Ausmus on Cabrera: “Everything isn’t in sync”

In most seasons, a 3-4 West Coast trip is about average for the Tigers. As well as the Tigers have played on the road this year, it stands out.

When the Tigers score two runs over the final three games of the trip against an Angels rotation that didn’t include Jered Weaver for the series, it definitely stands out.

Miguel Cabrera drove in one of the two runs with an opposite-field homer that resembled his classic swing. It was part of 9-for-21 stretch over the first five games of the trip. He went 0-for-9 to end the series, including 0-for-4 with two strikeouts on Sunday — one of them on a 73 mph changeup from lefty Hector Santiago — to end the trip at 9-for-29 with two home runs, six RBIs and six strikeouts.

His average is back at .309, which is where it stood when the trip began. It’s more the look on the swings that is being scrutinized right now than the numbers.

“He’s scuffling a little bit right now,” manager Brad Ausmus said after Sunday’s 2-1 loss. “Hopefully DHing today, not standing out in the field helps and he gets his legs back with a day off tomorrow. I think he’s kind of been a little frustrated all year because of the post-surgery. Everything isn’t in sync for him. He’s having trouble syncing right now. I think the surgery probably is the root cause of it, maybe going all the way to the end of last year when he wasn’t swinging like he normally was to protect the injury.

“It can take time. I think it’s some of the side effects of all that.”

Cabrera isn’t getting into the surgery recovery, and hasn’t since his quotes from USA Today’s Jorge Ortiz at the All-Star festivities. His disagrees with the notion that he’s frustrated at the plate, and he understandably feels like the results are pretty good.

There are certainly additional reasons for the Tigers’ offensive funk the last few days, including the Martinezes cooling off. Still, the spotlight in this offense is on Cabrera, and largely has been since the comments over the break.

Is he hitting like normal? No.

Is he in a freefall? No.

He’s somewhere in between. And as the Tigers schedule gets busy (20 games in 20 days coming up, including a three-city road trip in early August), it’ll be up to Ausmus to decide whether to rest him a day or two over the course of the upcoming stretch.


This is probably really unfair …..I Iwould hope its not true but it wouldn’t be the first time nor the last time after a large contract people slummed a bit last year it was Verlander this year Miguel.

hopefully he can get his mojo back – Ricky did an amazing job yesterday – overall our starting pitchers have done great this road trip. Even Verlander, he could have thrown a 1-run game and still lost so overall I was happy with his performance too. Come on guys, take today to get refreshed and get those bats working again before our Central division foes get any closer

He leads MLB with 81 RBI. He is paid for that and he is doing that
309 .364 .531 in his off year
WAR:3.5 that is worth 19.5 MM in the market. He is close to earn his 2014 salary:22,000,000

It is the rest of the lineup who should answer:Jackson, Kinsler, JD, Victor, Hunter, Avila. I leave the two rookies out because they are learning the trade

Still, the Tigers are third in runs /game in the AL. 4.67

He’s hitting well below his career batting average, slugging percentage, ops , obp. He may have the rbi’s which is great but he is not doing what he normally has done. And I’m really surprised you think he has. But it’s not only him but he’s the highest priced player on this team and there has to be expectations.

Kinsler .229 July (.174 post allstar) 14 RBI 1 homer in July
Miggy .293 July ( .333 post allstar) 16 RBI 2 homers in July
VMart. .295 July ( .256 post allstar) 5 RBI 1 homers in July
Jmart. .325 July ( .133 post allstar) 12 RBI 4 homers in July
AUstin. ..351 July ( .370 post allstar) 10 RBI 1 homer in July
Torii .333 July ( .267 post allstar ) 22 RBI 5 homers
Avila. .164 July ( .107 post allstar) 9 RBI 2 homers
Suarez .224 in July ( .214 post allstar) 3 RBI 0 homers
Casty. .231 in July. ( .292 post allstar ) 7 RBI. 0 homers
Davis. .392 in July. ( .316 post allstar ) 6 RBI 0 homers
Won’t include Holaday, Kelly and Romine when you never get to play it’s not fair to criticize but other than Kelly it’s not pretty.

But Jackson and Hunter have been doing well and I can’t believe you are putting this on them on yous slacker list . Jackson Davis and Hunter have highest batting averages on team in July and Hunter has contributed most of the Rbi’s.

He is below his standards. But for a player recovering from injury , he is doing well. He is not Ryan Howard or Pujols. Not yet.
Hunter has failed when it matters both with the bat and the glove.
JD is regressing
VMart has been unable to get back his timing
Jackson? he and Suarez caused the L yesterday
Miguel?333 post allstar, 16 RBI 2 homers in July sounds good to me

265/ .336 /.520/.856 He was around 222 . He is in his way back

And Porcello himself for throwing the ball away to begin with!

You do realize Hunter is batting is batting .333 with 22 RBIs and a .977 OPS in July, right? He’s also batting .290 for the year with RISP, and .311 with RISP/2 outs.

Pretty sure I said that Torii And Austin had been hitting the best in July…..

Avg Value on what’s left on his contract. .29.2 million. Sorry I expect he will live up to his contract but he’s not performing right now how you’d expect and frankly I’m slightly disappointed fair or not. I used to think when he came up in a big situation he’s gonna do something now I feel like he’s most likely going to strike out. I’m seeing him whiff on balls that he never would of swung at in a billion years before. He’s not the same guy anymore. All his numbers prove it.

Still batting .368 (35-for-95) with almost as many walks (11) as strikeouts (15) with RISP. So not all the numbers.

He’s struck out 70 times this year and he struck out mid 90’s last year.

And as far as runners in scoring position it’s 30 point less than last year. My point is while nothing is horrible he is not hitting up to his averages no matter what numbers you pick to use.

Batting the ball hard
Who is hitting the ball hard most often in July?

Notables: Santana/Coghlan/Ackley/Hosmer/Rendon

Top 60-

Miguel 20th. JD and Jackson 51 and 50

Which hitters hit the ball hard most often? AL/NL leaders are Victor Martinez/Lucas Duda. Leaderboard/explainer here
Victor first, Miguel 7th

No matter what you say Miguel is striking out more often whiffing at more balls way way out of the strike zone he may hit the ball hard for singles but he isn’t hitting with a lot of power or average at least what you would expect from him. Look at his career numbers and look at what he is doing this year. Is he the worst ever or on this team no but he isn’t performing up to his history. They are his numbers I’m not making them up. . He’s 31st in homers. He’s struck out about 20 less than his normal strike out rate in the 90’s ….he’s struck out 70 times. Which is 4th most on this team.
And Don’t get it twisted yes there was an error but this pitiful hitting team right now lost yesterday because they got 3 hits -Miggy 0 with 2 strikeouts. He’s less than himself …just look at the numbers. It doesn’t matter how hard he hits them if they aren’t resulting in hits and runs.

Not the same Miggy as last year . I have given him the benefit of doubt and tried not to second guess what he swings at . Sometimes he looks like he is in another world..
Something is wrong……

102 games played with half at home and half on the road. As hitters, we have had a better BA at home but better power numbers and more runs scored on the road. Our pitchers have a lower ERA on the road and those factors have allowed us to have a 31-20 record on the road. At home we are just one game over ,500.

Since the ASG we have not hit as a team (.238) nor with power as we have only five
homers. The team ERA is much like the before ASG but we have allowed 11 home runs. These are very bad trends. We just completed our last trip to the left coast and
now have six home games. We need to defend home turf better and our hitters have to break out of their post ASG slump. Best way to do it is to have the team put a big crooked number on the board. Go Tigers!!!

Forgot you can only criticize Coke, Jackson Torii and Avila.

Those guys have deserved it. Torii is loved by all but I have never seen a guy who seems destined to hit into a key DP with bases loaded or 1st and 2nd.
Torii 2 Hop also likes killing rallies by swinging at that 1st pitch.
AJ is as straky as one can get. through all the streakiness you get no power, few stolen bases, no game-saving dives in the OF and no real defense on anything hit in front of him.
Coke, a disaster in waiting.
Avila–over-rated and a key to success with the potential of the only power LHB we have.

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