Dirks could resume rehab assignment next week

Dave Dombrowski raised a little surprise Thursday when he mentioned Andy Dirks as a potential option for a left-handed bat.

“I think Andy Dirks is going to come back here,” Dombrowski said when downplaying the chance of a trade for a left-handed hitter. “He’s making progress again. I think he’s going to help us.”

That return might not be as far off as expected. Dirks has been making progress in workouts in Florida, Brad Ausmus said, and could resume his minor-league rehab assignment early next week.

“We’re hopeful if he feels good on Monday that we can maybe restart his assignment,” Ausmus said Saturday.

Dirks played in six games for Class A Lakeland earlier this month before being pulled off his rehab assignment July 16 with lower back soreness. If and when he resumes his assignment, those days don’t reset, so he’ll have about two weeks left out of the 20 days of rehab he gets before the Tigers have to make a roster decision on him.

If Dirks were to resume action around the middle of next week, he’d hit his maximum 20 days of rehab around mid-August. It’s worth noting that Dirks still has minor-league options remaining, and they could conceivably use one to send him to the minors until rosters expand Sept. 1.


Kelly has played 17 games in the OF.That looks like a 5th OF to me. Romine and Suarez can play 3b while DK cant play SS. They need a LHB off the bench.

Plus Dirks brings great defense to one of the worst defensive OF in MLB

Kelly has been a trooper to be sure. But the facts say that Kelly is 34 years old and a lifetime .230 hitter with little power.
Versatile? Certainly. Appreciated by management, team-mates AND fans? Absolutely.
Better to have on your bench than Dirks? That would be a real stretch.
Unless DD trades away Rajai, Donny’s days are correspondingly numbered to Dirks’ return if Andy returns before September.

I hope they don’t do anything until September. Andy is a good fielder but e he’s not great shakes with the bat. But, they are going to do what they want to do no matter what the numbers say.

Vic has now struck out in 4 consecutive games. That clutch, never fail, bat is a little off.

Peavy gone to SF. Who got the best of that 3-way trade? Tigers got Iggy. White Sox got Avisail Garcia. Both are injured.
Was there ever any truth to the rumor that AG and Prince’s wife were………………

It’s a conundrum for sure, but I don’t think Kelly is the obvious guy. Personally I don’t think Dirks will be back this year and if he is I don’t think he will be that effective. Remember how long it took VMart to get going? And if he does my guess it won’t be till the September callups.

Navarro has become a Tiger killer. Almost wish Hamilton hadn’t been injured.

HR and 2B a fluke or is JV going to implode again?

I don’t care how good of a catcher you supposedly are you have to hit better than 218
To be a starting catcher…dont give a crap what his ops is.
By the way I’m really tired of announcers and others keep talking of JV in these lofty terms like he’s still good, and not a guy with a 4.84 era. Do they think we are stupid?

Someone needs to help Suarez with his base-running. Second night in a row he is picked off.

Yes what is their base running coach being paid to do ??

Doesn’t a pitcher have to step off the back of the rubber before he throws to 1st?

Don’t give up on JV. He’s a bit arrogant and hard headed but eventually he will realize he needs to develop a whole other pitch and knowing JV, he’ll master it.
Tigers should protest the game.

I think the replay rule says it can’t be protested.

i’m so confused about this push for a fast-pace return for dirks. yipes, he had surgery on his SPINE. the recovery pace has to be uncertain and likely slow. just ask miggy, justin, victor (last year’s return), and obviously hanrahan. it’s as if he’ll be having spring training in august, w/his performance level unknown.
meanwhile our current outfielders seem to have really gel’d, w/each having something to offer the team. i would hate to mess w/that for an unknown factor.

Oh I’ve pretty much given up.
Go figure screwed over by Jim Joyce.

Mario (or Rod) just brought up the same issue. I think they should- if it is ruled in the book then go for it.
Our hitters need to start doing just that.

Brad brought out the rule book. Jim Joyce doesn’t care. He’s right and that’s all that matters.

Our hitters aren’t hitting. ….I guess everyone elses high era pitchers are actually unhittable. Amazing how often we cant hit bad pitchers for a supposed good hitting team.

U-G-L-Y so far. What the he!! is goin’ on with our bats?

When I got to see last night’s game on video, it looked to me like there was something unusual about the Angel pitcher’s move that caught Suarez off base.

I agree GK and Westerly. Can’t expect much from Dirks (other than another injury).
I hope this is a DD smokescreen.

Guess Shoemaker is way to much for these guys as Skaggs was last night. Pitiful. Middle to high 4 Era guys and we get this. Really dang disappointing.

Certainly very hard to understand.

1 Run …1 walk. …9 hits in the last 15 innings against pitchers with 4.18 and 4.49 eras. I just don’t get it.

Seems like they all hit or nobody hits.

Here’s Justins blow up inning. Not that 3 is as bad as some but the way we are not hitting it’s unlikely we can come back. Pitiful.

It wasn’t horrendous but guess what a true ace as he used to be gives up less if it’s going to be a duel. I just don’t believe in that quality start crap anyway. I put this on the “hitters” but he wasn’t shut down at all.

Geez you are a taskmaster! A game like tonight should be a W in the record books.
If JV pitches like this the rest of the year I sure won’t be disappointed.

Yikes–Wally–you need to talk to Nick and Ian about those swings. They are turning line drives into pop outs.

Coke in. Management must feel this one is official. Coke is the closer when it comes to throwing in the towel.
I wonder how much worse it gets before we hit in the 9th?

Coke is a mystery. He has a outstanding arm yet (90-95), decent breaking ball. Not that long ago, he was projected as a possible starter. I wonder if he is someone that just needs a change of scenery.

Lets hope the Tigers can get some runs on Sunday . Tie the series and have some happy fans .

Looks like JD’s hot streak is over, cant hit breaking balls, let Davis play. Hitting coach needs his ear pulled. Every batter, even Miggy, who destroys first pitches, is taking a 90 mph grooved fastball down broadway for strike 1. If they know you’re gonna give them a strike and let them get ahead and make u swing at pitcher’s pitches, of course they’re gonna do it!! 0-1, 0-2, pop out, ground out, strike out. and is Avila gonna go o for July? why is he playing 6 days a week. Oakland uses three catchers and it works for them, they get output from all three offensively.

Good question on AA . Thought we might start seeing more of Doc starting . A starting position player hitting .219 ??

Yeah, looks as if JD’s time as an offensive weapon has come to an end. Platoon w/Davis should start again. As for Avila, the thought process is both our catcher’s suck offensively, so might as well go with the one who is better defensively, calls the better game, and will occasionally run into a homer. Otherwise I can’t see why this guy still has an everyday job after sucking the way he has for the past 2 years. My biggest gripe is that the Tigers are paying this man 4+ mill this year to suck this bad. I’d sure like to play that bad and make that type of money.

I remember hearing that James McCann’s defense if Major League ready. I would rather see him catching and spend Avila’s money elsewhere. Wait Avila? Why does that name sound familiar? Is it the great year he had 3 or 4 years ago or that daddy is in the front office? The Tigers should trade him. But they would probably only be able to get one of those ball girls that were making nice catches earlier in the season.

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