Dirks recalled from rehab assignment with muscle inflammation in lower back

The Tigers sent Andy Dirks out on a minor-league rehab assignment with a plan to have him spend the full 20 days allowed working his way back into game shape. Essentially, Tigers head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said, this is his Spring Training.

This is also serious back surgery from which Dirks is trying to come back, and the comeback has apparently hit a snag. The Tigers announced Wednesday that they’ve recalled Dirks from his rehab assignment with Class A Lakeland, and will keep him on the disabled list.

The move came from what the Tigers are calling lower back muscular inflammation from increased activity.

“Just some minor irritation,” team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski replied in an email.

Dirks went 5-for-16 with a double and an RBI over six games with Lakeland. He started both ends of a doubleheader on Monday against Port St. Lucie, but was lifted from the second game for a pinch-hitter after two at-bats and two strikeouts. Considering he was the DH in that game, it wasn’t simply an issue of rest. Lakeland was off on Tuesday.

No word on how long he’ll be sidelined, but even if it’s short, it likely throws another wrench into his timetable. The previous plan put him on track, if everything went well, to be potentially ready around the end of the month. This all but ensures his rehab will at least linger into August.

It also means the Tigers most likely won’t get a look at Dirks in the big leagues before the July 31 nonwaiver trade deadline. If they want/need a left-handed hitting outfielder for the stretch run and playoffs, they might have to swing a deal to ensure they have one ready.


We are gonna see Ezequiel here if an OFer goes down. Maybe even sooner.
Andy is chronic. I just see him ever being a solution.

That may answer that question. Out for the year. Give him plenty of time. Don’t rush it.

Actaually meant “don’t” ever see him being a solution.

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Don’t see the big deal about a LH bat. Tigers have no problem hitting RH pitching, its LH pitching they have the problem with. JD and AJax hit RH pitching much better.

AJax has hit better against RH along his career but not this year,100 point below in avg and 200 in OBP against RH

Can’t say that I’m surprised about Dirks, seeing as how he had disc surgery. Nor Hanrahan, but everyone seems to have realized that by now.
If the Tigers feel they need a LH hitting outfielder, which I don’t see the need for, they’d better trade for one. Given the choice, I’d rather have one solid reliever.

one solid reliever is the only move I want the club to make at the deadline.

Certainly that is the one move that screams to be done. No question.
But wouldn’t an Ellsbury, a Brantley, a Blackmon look good in RF?
Neither of the above are realities but a good fielding, good running LHB OFer changes the dynamic of the batting order.
I don’t care if it happens this year but next year is a must. Internal considerations are a possibility.
All that said,
the Tigers are said to be in a WIN NOW mode, DD simply has to prove the philosophy by obtaining a closer, not just a late inning guy, with the juice to fulfill the philosophy. Nathan is not it. The days of pounding square pegs in round holes were supposed to have ended last October.

hah, “Angie” Dirks is more like it. Guy is FRA-GEEEE-LAAAAAY!

and i wouldn’t want ellsbury if he was half price. I was under the impression we were NOT in WIN NOW mode but rather a “WIN NOW but not at the cost of WIN LATER” hybrid mode. We need a back end guy BP guy — and unless JD stops hitting, that’s about it.

Evan, sorry but women athletes as a group aren’t any more fragile than men, so he’s not “Angie”.

Here are some of the highlights from the Last 30. Our Tigers won 17 of 25. Not bad.
The offense was really rolling and averaged almost 5.5 runs per game. None were hotter than J D Martinez, although Ian Kinzler came close. Both these players and Rajai Davis had game winning homers recently. Well, how about those pitchers???
The starters were 14-7 while the BP was 3-1 with a 2.87 ERA. Again not bad. Rick threw back to back shutouts and led the starters with over 36 innings pitched. We called three pitchers up from Toledo and two of them (Hardy and Smith) led the bullpen in innings pitched with over 10. That people is almost unheard of for our team to rely on rookies. Oh, we have a rookie shortstop and third baseman, too. No this Brad Ausmus is a different cat and quick to adapt. During the last 30 the AL also
won the All- Star game. We will play Post All-Star games starting tomorrow night and the schedule right on into early September is absolutely brutal. So root for all the Tigers. They can do it. Go Tigers!!!!!

I’m enjoying this season even more than I thought I would. Haven’t been able to say that every year, even in some of those division winning years.

One, how easy you all forget that bad month( jk)
Justin finally made into the tabloid,he and Upton ended in the pages of the Dailymail because they spent quality time in Mexico

Please Mr. Dombrowski…do not trade an everyday player for Benoit. You let him go once for a reason. Certainly not J.D. Martinez or Davis. PLEASE.

Please don’t trade JD for anyone, Mr. Dombrowski!

People do you know what two things Ryan Perry, Joaquin Benoit, and Jose Veras have in common?? All three gave up grand slams that cost us dearly in playoff games and none of them play for Detroit now. JB was the glue of our bullpen for the past three years. He was overjoyed when he signed his contract with us and did great work while he was here. DD had to pay him 15 million to be with us for one more year. It was not going to happen. In hindsight, what I want to know is why wasn’t it stated that JB had the inside track to the closer’s job and Bruce Rondon was a strong candidate, too?? Oh, well, yesterday’s breakfast. Cereal I think.

Hey, Evan, less than 24 hours til our next Tiger game!!!!!!!!! Breathe in and out. In and out.

If the Tigers take the full contract, Papelbon or Benoit, a couple of prospects one good prospect( since the Tigers good prospects are not that good) and one of those so called fringe prospects would do the trick.
Starters are not traded for relievers.No Ray
SD does not need someone like Davis.JD? currently he is like Castellanos last year.

“currently he is like Castellanos last year”. Here to stay

If they traded JD, it would be a huge gamble that his performance has been a fluke, and I’m not seeing many flaws in his hitting approach. This might be a guy who suddenly “got it.” They could trade prospects…………..or Iglesias.
You know, for a team that supposedly has a weak minor league system, we sure have a lot of homegrown guys on the big league roster.

Not Iggy! OMG, no!

Not JD, not Davis. Can’t trade Ray cause he’s sucking in the minors.

I don’t think they’d trade Iglesias, I was just doing that “position of depth” thing and surprisingly came up with shortstop. You wouldn’t trade Suarez while Iggy is injured. I think Jose will bring his circus act back to Comerica next year.
Expect a trade no one is considering at this time.

No, I wouldn’t trade Suarez.

Reports: Tigers having ‘ongoing talks’ regarding reliever Joakim Soria, not pursuing Huston Street
Heyman Re: @jonmorosi tweet on #Tigers/Soria. Other DET target is Benoit, per rival exec. Team does not want RP who views himself as pure closer.

That last sentence sounds accurate.

Looking forward to enjoying the enhanced Joker Marchant Stadium…..if I can live that long.

That said, I don’t know who they’re going to play against in that region. Teams are heading south.

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