Cabrera downplays surgery recovery

Miguel Cabrera’s response to a USA Today story that quotes him saying he’s still being affected by his core muscle surgery was short and sweet.

“I’m good,” said Cabrera, who then headed off for other business before batting practice Tuesday afternoon.

The question came about after Cabrera told Jorge Ortiz during Monday’s media day session that the surgery recovery has been tough and isn’t complete. From the article:

“There are times when I feel good, but there are always muscles that are tightening, muscles that are not functioning properly,” Cabrera said in Spanish. “It’s part of the process. The same thing is happening to Justin Verlander, but the difference is he pitches every five days, so you don’t see it as frequently.

“But as he and I talked about, we’re never going to offer any excuses for our performance. We always want to be out on the field and compete, and I think that’s the most important thing we can do, compete and try to get past this tough time. And the main thing is we’re in first place.”

Cabrera initially denied saying his groin was bothering him, but it was seemingly more a matter of semantics. The quotes were recorded, and he had said something earlier to Spanish-language media.

When Cabrera said last week that he wasn’t going to take part in the Home Run Derby, he said it was about his swing, that he didn’t want to mess it up anymore. Go all the way back to the second week of the season, and Cabrera said he felt good but that his swing wasn’t right. Cabrera wasn’t keen on using injuries as an excuse down the stretch last year, either. So Cabrera saying he’s good doesn’t mean he’s healthy.


I’m assuming that playing helps strengthen his core and not the opposite? Not too familiar with the type of surgery he had, but I do remember Torii Hunter commenting on how it took him until around July to be at full strength (he had his surgery in the off-season as well).

I think it’s pretty obvious Miguel doesn’t quite have that explosiveness yet. How many warning track shots have we seen this season? I just hope he’s not too far off from attaining video game status again.

“Victor Martinez saliendo al terreno de Juego para práctica de bateo del Juego de Estrellas. #tigers “@tigresdedetroit
” Victor going into the field to take BP”.
Is he ready?

There you go. Big time HR for Miggy!

I think it’s safe to say Miggy will have a better 2nd half than 1st half – in particular in regards to power

Didn’t see it but it sounds like Max put on a show in the ASG. Gotta admit he’s doing everything right.

I have a question for anyone who watched the game last night. In the 6th inning, when Trout hit that ball past the 3rd base I looked up and saw the ball drop outside the line and it was foul. I didn’t see him hit and just looked up when the ball hit outside the line. Did it bounce fair before the 2nd bounce. The announcers kept saying the umpire could see it best and it was a fair ball.

That would be a ball landing fair in the infield and then bouncing up over the bag. In that case, the umpire rules that it crossed the bag in fair territory.

yea if it bounces fair before the bag in infield than alls the ball has to do is go over a part of the third base, then can land outside of the foul line and is still considered a fair ball

Thanks, but did it land fair before it got to the bag? If it didn’t, that was a foul ball. I have tried to find the video of his hit, but, magically it doesn’t appear anywhere.

The curve of the ball seems to go from inside the bag to foul,it looks fair.

Thanks, ElTigre! That’s the video I wanted to see. It appears to have gone over the bag in one replay and not in another. Oh, well, the ump says fair ball.

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