Monday’s lineups: Tigers at Diamondbacks

Miguel Cabrera makes his third start at third base this season, and his first since April 11. That opens up first base for Victor Martinez, getting him into the lineup without the DH slot and without having to put him behind the plate. We’ll see if this happens again during this three-game series, because Martinez is not going to catch.

The big surprise is in the outfield, where J.D. Martinez gets the night off. Rajai Davis and Torii Hunter start in the corners, leaving Torii Hunter to bat fifth and Eugenio Suarez sixth (!!!). Bryan Holaday again starts against the left-hander.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Victor Martinez, 1B
  5. Torii Hunter, RF
  6. Eugenio Suarez, SS
  7. Bryan Holaday, C
  8. Rajai Davis, LF
  9. Justin Verlander, P

DIAMONDBACKS (career numbers off Verlander)

  1. David Peralta, CF
  2. Aaron Hill, 2B (4-for-13, 2 doubles, 2 K’s)
  3. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
  4. Miguel Montero, C (0-for-3, K)
  5. Mark Trumbo, LF (1-for-6, 2 K’s)
  6. Gerardo Parra, RF (2-for-3, 2 doubles, K)
  7. Martin Prado, 3B (2-for-3, double)
  8. Didi Gregorius, SS
  9. Vidal Nuno, P


Not funny, not funny:
“Heard this today: “If he’s a reliever and he’s breathing, the #Tigers have scouted him.'” Crasnik

Tigers have been scouting relievers for a couple months. They’ve certainly had the time to see everybody.

“Nick Castellanos will likely start one game this series. Ausmus isn’t sure how the lineup will shake out, but confirmed V-Mart won’t catch.” Schemhl
Will he play LF?

Time for a Miller, Badenshop comeback?

I’m sorry to bring this up on this blog but I was just reading about the problems in Detroit as well as many others cities in Michigan. I think this Emergency Manager situation is very un-American. The sooner you get rid of Snyder and his gangsters the better you will be. This reminds me of all the futuristic tales of terror in a police state.

I live here. Please, let’s not go there The EM will be gone in a couple months. There are other blogs and newspaper articles where people talk 24/7 about that stuff.

As t the lineup—All I know is that someone needs to start hitting some home runs.
I have been hoping all year that Casty would contribute in this way. He appears to need to grow into his body yet before that happens.
We all know the travails of Miggy this year in the power department. Victor stepped in but let’s hope he can keep it up. Torii needs to step up, and giving him credit, to a degree he has. AJ has been rendered powerless-yes he is beginning to hit, but as Rich pointed out, this is not a consistent occupation of his. Kinsler, Avila could help out here too.
DD needs to finagle a couple of exquisite trades to take the onus off the starters, who have shown they certainly not invulnerable.

They have followed your request so far this game!

Not sure if I’ll be able to stay awake until the end. Can only hope the trip to Cancun will have a positive effect on JV. We’ll see!
The Diamondbacks have been hot during the past 10 games. Go Tigers!

I apologize, Kathy. There was no other way for me to express my feelings about Michigan. My Dad lived in Dearborn when he was young. That’s how I became a Tiger fan. I had other relatives in Plymouth, Westland and Clear Lake until 2011 when the last passed away. So I was in Michigan many times. I was always impressed. How sad what has happened lately.

I understand. I grew up here and remember the vacations we used to take “up north” and the UP. Michigan was a very prosperous state at one time.

What the heck was that swing by Miggy in the first? I’ve never seen that before from him

Who thought Torii needed to step up?


Here we are in the 4th Verlander this year seems to have that one bad inning and here we go 2 in and only 1 out. Not that great.

Looks like they got Verlander figured out.

Just didn’t take as long this time

Let’s see if he can make it through another inning. I hope so!

Still looks good and not too many pitches.

Kinsler has been amazing with the glove

Brad should be ecstatic if he gets a shut out 6th from JV, he also should not get greedy (mislead) and think he can get thru the 7th. You have to know your players’ limits

2 or 3 runs have just not been enough to win games. Starters erratic. Bullpen not dependable. Hitters anemic.

I was just going to say that Miggy has been stuck on 14 and 75 for quite awhile. Then he drives in AJ. But out at 2nd?

I think he’s safe.


But Gameday says AZ is challenging the play if he was called out?

You’re watching on gameday? It looked like it might be a HR, but when it bounced off the wall, Miggy hurried to 2nd and the guy threw him out. Brad called for the challenge. I thought he was safe

They said it on the telecast I assumed until they said it was Brads challenge. I wasn’t completely sure one way or the other whether he was safe or out at 2nd but it didn’t even sound like they reviewed that. I saw it pretty clearly as a non homer but I guess they didn’t.

The reviewed only the HR call

Apparently it was a crew challenge. They got it right. It was pretty clear.


Tigers third in Runs/game. They cant do more

The difference between homer and single a few feet. The difference between a double and out at 2nd admiring your homer (that wasn’t) for a second. Run out of the box hard till you know different. Crime to hit a ball that hard and far and have nothing to show for it.

Come on Tigers. Both Cleveland and KC lost. Good chance to pad the division lead.

Does it seem like AZ has a more favorable strike zone.

You should know!

Yes I get annoyed with the strike zone all the time and probably complain about it too much but I comment on it in all respects and for both teams.

His pitch count is pretty high.

I think they are losing Suarez as far as hitting is concerned. Down to .250. When was his last hit?

Walked once and scored last two games

Suarez 225 for july. Castellanos 231.SS is not the position needing the upgrade.

League has certianly caught up to Saurez. He’s been unable to make the adjustment so far. Pitching is the only thing I’m really concerned about at the trade deadline. Sure there are always places you can upgrade but at what expense. A left handed bat might be nice.

Yes, I’ve been using Gameday this year. Taking a break from that $100 live action.

I hear ‘ya. I’ve thought about it.
Lots to like about tonight’s game.

Here we go. 1-run lead. Which Joe is going to show?

Whew! Sleep well, Tiger fans.

He survived one more day

1. Another game where we never trailed.
2. Old Man River comes through yet again.
3. Nice BP work from AlJobaJo. It’s been a while since I typed that mouthful.
Kudos to Rags, Ajax from the top again,JV who was a little better than usual, and Miggy even joined the party tonight. Ajax hadn’t seen a homer in a long time.
Chamberlain has been the lifesaver this season to date. Go get em Ricky P.

What do you all think about Davis batting 8th in front of the pitcher? If he was 6th, he’d have had Holaday behind him. Bunting and running. Rajai probably won’t start again in this series anyway.

Late west coast games are for the young fans . Speaking of fans looked like alot of Tiger fans in attendance at Chase field . I am going back to bed . A good win Jim and Dan said a quality start for JV. Gibby looked happy towards the end of the game ??

Glad they held that lead, Joe did his job, but I just am not comfortable with him, for whatever reason he still does not feel like a Tiger to me. Of course Joba does not either but boy am I glad we have him – he has been tremendous for us.

Might be time to bring Perez up to the ‘D’ for some games and send Suarez down to Toledo to regain confidence at the plate?

Suarez walked and score twice this weekend while the team was struggling to score. OBP for July 289, Castellanos 305
Castellanos should join him at AAA. 231 for July and no defense to compensate for the lack of hitting.
Same situation with Kinsler and Jackson: the latter is hitting , the former is slumping but fans keep the eye on the wrong one. For all the non dive and yes, he cost Nathan the game last Saturday, the mental mistakes by Kinsler go overlooked.
Joba? outside of NY, a good season was expected, but maybe we still see the Storm-trooper or it is the suspect that he will sign a good contract elsewhere. Most cant relate to quiet ( unexpected from what we know about him), reliable, unspectacular players. He was part of my Tigers fantasy team since he began struggling in NY

Totally agree Rich. I thought they negated Rajai’s speed by batting him 8th. He is not gonna steal with 2 out and have the pitcher lead off.
Nice swings by JV though.
Sure wish JV could master the bottom of the strike zone.
I thought his outing was encouraging though. His fastball needs enhancement though.
I agree with Jay, to a point, about Suarez. His defense has been solid however and they should give him a tad more time to get his bat going again, but Hernan is certainly a capable replacement if they do send “Geenie” down.
Kinsler really has 2nd base figured out but I am curious, has anyone ever tried him at short? I’m not suggesting—only curious.

Drew VerHagen has been placed on disabled list, retro to July 20

Wagner form the Blade

I didn’t see the Ver2 game. How did he look?

I don’t see DD getting a pure closer. My worry is that he gets a “pure” setup man and in doing so upsets the Joba apple cart.
Andrew Miller would look very good back in Motown but I don’t think the RedSox are inclined to subract from their team now that they are going well.
ET has mentioned Tony Sipp—he’d be a good one. There is no way we can rely on Coke and Kroke the rest of the way.

Things I’d like to see:
(Other than Miggy finding the seats again!)
-Alby not being so predictable with his slider
-Coke not pointing skyward on 400 foot shots to CF
-More of Bryan Holaday
-Casty hitting line drives and getting real hot
-DD make a positively impacting Mid-Season acquisition
-Rajai stealing bases again
-Verlander finding a way to regain prominence and shut up his detractors
-Anibal becoming a true ace
-Nathan throwing 75% strikes
-Illitch wearing a World Series ring
-Al Kaline pinch-hitting his 400th career home run

And one more—-Somebody actually give Brennan Boesch an honest to goodness chance at making their ball team. If they don’t like him as an OFer the kid (he’s still 29) re-invent him as a 1st sacker.
There is still a tonne of potential and danger in his bat.

Take a look at the Tiger prospect list on the MLB website
What is wrong with this picture? Stephen Moya has 19 guys rated ahead of him (including the god-awful Casey Crosby)!
Moya will be playing at Comerica next year and possibly this September.

High SO rate and way too low W rate. OF are cheap a dozen while Crosby is LH

A crying shame VerHagen had to go on the DL. I haven’t read any reports of the injury and can only hope it’s nothing too serious.

Moya probably could throw more strikes than Casey does ET!
He’s young, he’s powerful, he’s teachable. Moya could be a star. He may need time and I would really like to see Bull Durham get his hands on him in Toledo.

Surprise Porcello not among top 30 but Sanchez is while Verlander is 141th:

Back soreness for VerHagen. Doesn’t sound major but getting checked out as a precaution. RT @JaronC_: @beckjason what is the ailment?
7 days DL/AAA

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