VerHagen set to start for Tigers on Saturday

While Max Scherzer is scheduled to make his next start in the nightcap of Saturday’s day-night doubleheader against Cleveland, the other starter is no longer TBA. The answer did not go as expected.

Credit Tom Reisenweber, who covers the Erie SeaWolves for the Erie Times-News, with the scoop:


The Tigers confirmed the move on Thursday. VerHagen will start Game 1.

The expectation was that lefty Robbie Ray, who filled in for Anibal Sanchez while he was on the DL in May, would get the call. In fact, he got an extra day’s rest before his last start on Sunday, by all appearances to put him on track for a potential start this coming Saturday. Then he gave up eight runs on 11 hits over 4 1/3 innings to Pawtucket, leaving him with 12 runs allowed on 15 hits over 7 1/3 innings in his last two outings.

VerHagen, meanwhile, has pitched fairly well in the same Mud Hens rotation for the past month, allowing nine earned runs over 33 1/3 innings in his last five starts. He’s a right-hander, and the Indians field a predominantly left-handed lineup that hits 15 points higher off righties with a 70-point difference in OPS. However, the Tigers have shown the last couple years that they want their pitching call-ups to be based on who’s pitching best, not simply seniority or matchups. As Jim Leyland often emphasized, it’s a reward, not a given.

The Tigers can use MLB’s 26th-player rule for doubleheaders (a rule Jim Leyland helped get enacted a few years ago) to call up VerHagen without having to send anyone down.He’s not on the 40-man roster, but there are a few ways they can tackle that, including transferring Joel Hanrahan from the 15-day DL to the 60-day.


Good rule.
I also like the organization’s approach to who they call up. VerHagen may not be the answer but it is nice to see him get a go. Actually Lobstein has thrown not too badly
as well.
I figured Ray for sure.

I thought in Lobstein too being LH vs Cleveland but since match-ups were not in play

dirks to DL? Hanrahan to 60 day DL? sheesh

wait I’m confused on what is happening with dirks – i think

Hanrahan , I think, would be retroactive

If not, two arms for the bullpen and a LHB. Time to be realistic,Dirks is not the answer.
Hanrahan never was either

Yes. You can 60-day Hanrahan retroactively, and it would have no impact on when he’s able to be activated.

Dirk injured again;
Iott;”Word on Andy Dirks is “low back muscular inflammation from increased activity.”


Well, it’s certainly not good new about Robbie Ray’s outing. He knew he was going to pitch Saturday and got absolutely shelled. It might take longer for him to develop.

I thought it would be Lobstein as well, if Ray was not brought up this time. Especially since he is on the 40 and Cleveland has trouble with LHP. This tells me that Dirks is still a ways off with his set back (and having a bad back myself I know how frustrating a muscle strain is. Back surgery seems to me to be more of a 6 month recovery. But I am no doctor). Moving Hanrahan to the 60 day DL retroactively is what will probably happen, he has been on the DL for about that much time already and is not close to being back. Dirks is already on the 60 day DL.

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