Friday’s lineups: Tigers at Royals


Victor Martinez is out of the lineup once again, which suggests it’s looking more and more likely he sits through the weekend, which puts his All-Star game status in doubt. He can wait until Sunday to decide that last part, but one would expect that MLB would appreciate as much lead-in time as possible so that whoever would replace him can make travel plans.

Rajai Davis, however, is back in the Tigers starting lineup, playing left field and batting ninth against Royals lefty Danny Duffy.

TIGERS (career numbers against Duffy)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (3-for-17, double, HR, 4 walks, 5 K’s)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (2-for-9, HR, walk, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (5-for-16, 3 doubles, 6 walks, 4 K’s)
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF (1-for-3, HR, K)
  5. Torii Hunter, DH (0-for-5, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (1-for-6)
  7. Eugenio Suarez, SS (0-for-2)
  8. Bryan Holaday, C (0-for-6, 3 K’s)
  9. Rajai Davis, LF (1-for-7, double, walk, K)

P: Anibal Sanchez

ROYALS (career numbers off Sanchez)

  1. Nori Aoki, RF
  2. Lorenzo Cain, CF (3-for-13)
  3. Eric Hosmer, 1B (3-for-19, K)
  4. Salvador Perez, C (0-for-12, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  5. Billy Butler, DH (6-for-18, 2 doubles, walk, 3 K’s)
  6. Mike Moustakas, 3B (2-for-12, double, 3 walks, 3 K’s)
  7. Omar Infante, 2B (3-for-21, walk, 3 K’s)
  8. Jarrod Dyson, LF (2-for-16, 4 K’s)
  9. Alcides Escobar, SS (5-for-18, 3 K’s)

P: Danny Duffy


From the last blog. They should still offer Max something and if he goes elsewhere they get an extra draft pick, right? Not much consolation, I know. But they are doing well with 2 rookies at SS and 3B, a rookie back-up catcher, an almost? rookie in JD, and a patchwork BP.

Yes, Qualifying Offer around 15 MM to get a supplementary pick.

Kinsler for VMart to the ASG. The injury, is more serious than expected?

Let’s hope the break helps Victor. I have a feeling it will.
Well the surgeon general on the mound today. I expect a lot of pitches.
Anibal seems to be overly focused on where a pitch goes as opposed to Max who is more concerned about what it does.
Anibal pitches “to the plate” and less to the hitter himself.
He’s been a touch “too fine” lately IMHO

Duffy gave up 2 hits and then struck out 3. Anibal got the first 2 batters and then seemed to lose control. Need to turn this around.

What looked like a quick first inning for Sanchez quickly turned into 1 run and a high pitch count of 25. Nerves.
And of course Tigers going quickly and quietly here in the 2nd.

Oh, good for Nick. Made up for that error.

Where has Miggys homerun power gone?

Doling it out to his teammates. Doesn’t concern me if the team is winning. He still has tons of RBI’s. Maybe the HR’s will return when we most need them.

He is saving it for the second half of the season .

I still think it has much to do with his injury last year.

Much has been made of Moya’s home runs this year. The dude has 75 ribbies too.
This is not aguy we want to trade for bullpen help. He is big, and strong and getting bigger and stronger. A power LHB OFer for the Tigers? Now that is something to look forward to.

Is Salvador Perez a giant?

Duffy is settled in pretty nicely. Gonna have to scrape a couple of runs together to get this one in the books.

Wow-Martinez has been handled very well tonight by Duffy. He’d be a pretty nice guy to have on one’s staff. Looks like he has stuff, smarts, a certain kind of coolness and a team guy to boot.

Gameday says “injury delay.” Who?

Here we go. This is the BIG inning for Annibal. Wouldn`t it be nice if the Tigers ever supported him with double digit runs.

Martinez took one where boys don’t like to be hit!

JD fouled one off his foot-had to take a bit of a breather.

Sorry I failed anatomy!

Anibal handled the difficult part of the lineup the 3rd time through. That`s huge.
Gotta cobble a run or two together yet though. We really need a run.

Yost wasted no time in yanking Duffy. Hope that it a mistake. Kinda think Alex will PH for Doc against the hard-throwing Herrera.
I would also think we will see Ausmus try to have Suarez lay one down.

Gotta bunt with Doc

Doc has been nails all year at what he does.

The bunt and Castelllanos killed the rally. With no runner on 1B you dont go for home

Oh oh. First batter on base. That one run looks shakey.

It did seem like an instantly poor decision but to his defense he was probably instructed to go on contact. You need to clarify those situations to exclude a ball hit pulled toward you on the line though. Actually easier to read those than the ones back through the mound.
Yikes-now Anibal is going to pay for the lack of support.


That the way you do it, like Moustakas

Ian, Miggy, JD need to put something on the board.

At least Herrerra’s 99mph fastball is gone, if that helps.

I like the way he is thinking on defense. He does not give up on those runners on 2nd. Might have had a shot at Moose at 3rd but my guess is he had no line of sight or Casty wasn`t ready. Also really nice look back on the Dyson laser beam. Knows what he`s doing out there.

90 pitches and Anibal out. He’s been squirming out of situations all night. Still hope it’s the right decision.

Yuck our 8th was pretty ugly. JD had one of those nights. Miggy needs to start pulling the ball (to the outfield). He just keeps hitting to the big part of the field.

only 90

Well Joba squirmed out of his own situation. I know KC was upset about that catcher’s interference call but it was a correct call.

Sure is nice when luck is on your side. We have caught some pretty sweet breaks today and Nathan still yet to come out.

Say a prayer Nathan coming in?

Joe NO or Joe Blow?

Regardless what happens we need D D to get us a closer

shit…..i think blow……..this is lookin rough

Is it gone?

Papelbon is having a good season

Apparently Joe going for his 6th blown save of the year. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to be comfortable in these situations?

holy cow – that check swing! that pitch was *$%@ too! 1 more out!! C’mon nathan!!!!

Oh, Buddha. That was close. 27 pitches, 14 of them balls. Too much drama.

the other day i bumped into a tigers fan – i asked him if we signed pap from BOS if it would be OK to move nathan to 8th inning…..he said nathan wasn’t the kinda guy that would be ok with that. :/ I’d rather pap or benoit over nathan, right now.

i meant PHL not BOS

We knew what you meant .DD may already have another idea if this continues .Pap would be a good fit with the Tigers .

I loved this game, Great pitching by Anibal, great defense, great at bat by Rajai which resulted in scoring the 2nd run and Joe saves the day.
Those KC pitchers sure do plunk alot of batters.

Joe saved the day? I had more faith in Todd Jones than I do with Joe.
That is more a “survival” than a “save”

1. Ajax gets 60% of our total hits, and we win.
2. The Suarez play in the 7th. Killed royals momentum.
3. Anabel keeps his pitch count under control, where he can go at least seven.

Nearly 20 hits the night before usually means none the next night, and that was basically our offense. KC scored in the first and never scored again. Defense was solid. Rookie 1 should have eaten the slow roller hit and error. Julio finally cooled off, as did Tori. Old Man Hunter might have had a rebirth here. The DH role while Victor is out is ideal for him, and in helping the team the most. The Cardiac Kids got her done in 8 and 9, but with added drama. It’s nice to know that you will leave town now with a record no worse than when you came in to town. Win one more, and you increase that lead. Ricky P will have 19 ground ball outs tomorrow. I wish we could beat Shields.

I think the only way that Joe Nathan isn’t the Tigers closer is if he goes on the DL.

Tonight may be a rare (actually unheard of) “reverse blackout.” It appears the Detroit/KC markets won’t get the game but we outlanders will on MLB.TV. Of course, nothing is ever certain until you’re actually watching the game.

Phi and Tigers could swap bad contracts. Papelbon´s looks worse for a non contending team. Papelbon has a vesting option while Nathan has a team option.
Hierarchy or not, if he cant perform…

WOW i’d be all OVER that trade~!

Just worry about fading RHP power pitching closers. Papelbon is in that mold too. I’d rather have a Soria who is far more dynamic than the above.

Soria is a good idea but the beat writer for Texas report they are asking two or three prospects. Too much for him, especially, for the Tigers with their low quality farm. There is a reason to be forced to give two or the players each time.

Well I hope they come up with some solution other than the present. You can’t have a guy who pitches behind in the count, walks guys, gets hit etc etc etc. You just can’t.
I wonder why the Tigers didn’t employ the shift against Hosmer? He had 3 hits that would have been into the teeth of a shift.

Hernan Perez and Rob Ray for Soria?
I would do it. especially as ill-fated the Fister trade that DD made. I don’t see Rob ray being anything more than back of the rotation starter.
Do you think GMs will be inquiring on Rajai?

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