Drew VerHagen placed on Triple-A DL with back strain

Drew VerHagen has drawn attention as a potential piece in any potential Tigers trade for relief help, having more than held his own as a sinkerballer at Triple-A Toledo before delivering a decent spot start in Detroit last Saturday with five innings of three-run ball. That could well end up being his final outing before the July 31 outing. The right-hander has been placed on the disabled list with what is being called a lower back strain.

The injury was reported after VerHagen returned to Toledo, having been called up and sent down last Saturday under the 26th man rule that allows for an extra player during a doubleheader. Thus, VerHagen was placed on the 7-day disabled list at the Triple-A level, rather than the 15-day DL in the big leagues. That means he’ll at least be eligible to return from the DL before the July 31 trade deadline. Whether he does depends on his back.

It isn’t expected to be a major injury. Tigers assistant general manager Al Avila said VerHagen reported concerns about his back after returning to Toledo. He’ll visit a doctor as a precaution, Avila said, but it doesn’t appear to be a serious concern.

Though just a few teams had scouts on hand for VerHagen’s start Saturday, the Tigers are getting a good amount of interest on starting pitching in their farm system. Beyond VerHagen, multiple teams are expected to have scouts at Double-A Erie to watch Jake Thompson, Detroit’s top pick in 2012 and now arguably their top pitching prospect after Robbie Ray, start Wednesday afternoon.


Well, I-75 does have a lot of potholes between Detroit and Toledo.

I am surprised they didn’t call up Ray or Lobstein, especially after seeing how much Cleveland struggled with Smyly. I like VerHagen, if he is being show cased it would proabably be part of a package or an under the radar player.

I agree about Ray. Even a struggling lefty has a good chance to slow up Cleveland’s offense, such as it is.

This is a somewhat long article from Verducci regarding creating rules against some of the defensive shifts. I’ve been against the shift from day one, so here’s some info:
I realize nobody is going to cry over David Ortiz, but he’s just an example in this article.

Poor Papi! Next thing you know the OF fences will have to be changed to accommodate lefties and righties, There was a great interview on MLB Network the night of the ASG featuring Bob Costas, H. Reynolds, Michael Young, Al Leiter and Tom Verducci. They talked about the overshift quite a bit. Post steroids, baseball players will need to learn the fundamentals, be more athletic, learn how to hit the ball to the opposite field. There won’t be a lot of players hitting 50 HR’s a year.
It was an absolute fascinating hour of their thoughts about how the game might change going forward. They stressed players learning the fundamentals (which are abysmal), baserunning (and all the gaffes), and hitting techniques (good hitters have to learn how to hit to the opposite field..

You did read the article, right?

You know I read it. Look at the ages of the players mentioned in the article.

Exactly, that was the first thing to call my atention

I’d LOVE to move Drew in a trade, mostly because dudes not very good, 5th starter AT BEST.

Respectfully disagree Timothy. Drew is still a Babe in the mold of starting pitchers.

Lineup vs. ARI: Jackson 8, Kinsler 4, Cabrera 5, V. Martinez 3, J. Martinez 7, Hunter 9, Avila 2, Suarez 6. Porcello

The shift? slug over it . That was Ted Williams answer, a LF pull hitter if there was ever one. Go the other way or bunt was suggested by Ty Cobb.Colby Lewis supposedly adverted against that, well, that would be a stupid reaction.
The shift has been there since 1940 something. It can work only with no runners on anyway.
Correlation does not mean causation. Ortiz is getting old, LOOGY ies are more frequently used ( Ventura’s carrousel anyone?). There is far more information about hitters, why prevent the teams from using it?.

BTW: left side of the article there is a link to this: Ortiz surpassed Yaz in the HR list. Yes, he must be suffering

“Bad news for #Tigers RHP Joel Hanrahan. He has been shut down after his bullpen session Saturday. He will be examined again later this week.”

For all intents and purposes, Hanrahan was out of the question this year anyway

Even if they change the rules about how far a SS can move over, does that mean Derek Jeter’s famous basketball-shovel play would be void or once the ball was in play then the SS could move up the line, so to speak.
I wish they’d take away their batting gloves so we don’t have to watch them wrap and unwrap them endlessly every at-bat, or step out of the batter’s box so many times.. That might speed up the game a little bit.

Rather than Ortiz, I was thinking of Avila when reading it.

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