Thursday’s lineups: Tigers vs. White Sox

As we wait to see what the Tigers do before this afternoon’s nonwaiver trade deadline, there’s still a game to be played. And with John Danks seemingly set to make his scheduled start for the White Sox, there’s a lineup to clutter with right-handed hitters. However, Alex Avila surprisingly gets the start behind the plate for the day game after a night game.

Eugenio Suarez, meanwhile, is back in the lineup after missing Wednesday’s game with a bad lower back.

On the South Siders’ side, Paul Konerko gets the start at DH with the day game after a night game.

TIGERS (career numbers off Danks)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (16-for-42, 2 doubles, 3 HR, 5 walks, 7 K’s)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (13-for-38, 3 doubles, 4 HR, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (11-for-41, 2 doubles, HR, 7 walks, 5 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (10-for-48, double, 3 HR, 2 walks, 5 K’s)
  5. Torii Hunter, RF (15-for-49, 2 doubles, 3 HR, 4 walks, 7 K’s)
  6. J.D. Martinez, LF (0-for-3, K)
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B (3-for-5, double, walk, K)
  8. Alex Avila, C (7-for-25, 2 doubles, walk, 4 K’s)
  9. Eugenio Suarez, SS (0-for-0, 2 walks)

P: Drew Smyly

WHITE SOX (career numbers against Smyly)

  1. Adam Eaton, CF
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS (3-for-7, double, triple, K)
  3. Jose Abreu, 1B (1-for-3, HR, 2 K’s)
  4. Dayan Viciedo, LF (3-for-7, HR, K)
  5. Paul Konerko, DH
  6. Gordon Beckham, 2B (2-for-4, double, walk, K)
  7. Tyler Flowers, C (0-for-2, K)
  8. Moises Sierra, RF
  9. Leury Garcia, 3B (2-for-4, double)

P: John Danks


Geez, I almost forgot the It was an afternoon game. I’ll be shocked if Mr. D does any more deals, but I’ve been shocked before. Not getting my hopes up except for winning today’s game. Go Tigers!

I’m going to run an errand before the game. When I return, I expect to see David Price traded to Detroit……………
My source is a guy on the street named Terry who is selling……something.

Who would you rather have? Price or Scherzer?

gk, if you’re at the game, Jon Lester and Andrew Miller both said if they were traded, they’d resign with the Red Sox next year. The Red Sox believe them because of the good will that has been built up. I’m guessing they don’t have Boras representing them.

As much as I like Max I would go with Price. His LH arm at Comerica Park and his relative youth to Max would be the determining factors for me.


Another reckless running , Kinsler this time. No runners at 1b . Traded a fast runner in SP for slow runner at 1b

You dont run until the ball leaves the IF, unless there are runners at 1b and 3B-. There is a reason the tigers lead MLB in Out on bases.

That is one heckuva play by Ramirez. Kinsler did nothing wrong on the play but the ball was a hard hit 2 hopper and Ramirez’ instincts were great. Not many shortstops will attempt that play when in run conceding mode.

It was. He’s a great SS. Great defense.

Ad he had to know, Ramirez is the SS

No one’s perfect!

Guess Smyly isn’t into pitching well today. And Tiger’s squander runner on 3rd and 1 out. Terrific.

Looks like they are going to bunt. Tigers need to stop the bleeding.

He’s been ahead of everyone one of these batters too.

Defense not helping him

Those have all been solid hits…yes Jd misplayed but Konerko woulda of scored on the next hit. Yes I think that our defense in places leaves something to be desired, but this so far is in Smyly, I think. Poor location on a lot of those pitches.

Miguel had the play at home. Castellanos had play at 3B

Bad choice by Miggy.

Real bad choice for Miggy . We learned this play in High School…..

Somebody hit one outta there!

Avila argh….

Can anyone get a hit?

That’s a good point about Casty having a tag at 3rd. Too often infielders reject the notion of simply tagging a nearby runner electing to try to shoot the horn.
Miggy should have known better with Eaton running and the runner on 3rd was 30 ft off the bag.
Looks like we might be getting Andrew Miller back.
If so Krol will be gone and we will have nothing at all for Doug Fister at this stage.

Did Robbie Ray go somewhere? Or are you thinking because he hasn’t done much yet?

Beware of the 3-team trade.

I want Giancarlo Stanton. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Tigers put Smyly ahead and he immediately gives up a lead off double. Let’s see if he can wiggle out of this one

Nope…..almost but nope

“WE” want him too!
Geez Ian, you are really not doing the job, 1st inning notwithstanding.

Robbie Ray hasn’t gone anywhere nor does he look like he is going anywhere soon.

Yet another wasted opportunity to score runs today. Argh…..¿¿¿¿¿¿¿?????? Kinsler Miggy.?

Surprised to see Miggy wearing sunglasses at bat on a cloudy day.
Boy is Kinsler ever scuffling.

For the month he certainly is….

Eaton sure like to hit against Tiger pitching.

They can’t get Eaton out.

What the hell is wrong with Smyly and Avila. 3 freakin’ breaking balls hanging up in the zone where he clobbers everything?
I don’t get it.

Is that about the billionth 2 strike hit Smyly has given up today. He’s not been too good today

If Smyly doesn’t get Viciedo they better yank him because Konerko will get him.

Smyly was up in the zone all day. Too young to make the in-game adjustment.

Miller got away from us. O’s got him. Coke n Krola must be the two happiest people in Detroit.

Meanwhile I’m getting tweets about a possible 3-way deal. I hope their “source” isn’t my comment from earlier today.

could be!

I think we are gonna regret not getting Miller.

I’m sure they tried.

Drew Smyly may have thrown his last pitch as a Tiger.

Another dumb base running move today…..tigers trying to lose.

Holy cripes- what the heck is wrong with JD’s thinking? That was absolutely stupid.
Would have had a man on 3rd with just 1 out. Dumb

Sure looked like it if you interpret the exchange he had with Miggy.

They’re not gonna throw Smyly back out there, are they?

Here comes AL. Heads up fans.

Top of the sixth and we need Justin Miller!!!!!

Possibly our first look at our 6-7-8-9 bullpen setup.

…..and another terrific at-bat by AA. Is their base-running A or SS? Aggressive or Severely Stupid?

Avila sure is clutch ain’t he?
Here we go, error on Casty-the club just looks like one with no belief.

If the Tigers can manage to get Price and keep Smyly then they can at least move Smyly to the pen in the post season and therefore don’t need an Andrew Miller. Of course this means Porcello would likely get traded in any Price deal.

Unlikely. Porcello will make only a little less than Price. Rays can barely afford even those 12 MM this year. And they would lose him him the next year and that is the main reason for the trade

Oh, Al.

Uh oh Al.

5.19 era Bellessario…..Tiger’s fold with lazy ab’s

Alex Avila astounding day at the plate whether beside it or behind it

Yes Avila screwed up with Eaton but Soria has nothing. Still think Texas knew something.

This team can’t do anything right today. Avila has taken too many in the mask.
Soria can’t win. Even if he does something right it goes wrong.
This one is over.

Drew to the yankees. bullet averted

Done deal: #Rays trade David Price to the #Tigers. #Pirates get Zobrist #Rays get slew of prospects including Marte from Pittsburgh

But the fake Nightingale was the first. So, maybe not for real

For real. I should know better than to ask you that, ET.

Three different sources so far. Waiting full details

We need a triple play. Seriously.

I’m not ready to lose confidence in Soria. He has a track record and has been lights out.

David Price. I asked all of you earlier and you responded.

Wow Price

can confirm @Ken_Rosenthal #Tigers are getting David Price

Olney, verified account,Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN now
A Tigers’ rotation of Max Scherzer, Verlander, Anibal Sanchez and David Price. Wow. And now Detroit can try to sign Price as Scherzer walks.

Soria….god I was excited to this he’s just not done anything

austin jackson and drew smyly in price deal

Lord have mercy.. Austin Jackson.

Not Austin.

I was just sick when Grandy got traded. He’s still one of my favorite players. And his charity work in the community is off the charts.

I bet he’s going to Seattle. McClendon probably wants him. .
He’s been hitting so well. I know people rag on him, but I’ll miss him

He’s one of my favorites as Curtis was. Happy to have price but

Soria got out of that mess. We have to get the bats going.

i am so very very sad.
just love AJ.
obviously i need to stop investing in these guys personally.
“who’s your tiger”.?
bah humbug.

Gene Lamont looked like he had tears in his eyes.

I think I do too. Agreed with you too westerly75, I too get too wrapped up in these guys and hate to see most of them when they leave if they have been around for a while

Going to Seattle.

2011 Cy Young Award winner: Justin Verlander. 2012: David Price. 2013: Max Scherzer. All in same rotation now. Price gets AJ’s No. 14.

Yikes – Tigers sure do like to make deals. I hate to see AJax go – glad they gave the crowd a chance to give him a farewell but how crazy to be playing your position and get taken out mid-inning to find out you are being sent elsewhere? Crazy job to be a professional athlete and get sent to and fro without your input, that is at least to the public I don’t recall hearing AJ was up for a possible trade. Interested to see what Price can do for us, but was hoping to get a lefty for the pen that is better than what we have.

I wish Austin could come out just for a second and give the crowd a wave.

Well, It is a steep price to pay. No more rumors of Drew to the bullpen anymore.
They will need to call up Carerra to play CF. There is no way Rajai can handle that.
We lose AJ in the middle of a hot streak, one in which no body else is doing much. We’ll notice that for sure but AJ has always been one of those guys who has underachieved. For all his attributes he has not maximized them well.
It does make one wonder if something else is in the works as after all, CF is a key position on anybody’s team.
The team sure looks flat. Drew pitched as though he was distracted.
Best of luck to AJ and Drew–I’m sure we will follow their careers.
Not sure how we’re gonna score 4 runs a game to support another quality starter though.

A lot of rumors and conjecture. Certainly Price is a huge acquisition. But Jackson and Smyly? A 4-team trade? Tigers, Rays, Seattle and Pittsburgh? No LHP for the Tiger bullpen? I’m not sure if all this makes for a better team or not. Price plays every 5th game. AJ plays every game. Maybe DD felt the OF was a Tiger strength if they get Dirks back or have a good bet in Toledo or AA.

Maybe Dirks and that’s a big maybe, DKB, Rajai, and probably a minor leaguer.

OMG, we didn’t get a lefty for the BP.

Oh, Joba. For cripes sake.

consider this game as over, can’t imagine the guys are focusing on today’s game with the hoopla going on – hope I am wrong

Seriously can these pitchers do anything?

not today. Joba gets overused.

Our OF is not the best. None of them has a great arm. I don’t know about Carerra’s arm.

we do need an arm in the OF for sure – we get run on constantly

Tiger’s can’t beat anyone not even the damn white soxs.

Huge crowd and they can’t put together any runs. I guess that’s why they have to have aces pitching.

The Rays got our SS from Whitecaps.

Blaine Hardy pitched pretty good there.

This game was lost when Avila turned his glove the wrong way and failed to block strike three.
I guess DD has given up on trying to make anything work in the bullpen, I guess the new philosophy is have a great rotation and that each of them can throw 9 innings.
Definitely a head shaker.
The team is dysfunctional and getting moreso–there is no way they can collectively support any of their starters the way they are playing.
Castellanos just does not seem able to come up anything between himself and the line.

It’s the bullpen, DD, the bullpen. I’ve never really felt comfortable with Joba. Nathan seems in decline. Soria hasn’t shown anything yet. AlAl is not consistent. Krol is not working out. Hardy is too new to judge. Coke (cough, cough, choke). Who else is there? AJ had his moments but I don’t feel like he ever played up to expectations. Streaky hitter. Never used his speed with stealing. Seemed to have an aversion to getting his uni dirty both offensively and defensively. I’m sure they’ll still make an offer to Max but probably not much higher than before and he’ll leave and they will get an extra draft pick. So much…………..

Not Adames was it? Did DD give up a prospect as well?

I think so. A very highly rated SS with the Whitcaps.

Yes, Willy Adames.

From the old school where baseball was a sport. The timing of the trade was the tackiest, unprofessional event I have seen. If the deadline is 4:00 in the day, don’t have day games. Rip me apart; I’m tired of this business.

What team could concentrate on a game after the trade happened?

What do you think of the umpire behind the plate, gk?

Hes been ok but that strike out of suarez was aweful

There is just too much going on today. Plus, at any minute you could be traded

I think we are gonna be real happy with Price but DD gave up too much. If it were Davis instead of AJ, fine. The inclusion of Adames in this deal seemed pretty unnecessary in my eyes.
Best of luck to Ezequiel in the bigs. He should have no trouble beating out Rajai for the position.
Without getting that lefty reliever we needed this deal is under intense scrutiny.

Hes been ok but that strike out of suarez was aweful

For David Price? One of the best!

amen greg. tacky.

Avila is now getting boo-ed pretty regularly.

Dan & Jim complaining about all the runs given up this year at home. Way more than last year. Keep JL out of the dugout.

In general we are giving up more runs…..I think number of games with 6 or more runs has come close to last years totals

That’s what they were shocked about, gk. The number of games this year.

What really confuses me about this “trade” is what did Seattle really give up? A guy batting .128? Seriously he was the key to the deal? I don’t get it.

M’s have a shrewd GM.
Franklin was considered a “no miss” but there was no where to play him with Cano there. “Z” made a great trade.

As far as I’m concerned, this latest deal sucks…leaves a bad taste in my love of the game…Jackson was on top of his game and he’s gone, he’ll be even better playing
for a terrific manager..The Tigers have trouble scoring runs in the first place,what
makes anyone thinks the team will be any better with Price?The bullpen(terrible)
Who in the hell will be available to finish a game?I hate this deal….I liked Smyly,
he must of known he was not a Tiger, when the day started…Tampa Bay wins,
all around. I’ll be routing for them…IN THE EAST.

Huh? The Tigers are in the top of the league in runs. The trade hurts our OF defense more than our offense.
Smyly is a good middle of the rotation starter.
Price is a Cy Young winner, and we have him thru 2015.
Tampa lost this deal, they should have gotten a lot more for Price. An 18 year old SS, a 2B that can’t hit and a middle of the rotation LHP? They won?

Seattle gave up a 2B blocked by Cano. Detroit gave up a SS blocked by Suarez/Iggy, our CF and a 5th Starter and got a Cy Young LHP. Unbelievable.

Look for a waiver acquisition next month of a defensive CF.

I meant “Can’t miss”!

When it comes to left-handed pitching and David Price, the word “covet” comes to mind.

All of this goes back to one Max Scherzer. From the Fister deal forward, it starts with whether Max would sign or not.
It’s been a long strange day.

Thats is very correct Rich . Just wonder if any of the sports writers will see it this way??

The fact the Tigers have all these “runs” statistically is of little solace when they go through prolonged slumps where they can’t buy a clutch hit or find a way to score IN THAT GAME to save their lives. When the offensive droughts demoralize the starters, when victories are turne into losses, when “bad teams” not only beat us but humiliate us.
We could add Clayton Kershaw too but if you can’t put the fire out with your bullpen or score runs with your offense, or prevent with your defense, it won’t be enough.
The bullpen is completly unreliable. Some of the guys in it shouldn’t even be in the bigs. Als, best days are behind him. Coke is an imminent disaster-just a matter of time, Krol should be in Toledo. Joba may have maxed out. We better hope that Soria and Nathan become unhittable again.

It was painful and bizarre to watch Jackson leave the field mid-inning. It cast a pall over the entire proceedings and should never be allowed to happen again.
I’ll have some input on the trade itself later.

They have to be off the field by 4:00.

Aware of that. I mean don’t have the deadline during games being played. It used to be midnight. It also used to be June 15th. Now there’s talk of pushing it back to August 31st! All Star teams in the playoffs, imagine it.

Who is calling the game? Is it Avila or the pitcher, or the Manager? Does anyone do their homework in game calling…clutch hits keep coming for the other team…Eaton,
something wrong..Why does the manager pat the pitcher in the rear end after
giving up runs,runs,runs….continuously…he didn’t do the job, my goodness!
just give him the OLAY. Avila needs a long rest. Looks like he falls asleep
when he’s at bat. or confused.
Easy for me to say…I KNOW!!

Went outside to mow the lawn to take out some of my anger on the grass.

Mr D did the interview on Tigers Live. Krol has been sent down, Carerra is coming up.

Kemp could be available. He will clear waivers

I wanted and liked the trade even if my favorite player , Jackson, is gone. Pitching , fundamental and three runs HR. Keep the runs allowed low and you dont need that much runs

Bullpen?McCoy is coming back. Miller. Hardy looks great. Coke has been better so I guess they are ok with him.In a pinch Valdez, Wheelan and Mercedes are near to beready
Price goes deep so less work for the bullpen compared with Smyly.
Smyly was the only pitchers the Rays can afford ,so it was him or no trade.

Adames? nothing unexpected. Iglesias, Suarez, Perez, Machado . How many SS do you need?
it was him or Moya

Beck, retweets:
NEW @MudHens lineup posted: Ezequiel Carrera is NOT in it. NO official word yet, but we can read between the lines.

McCoy reactivated

Austin will return in 15 days with his new team,

Will Carrera give us a spark like Quintin Berry did?? RD and EC are both CF and leadoff hitters. It might help AJ to be baack with Lloyd.

Sanchez and Smyly both have pitched well enough to win 9 or 10 games. No support. Price is good but if you can’t support Smyly then you do have to worry about supporting Price a bit too.

Re the game today, if it really mattered. The Lineup right now is like a flock of wounded geese having survived an onslaught of hunter’s rifles. One guy perks up to fly, while two more fall behind. The head bird in the V Formation, Miggy is a wounded leader. Price can pitch his socks off, and I think he will. Doesn’t change the condition of the flock. Avila is about ready to fall from the sky. Best wishes AJax. You gave us a lot of Kodak moments. With Drew gone, the Bull Pen is pretty much all Bull.

If AA falls from the sky who comes to his rescue ?? This is a larger problem than anyone will admit to. At least Doc can put the ball into play.

The trade was rough for Smyly. But, the silver lining is he’s going to a team with a wonderful manager. Not the same as going to a winning team, but at least he’ll have a good manager.

how much will Tigers miss Jackson’s D in CF? we shall see. IMO, Beane made tactical error in trading away his cleanup hitter. they needed more offense, not less. Despite that, Gomes is another platoon guy who fits their strategy well.

Tigers can still pickup additional bullpen help, but a more complicated task after the deadline. likely that they’re not done shaping the roster for the postseason.

interesting that Jackson involved in 2 of the most unlikely trades in the Dombrowski era in Detroit.

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