Hanrahan getting “incrementally better” in mound sessions, but not facing hitters

DETROIT — Joel Hanrahan continues to throw off a mound at the Tigers’ Spring Training complex in Lakeland, but is not scheduled to face hitters yet.

“He’s thrown bullpens the last two weeks. They’ve gotten incrementally a little bit better, but not to where [he can take the next step],” head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Friday.”

Hanrahan threw 40 pitches off the mound Friday, Rand said.

While neither the Tigers nor Hanrahan put a timetable on his return from Tommy John surgery when he signed with the Tigers at the beginning of May, his rehab has progressed slower than many would have expected. Part of the extra time has been spent rebuilding arm strength.


Good call holding Castellanos. The same reason supported holding JD: dont give the first out at home

I was wondering if anyone was watching besides me. So quiet.
Great catch by Jackson!!!

I’m here, LOL. Just no comments yet.

How about a hit from Miggy?

There we go!

The shift doesn’t work on Miggy.

Looks like a huge crowd for Motown Night.

Miggy, a stolen base? LOL Where did that come from?

Bauer over 100 pitches. How are the Tigers against Indians’ BP? Will 3 runs hold up?

Oh no. Is Anibal going to have a bad inning?

The 3 runs were not enough.

Went downhill fast. Light a candle for Krol.


The typical huge inning against Sanchez going thru the lineup the 3rd time leads to 7 innings and counting! just take him out after 6 innings please!

CLUNK! First game lost?

As usual at home and first game of a series

The game was lost when JD was sent home

I have to shut it off. Too depressing.

Bums……..damn pitchers seen to give ip a lot of big innings this year. Bums

Unless it’s a sure thing, you don’t send a runner to make the first out at home. That’s not even debatable.
I wonder why a manager brings in a lefty knowing he’ll face a RH pinch hitter? Why not just use your best guy? One of the mysteries of the game.
I questioned a lot of pitch selections in that 7th inning.

What a mess. And it will be hard to take 2 Saturday with unknown rookie starter.

Pitching stunk….Phil Coke and Hardy the only ones who did their jobs. Bums. I can’t vouch for pitch selection unfortunately I was at the game and don’t have that kind of view. But it looked like the were hitting the balls like they knew what was coming. Prett ticked right now.

Speaking of that 13-pitch AB, I believe it was Kenny Rogers who said that, rather than throw an inning’s worth of pitches to one hitter, just walk him and move on to the next guy.
Is Cody Allen Cleveland’s closer?

I’m sorry; I couldn’t find three thing to like about this game. There were thirty not to like, but I won’t waste your time with all 30. I have long felt that two stats in baseball were useless, the save and the hold. Rich is right. simply go with your best option.
I would have stayed with Krol, or gone to another lefty. Cleveland is going to give the rotation fits all year long, because they are so lefty oriented in the lineup. That’s why I would have gone with Ray for at least three or four, and then bridge to the 8th. with McCoy or Smith, or even Coke. Rod usually makes me throw up, but he as spot on about the slider to Kipnis; he was waiting on it. The Bullpen disappoints again. granted Anabal got in over his head, but it should have been no more than a tie going into the bottom of the 7th. We had base runners on in each of the last three innings, but clutch time disappeared. I know we can’t be expected to win them all; it’s just the way we lose. I will give kudos to Victor wh got two hits after missing two weeks of games. Cabrera doesn’t hit those laser line drives like last year. Wish he were 100%.
JV shows his dedication to the second half by running around with Bikini Babe.
Finally, Atcheson looked older than me, except he does have hair, albeit gray.
We should have lit him up. Again, its not the losing; it’s the way we do it.

Going with Ray refers to the spot start tomorrow.

Bard time for Anibal to fail,
The problem with tis particular game, it could mean the series and beyond. Overused bullpen with a rookie and the Ace ( for real, no irony)that cant pitch CGs. They better call Miller for the second game. Anyway, they will call more than one reliever the next month.
Pitch selection? but we have the second coming of Johnny Bench behind home plate. That is on both members of the battery , the pitcher must know too and ask another pitch even if he has the “best caller in the game”

I meant both battery mates. Pitcher+catcher=pitch selection.
On the one pitch that lost the game, Kipnis was sitting on the slider, the one Rod calls an “unhittable” pitch even if you know it’s coming. At any rate, if Alex calls slider, you know Al is going to throw it.
On using Kroll on Raburn instead of Alburquerque on Murphy, Brad said he wanted the Raburn matchup because Ryan had been scuffling even against lefties. Sound reasoning, but what he didn’t take into account is the psychological factor of Raburn vs his old team, and in the park where he was booed everytime he stepped on the field. He becomes the Raburn of 2nd half 2009 and 2011.

Forgot to give Rod credit for calling for a fastball on that pitch last night.

Huston Street to LAA. Good. That erase any chance of a trade to Detroit and he is not a fit

And Tito starts Raburn in LF today. There you go.

Depends on how they get through today’s games but there could be relievers on shuttle buses running between Toledo and Detroit this weekend. Ugly 7th inning!
Would be nice to see Drew or Max toss a gem to save the BP. Former Tigers love the payback (Joyce, Infante, Rayburn) time.

Chad Smith down , Knebel back

How did Victor look? Signs of injury or ready to go??

Jackson cf, Kinsler 2b, Cabrera 1b, VMart dh, JDMart rf, Castellanos 3b, Suarez ss, Holaday c, Davis lf. VerHagen p

I agree with ET on Miller. DD better get cracking. Good luck on making a deal with Texas!

Ver2 will need a miracle

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