t care if I give up 0 or 1, I’m not going to be tremendously happy about that start. Seven innings is cool, but I definitely want to get 25 or 27 outs in a game. I want to be able to pitch into that 8th or 9th inning. That’s what I take pride in.”

On his postseason history:

“I had a really bad start last year in Boston. I haven’t had a whole lot of postseason starts. I don’t know how many starts it is. I know Game 163 last year didn’t count, but that’s a Game 5 or a Game 7 of the postseason. If you lose that game, you go home. I know I faced Texas quite a few times, and that’s a team that I can’t stand facing. I mean, they know that. That’s a park I really struggle to pitch in. With the lineups they had in 2010, 2011, that was an extremely tough team to pitch against. I’m pretty sure I faced Cliff Lee in a couple of those starts and I think he threw complete-game shutouts against us, so that made it even tougher.

“I know I can pitch in the postseason. I did it when I was a rookie in 2008 when I had no idea about Major League Baseball, really. I was facing good teams at that time. I came in this park with bases loaded facing Miguel, I think I was facing 2-3-4 in that lineup and got through it. That was a big moment for me right there, and I look forward to keeping it going.”

On his timetable for deciding his long-term future:

“I have no idea to be honest. I try to focus on the now. Whenever you focus on six months from now or 18 months from now, that means you’re not focusing on what you’re trying to do right now. And what I’m trying to do right now, I’ve said before, in between my starts to be the best teammate I can be, and whenever it’s my turn to pitch, go out there and pitch as deep into the game as I can and give these guys a good chance to win. That’s what I’m focusing on right now. That’s been my mindset ever since I got here. It’s not worrying about free agency or what all’s going on with that. I want to focus in on right now, on the Detroit Tigers, on my teammates, and just give these guys a chance to win every fifth day.”

On the pressure of the perception as a difference-maker:

“It does add a little bit of pressure, but in Tampa I was looked at as the difference maker as well, not only the difference maker but just the leader of the staff. This staff, there’s five leaders, I feel like, with the way that these guys are throwing the baseball. I guess if Rick Porcello is our five, that’s pretty remarkable, the way he’s thrown the ball this year as well. I don’t add any extra pressure on myself. Like I said before, pressure is perceived. If I can go out there, first and foremost, I want to have fun on the baseball field. Whenever you lose sight of that, it really turns into a job, and then it’s not a whole lot of fun even if you are throwing the ball well. I want to go out there and have fun, enjoy my teammates, enjoy the environment, just help this team win.”


It sounds like David was shocked the Tigers traded for him. He thought other teams would be the suitors. Hope he’s not disappointed. Says he’s nervous. It has to be hard to leave the team that drafted you and you played in such a unique venue. Hope he feels at home rather quickly and his dog can come “home.”
They just showed Pudge putting on the Old English D jersey and he did it with such dignity. I’ll never forget when the Tigers signed Pudge and the winning attitude he brought to Detroit. He was a huge part of the franchise turnaround. What a catcher!!!
Go Tigers!

Thundering and getting very black here in Royal oak as game starts

The radar shows rain in the area, but it shouldn’t last long.

Boy if Castellanos could only go to his right. It seems to me that ball he just can’t get to.

The pitch was outside, they were expecting Staubb to go opposite field

Scary thunderstorm going through here now.

Hailing with strong winds……looks like it’s headed to the park

Do some good pitching and you will fit right in with the fans Price! So we have mild panic in the Toledo area with a no-water ordinance going on – can’t drink the tap water right now due to high levels of an algae toxin and the stores ran out of bottled water super fast. Very irritated at the folks that felt the need to go out and get 5 cases of water. What is weird though is driving past all the restaurants with empty parking lots! I did not see last nights game but the box indicates JV had a nice game – well done. It think getting another cy young winner might spur him on a bit since right now he is more like our 5th starter and that won’t sit well with him.

I’ve been reading about that, TigerGirl. Can’t even boil it or let it touch your skin. They are going to have to find another source for water.

they have relaxed a bit on the skin contact and have cleared healthy adults to bathe but kids and those sick should not – does not make me feel good though about taking a shower! We have well water for our sprinklers so used that this morning for washing up!

oh dear, hang in there tigergirl.
…it’s really weird that boiling the water won’t work and only makes things worst. i’ve never heard of that, and it certainly makes the situation a bit more disturbing. that said, i hope folks aren’t running their tvs 24/7 to get the latest info. newscasters these days love to scare the bejeebees out of people.
hope it gets fixed asap. i’m sure authorities are working on it 24/7.

Just got here. What is Rick doing with 36 pitches already? Only 2 innings.

Miggy sure has had his share of DPs in that situation.
Doesn’t seem able to get those SacFly RBI’a like he used to.

Well, the error by Ian sure didn’t help.

Mixed bag so far. Davis on fire. He’s been involved in 5 of the 6 runs vs Rockies this series. Ian’s error caused Rick to throw more pitches. Miggy hits into a DP but gets Davis in. Avila drives in a run.


You can forget about injuries and recovery. He is back, against a LH

The reckless running by Colorado kept him in the game. Not sharp tonight

In honor of Pudge, Avila wakes up.

Maybe that is what did it …..Really Pudge was the spark plug the Tigers needed . We really owe Pudge alot.

Every time I just want to really want Avila to go away he has a night like this?

Even a blind squirrel………………

Very good game. Rick did his job. The hitting was unbelievable, Scoring in every inning. Hopefully they only need about half that many runs to win games. The bullpen, well………………….

Well, that was McCoy. Coke walked a guy but he did okay.

Exactly what they need to do against a last place team. Now get the sweep.
Avila going oppo twice was unexpected. He used to do that, and he’ll have to keep doing that because of the shift. He had a good game. And I never saw a catcher get hit on both biceps in the same AB. This is Ripley’s stuff.
I hope Brad notices that Rajai is hitting the RHers too.
Porcello was excellent. Again.
Anybody else tired of the Kid Rock Chevy commercial? Never thought I’d prefer the Bernsteins. At least they’re good for one-liners.

We’ve been Carrabba’d, Bersteined, Dr Rhamani, and Kid Rock I Was Born Free to death. Every year it’s someone new.

great comment about kid rock/bernsteins rich! what a hoot.

if i remember right, GM ran their ads with a john mellencamp song one year, and he was not happy with how they overplayed his song.

I hadn’t heard that but it sounds like Mellencamp.
Those Chevy commercials are on nearly every channel, not just ballgames.

Scoring a run in every inning of a home game hasn’t been done by the Tigers in 102 years. And no, I was not at that game.

1. 10 K’s by the ground ball pitcher, Ricky P.
2. Every starter gets a hit, and the guys never trail from start to finish.
3. Add on runs every inning.
Kudos to the team. Miggy’s bomb was a welcome sight. Welcome too for VMart and Julio. Have to keep it in perspective; it wasn’t an Ace, but you have to hit the pitcher you face to win. I’ll toot my horn a little; three years ago several Bloggers were wanting Porcello gone; I always though he’d win 200 games, and think he will yet. Again, this guy is younger than a lot of opponent’s top prospects. Keep the hitting timely enough, stay away from one or two run leads in the 8th, and we should be fine. I know I’m not asking for much. Looking forward to Tuesday night in the big House.

Whoa there, ol’ buddy. Ann Arbor’s Michigan Stadium has been and will always be THE Big House. They had a soccer match there today and, if I still lived where I used to, I’d have walked over to attend my first match ever. My wife told me the 109,000+ in attendance was a US soccer record, and I replied that every event they hold in that stadium is some kind of attendance record.

Fiesta Tigres event has become a special event at Comerica. Pudge nearly brought me to tears Actually, he did. Still love Pudge. He may be a Ranger, but he’ll always be a special Tiger to me

Ricky pitched well and the offense woke up . Remember the Rockies have had a real bad year . Tomorrow is another game to win .

“I didn’t want Alex to not play three straight games,” Ausmus said. “I toyed with the idea of playing Holaday in games one and three. It crossed my mind to play him in all three. But I didn’t want to keep Alex out that long.” And will play today as a reward while Holaday for his good game got the bench

Lineup vs. COL: Davis 8, Kinsler 4, Cabrera 3, V. Martinez DH, Hunter 9, J. Martinez 7, Castellanos 5, Avila 2, Suarez 6. Sanchez starting

Anibal is in dire need of managing himself in the middle innings today. He seems to run through the lineup with ease but starts to get pummeled after they have seen him a bit.
Still think he is the smartest (craftiest) pitcher on the team. Has the pitches and the command. Just about everything a guy would need, yet—needs to find that bulldog within maybe.

Yep it seems like the mid innings are problems for Anibal . Focus on them and the Tigers get the win today . Rockies have so many injuries that are keeping them down this year .

Devon Travis tearing things up at AA Erie. Brandon Douglas hitting .230 or so with little chance of a big league promotion. Time to elevate Travis?
This guy is gonna excite Tiger fans and should be more than ready after Kinsler’s contract is finished.

Just got back from a 3 week trip. Lots of tigers with family – my favorite. I wouldn’t have traded AJ and Drew for David, but it’s a good move if JD can continue to hit. Talking about hitting, where have Ian and Alex gone? For that matter, Cabby hasn’t impressed me since I last talked to ya’ll, either. Ian and Cabby must hit better down the stretch than they are right now.

They picked it up yesterday though

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