Steven Moya starts triple play for Double-A Erie

Steven Moya heads into Sunday’s All-Star Futures Game with some very good numbers, among them an Eastern-League leading 22 home runs and 185 total bases along with 24 doubles and 72 RBIs. Now, he can count one triple play.

Thanks to for the video from Wednesday’s game at Altoona, which shows what happened better than I can explain it:


Ashley Marshall had a cool writeup on the setup for the play.

“Everybody was pretty excited,” said first baseman Corey Jones. “A few guys said it was their first one and our trainer, T.J. Saunders, said he had never seen one before. It was a huge momentum builder for us and a killer for them.

“They say a double play is an inning killer, but a triple play is as good as it gets. I ran right up to [Parrish] and said, ‘You told us you wanted a triple play, so you got one.’ The only other people who knew what I was talking about were the pitcher, the catcher and the other infielders who were there during the mound visit. It was pretty funny.”

Teammates picked it up from there:

Moya had his usual impact at the plate, too, hitting a triple with two RBIs and a pair of walks — his 13th and 14th walks on the season to temper that strikeout-to-walk ratio a little bit. His OPS stands at .841 with a .263 batting average and .293 on-base percentage.

Moya will be part of the World Team for Sunday’s Futures Game at Target Field in Minneapolis, airing live at 5pm ET on MLB Network. It’s probably my favorite part of the All-Star festivities.


awesome! I saw one at the Mud Hens a few years ago – in the same day a triple play and an inside the park homerun – those things are unforgettable

Moya- what position played? RH or LH batter? Who cares, lol. How soon can he get to Detroit?

He’s gonna be a stud, 6’6″ 230# LHB with power and only 22 yrs old! He’s only been in the “D” for a few games though. If he gets promoted to AAA, who knows about a Sept call up?

‘his 13th and 14th walks on the season to temper that strikeout-to-walk ratio a little bit’…this is an important point and perhaps his biggest obstacle to MLB success…very high K rate, very low BB rate. seems like he’s got the most tools (power, speed, arm) among Tigers’ upper level minors prospects…maybe the whole system.

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