Boras: Jose Iglesias doing well, chances of re-injury low

Max Scherzer wasn’t the only Tigers client that agent Scott Boras was discussing during his appearance at All-Star media day. He also gave a medical update on Jose Iglesias, who’s out for the year to allow stress fractures to heal in his shins.

“I was just down to see him a week ago [in Miami], and he’s doing well,” Boras said. “The doctor reports are good. He’s going back in a month to get a final x-ray. His medication and everything seem to be working well, so we’ve gotten very, very good reports. He’s obviously ready to go, as you can imagine, so he’s looking forward to it.”

Asked if they’ve gotten any better read on why the condition became so severe, Boras said:

“You don’t really how these things go. This began, really, in Boston. And when you get shin splints or something like that, you don’t know the severity of it, and sometimes you don’t know what medication to give until you really know the severity of the condition. So in this situation, once that was diagnosed, they knew what to do. But it involved both shins. That part of it, especially for an athlete that is as [mobile].

“He is not a sit-still player. He’s moving around, he’s a very aggressive defensive player. That part of it was just something he couldn’t get resolved, and it just took time. Once you have the injury, those layers of bone get inflamed, and you just have to take a good amount of time for it to heal.”

As for any chance of it happening again, Boras said, “The recurrence part, we’re told, once it’s healed, we’re fine. The problem is, because he was playing so much, he just never had a chance to heal.”


Of course he will be OK. He fears his client will be Wally Pipped.
It will be a huge surprise if he ever plays again.

respectfully, i completely disagree. Iglesias lost a year of his career to this injury but to call it a career ending injury at his age is hyperbole. the quote ‘he’s obviously ready to go’ suggests, to my interpretation, that they’re having to hold him back from being as active as he wants to be.
Heyman suggests in this article that the Tigers are not interested in replacing Nathan????
DD would have to be a fool not recognize the writing on the wall.
They need a closer and they need it now. Yes there is a two year contract with Joe but the truth is you can’t expect Joe to be OK next year. He will be worse if anything.
Time to put Snortin’ Joe deeper in the bullpen or maybe out to pasture.

as it turns out, Rafael Soriano would have been the correct choice for Tiger closer. cost seemed too great at the time, but in retrospect, perhaps a price worth paying.

Not a surprise: they owe him around 15 MM and we know hope and dream ( sometimes delusion and denial) is the MO

Hasn’t Justin Miller earned a recall?
I think we might be better off with Ezeqiel Carrera rather than Andy Dirks this year.
Somebody please tell Justin Verlander not to take his ball cap off in the dugout.
I think it was a really good idea for DD to retain Gene Lamont. It looks to me that Brad really relies on his knowledge and experience. You don’t need an Ivy League education to realize that Gene is a huge asset in the dugout.
Much of the 2nd half success will centre on Anibal Sanchez. If the club starts scoring runs for him, he may become the top pitcher on the staff.
Maybe DD can get Jon Daniels to talk him out of Joe Nathan!!!!

I hope you are wrong ET:
Interesting reading here:

“Iglesias said he initially hurt his shins “running in the sand” during the offseason. They’ve bothered him ever since.”
“When I was in Boston, we were working on it,” he said, “but it’s something that I’ve got to battle. Some days it feels better than others.”
sept 5 2013

Oddly enough some sports therapists encourage running in the sand when rehabbing shin splints

I think the Tigers are safe in the outfield. With Davis-Jackson-Hunter and J.D. for backup. OK on infield. A little concern about Miggy he is not totaly healed from his injury yet. That is why his HR power is low but he is driving in runs and that is what counts. And Victor is just off the charts as long as he stays healthy. Verlander is not healed from his injury yet. The problem is he has too admit it to himself DON’T be so stuborn. He shouldn’t worry about the other starting pitchers on the staff. He should go out and have fun don’t think just throw to whoever is catching. As far as the bull pen it is in trouble. Alburquerque is only good for ONE batter. Coke looks like he is starting to get it together at times but he is too PUMPED UP he too has to just relax. That is my observision. And I forget to say Jackson is no lead off man.


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