Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers at Diamondbacks

Miguel Cabrera is back on the hot corner, and Victor Martinez (who had a very nice game at first base Monday night) is back on the right side of the infield. The two real changes are the return of J.D. Martinez to the lineup in left field, pushing Rajai Davis to the bench, and Alex Avila back behind the plate with rookie right-hander Chase Anderson (whom none of the Tigers have faced) on the mound for Arizona. With those two moves, Eugenio Suarez, who batted sixth in Monday’s lineup, is batting eighth tonight.

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  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Victor Martinez, 1B
  5. J.D. Martinez, LF
  6. Torii Hunter, RF
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Eugenio Suarez, SS
  9. Rick Porcello, P

DIAMONDBACKS (career numbers off Porcello)

  1. David Peralta, CF
  2. Aaron Hill, 2B (2-for-11, HR)
  3. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
  4. Miguel Montero, C (2-for-3, HR)
  5. Mark Trumbo, LF (4-for-13, 2 K’s)
  6. Gerardo Parra, RF (0-for-2)
  7. Martin Prado, 3B
  8. Didi Gregorius, SS
  9. Chase Anderson, P


No mention of VMart in that “shift” article.

Victor hasn’t been hurt by it. He might be slow, but when you can hit from both sides with power and precision, you should be OK Victor is a student of hitting, watching endless videos of pitchers. He can still make the adjustments.
Go Tigers!!

Updated hard-hit rate leaderboard. V-Mart 1 of 4 Tigers in top 10. Duda now 4th(!). Ryan Zimmerman climbing & more pic.twitter.com/0vCvkHfFc1

I mentioned Avila re that article in the earlier thread, and also thought of Victor. Slow power hitters suffer most. I haven’t cared about Ortiz ever since he hit that walkoff homer in the 6th game of the 1975 World Series. Wait…….that wasn’t him?

I was rooting for Boston that year.

Adrian Gonzalez just bet the shift. Hit it over the fence

August 5. Tigers- Yankees on ESPN.By ” popular” vote

They get a run and Rick gives it right back. Again.

More reckless running

There’s those 2 runs again. They won with 4 last night. That’s what they need. They can’t expect every pitcher to throw a shutout. The AZ pitcher does not have CY for a first name.

Tigers better get going. Too many players in severe mini-slumps. Maybe they can figure out the new pitcher.

This happens all too often over the last few years. The total disappearance of offense from the whole damn lineup. Rick has thrown the ball very well tonight -he deserves better.

Rick is pitching like an ace. Stingy and economical pitching at its finest.

I think this has to be the inning (8th). If 2-3-4-5 can’t do it, game may be lost.


That was an awful at bat by Victor and horrible base running by Miggy actually hard to believe given his instincts.
Please no Torii two hop again

Ian was running like a crazy man to get Miggy to 3rd, but I guess Miguel decided against it.

A base hit here sure would be helpful to pad on more runs.

Porcello is out and I heard Coke was warming up.

I know this is second guessing but I would have pinch hit Davis for Avila after the LHP was brought in. They’ve got Holaday. Avila is a terrible hitter especially against LHP. Maybe ElTigre will contradict that but so be it. Now Porcello with 55 strikes out of only 77 pitches is gone? Tell me I’m wrong………..

Dan and Jim defend Alex to the death He absolutely can do no wrong. Yes, I would have put Holaday in there. Now, Coke is screwing around.

I am only a fan of 50 plus years . Avila struck out 3 times last night . Let Holiday get the swings . This is a game that got away and should have been won .

They gotta yank Phil.

Unless something is wrong with Porcello, taking him out with only 77 pitches has to be one of the worst blunders of the season. If I was Rick, I’d be pi**ed. He had a shot at the win here.

It’s NL baseball. They walked Suarez to pitch to Porcello with bases loaded. You have to pull Porcello to put a hitter in there. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I wouldn’t have started Torii tonight, but put JD in RF. Torii got a couple big hits, though.

Would not have this problem if DD had handled the perpetual Coke problem a bloody year ago he always pitches just we’ll enough to fool management

So if Joba couldn’t pitch tonight, what about Nathan?

BP being put to a real test here.

OMG, this bullpen.

We still have 1 more inning to win, but this would have been Rick’s 13th win…..the most in the AL

And thar she blows!

Pitch a beautiful game like that and have to watch the BP destroy it. Sickens me.

I wrote in both the Detroit News and MLB yesterday about the state of the pen . It is not good and may take this club down . The club willl go no deeper in the post season without help . Real help not guys from Toledo either .
Once again Coke and Al A. march in and walk three hitters . You know the rest of the story . How long will the club continue to be run like this ??

Gotta think Brad !! Talk to DD get the help you need and now .

Maybe they can win it in the 9th.

Ausmus got out managed by Gibby tonight. I would’ve let Rick bat. You have a short bulpen, only 77 pitches.

That made me extremely angry. If Ausmus knew he didn’t have Joba and maybe Joe available, why on earth take Rick out after only 77 pitches? Now Rick doesn’t get the win and the team loses? I don’t usually second-guess very often but this goes down as one of the worst managed games of the year.

I want a triple or a HR.

Coke & Kroke. TheFister trade is gonna haunt DD for a long long time. Why on earth does Kroke throw a hit table 0-2 pitch to a LHB at all?
Dombrowski’s Pen will kill all hope this year unless there is a dramatic if not radical change.

Nothing to say.

With the bullpen pieces he had available tonight, there is no way Brad should have PH for Porcello there. No way in hell. I’ve been pissed about that ever since he did it an hour or so ago. Gibby didn’t outmanage anybody. I had hoped Ausmus would bring some original thinking but he just swapped standard move for standard move with the opposing manager and put himself in a no win situation.
I don’t care what DD did or didn’t do about the bullpen, you’ve got to manage smart with who you’ve got at the time.

Brad was bad. So was Rajai, you cannot watch a third strike with bases loaded. DD is still highly culpable and has been for two years

How can they just keep playing Avila over Holiday? His dad a Tiger big shot or something?

Well Greg, here are my three things. Why is Coke still on the team? You gotta have confidence in Al to leave him in because I can not stand the lefty righty thinking. Why does Kroll even come close on a 0-2 pitch. I fell asleep in the 4th only to wake up to the 8th. Now that I have vented i feel better. Walks tend to make me negative. Go Tigers!

It does seem like Leyland was more open to using Alburuquerque against left-handed hitters than Ausmus is.

Thanks Rich and Dan. I could only think of three but you guys are smarter than me🙂 Still grumpy cause I have to get up so early today! Go Tigers!

glad I went to bed in the 7th – shoot

Well you were smart to hit the hay. I watched the entire game and was too mad to sleeep . The better manager won the game that is the bottom line . Gotta fix the pen and obtain a catcher that can put the ball in play .

To me the problem actually state ted on Sunday. In a game up by 4 runs he brought in Joba in that game. So because of that he pitched 3 days in a row. So now in a game when you need him. So last night we were stuck with second tier pitchers. And it’s not even that Coke had been really good lately in fact I had heard he had gone the longest without allowing a run.
Heck it even goes farther than that u suppose and DD has not provided the Tigers with a decent pen.

Brad is lucky this game was on the road and late at night. The backlash from fans would have been explosive.
I was hoping I could start last night’s postgame comment with “Brad got away with one” after the Tigers had won the game, but no such luck.

The problems with the Tigers over the years always seem to be rooted in obstinacy. It was prevalent on the field with JL but the front office sets the tone.
LHP relievers are an example. Yes they did trade for Coke & Krol but other than that it seems to be a litany of less than average pitchers who happen to throw a baseball with their left arm. Meanwhile other teams have recognized the importance of this facet of bullpen construction.
Another example is the use, abuse and overuse of one Alex Avila. Since he stopped hitting 2 and a half years ago he has been treated as though his receiver skills are as needed as much as Pudge’s were behind the plate. They’re not. His slow trips to the dugout after endless clutch strikeouts are mind-numbing. He completely neutralizes the bottom half of the lineup and certainly the middle when they are so obtuse as to misguidedly insert him there. Yes, he is very even tempered-I’d rather have an AJ Pierzynski stirring up things even with his defensive shortcomings. Tiger fans have been far more excited with the reserve catchers for the last two years. At least you know there is a pulse beating and some adrenalin flowing when Doc is playing baseball for us. In short, AA is one of the most over-rated player in the major leagues.
A solution here would be to play VMart behind the plate and open up the DH role for Torii and another LHB. Can Victor catch? I bet he could do a darn good job for the rest of the year. He has on-field leadership skills that are going unused and has always been a smart catcher. This is not an ideal solution but Alex Avila is not either.
Not calling up Ezequiel Carerra and Justin Miller is tantamount to neglect. They are proving themselves day in and day out at AAA. Where do you play EZ? Anywhere in the OF and you trade Rajai (or AJ) to fill a major need. Radical? Yes it is. Austin Jackson will never have as much trade value as he has right now.
Of course the most glaring example of obstinacy has been the expectation and consequent domino effect of Dombrowski’s handling of Bruce Rondon. We have seen the result of DD anointing minor leaguers before (Sizemore) and can only shake our collective heads when he persists in this. Castellanos going to 3rd was not as big a gamble when you consider it allowed Miggy to return to 1st base which is far more sensible for such a big man.
DD has a team that somehow slips in mediocrity and doldrums. He needs to shake things up somewhat this year and again in 2015.
Of course I expect to be pilloried by the usual suspects.

Okay, I don’t know who the “usual suspects” are🙂 but good post. The only thing is that Victor can’t catch with this back issue, at least not at this time.

Great use of big words Dan. Not sure what some of them mean, but i totally agree with your Avila statement. But your VMart idea scares me. Although i have no problem him being everyday first base and moving Miggy back to 3rd to give more DH options. Totally agree with AJ remark, very high trade value right now. And what does tantamount mean? Good post.

Ok, time to address the white elephant in the room: If Alex Avila was not the assistant GM’s son, would he be the regular starter or even on the roster? When it gets so bad that you have to even think about this, then its time for a change. Or an even better question is, why hasn’t Avila tried to make some adjustments? Still the same old pull everything, all his weight on his backfoot. Looks like he doesn’t care. Maybe its just too many foul balls to the head. For a guy that only hits .250 at best, putting the shift on, he is a sub .200 hitter. This guy has everything going for him and does not seem to want to change. Has he improved one percent since he was called up? Does he think that he is safe because of his dad? If he was a Molina or Pudge defensive wise, we could all put up with it. But he is just an average defensive catcher at best anyways. Plus you have a good back up catcher hitting just under .300. Doesn’t make sense. Time for a change.

And yes, Brad screwed last nights game up. But he mishandles the bullpen because he only has one decent reliable pitcher…Jaba…and even he can be shaky at times. Rajai…you cannot get up 3-0 and then the take third strike right down the middle, especially when pinch hitting. Sorry Ricky, they spoiled your gem. I agreed with the move last night until i heard Ricky only had 77 pitches. So you yank your starting pitcher at 77 pitches with no back end of the bullpen available. Not good.

I was disagreeing with that move while Rajai was still sitting in the dugout behind Brad and waiting to be called. He had no bullpen last night so he needed Porcello in the game. That low pitch count was a gift, but he didn’t use it. Nobody has mentioned that Rick is not a bad hitter in his own right. He gets the bat on the ball at least.
I have high hopes for Brad, but that was a season lowlight there.

That 0-2 pitch that Krol threw was a third consecutive 2-seamer when something off speed and in the dirt was needed. Pitch selection.

There were three things to like
1. The head up play by Kinsler, He kept the rally going . While everyone qws questioning Miguel for not going to 3B( he is recovering from injury ), Rod was right for once
2 The QS by Porcello
3.Jackson going

RE: Avila. Time for Ausmus to take over the game calling and play Holaday more
What I did not like , the bunt. As The Books ays you dont bunt to tie on the road , not even in the NL.
The Tigers are third in runs scored per game. It is time to put the balme where it is; pitching. Only Joba and Al2 are MLB relievers. BTE: were is Hardy?

Lineup vs. ARI: Jackson 8, Davis 7, Kinsler 4, Cabrera 5, V. Martinez 3, Kelly 9, Avila 2, Romine 6, Sanchez 1. #tigers

Davis unable to hit vs RH. Avila to reward him for his bad game last night. Holaday did not play after being a decisive factor last Monday.Hunter? well , he is 39. Suarez needs to get slump from his system even if he has walked and scored in three of last 4 games

It was a very demoralizing loss for sure. It was the first thing I tIhought of when I woke up. I don’t have a problem with Avila’s demeanor. But, I’ve always had a problem with front office people having their kids play. It’s just a bad idea. I like Alex, but I liked some of our past backup catchers even better. I don’t know of too many managers that would have kept their starting pitcher in the game with the bases loaded. So, I don’t have a problem with that decision. If anything, it just shows DD how badly we need to build up our BP. Rajai has been one of the hottest hitters in the past 2 weeks, hitting lefties like fire and hitting righties about average and yet he hasn’t played in hardly any games recently. I have questioned that reasoning and not even using him in certain situations. Might as well trade him if you’re not gonna use him properly. Suarez and JD look like they are cooling off but hopefully they can make adjustments. Lack of timely hitting and a crappy bullpen lost this game for us. Is there another team with a worse bullpen?

What’s up, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post.
It was helpful. Keep on posting!

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